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The BEST Little Coffee Haus in Holmes Beach – CLOSED

The BEST Little Coffee Haus in Holmes Beach – CLOSED

Unfortunately, as of December 2020 the Island Coffee Haus has Permanently Closed

There might not be a Starbucks on Anna Maria Island, but that surely doesn’t mean you’re out of luck when it comes to grabbing a quick cup of Joe. Just head over to the Island Coffee Haus in Holmes Beach. This cute little coffee shop offers coffee, tea, pastries, and more!

Island Coffee Haus opened its doors for the first time back in 2012, and is open for business every day from 8am – 4pm.  They also offer free WIFI.

On the menu here for beverages there are coffees, teas, smoothies, and fresh pressed green juice. And if you want a bite to eat to go with your drink, they offer pastries along with breakfast sandwiches, oatmeal, and bagels. While you wait for the friendly staff to prepare your drink or snack, check out the merchandise they sell! Great locally made art, jewelry, signs, and more. 

Island Coffee Haus (Located in the same space as Scott’s Deli)
5350 Gulf Dr, Holmes Beach, FL 34217
(941) 896-4870

Peach’s Restaurant in Holmes Beach – Laid Back, Homestyle Breakfast Food

Peach’s Restaurant in Holmes Beach – Laid Back, Homestyle Breakfast Food

Serving Fresh & Delicious
Breakfast and Lunch since 1985
Peach’s Cafe is the kind of place you want to linger in, long after the meal is done.
Stop by and enjoy breakfast & lunch creations in a setting that exudes warmth and friendly service, time after time.

For a good homestyle breakfast, that won’t break the bank, check out Peach’s off East Bay Drive in Holmes Beach. They are open early (6am), and close after lunch (2:30pm). There is nothing fancy about Peach’s, which is why so many people like it. It’s a nice laid back spot with friendly staff.

Peach’s Restaurant is actually a small chain restaurant, with 6 locations, all in the local area. Everything on the menu is served all day. So if you want a burger at 8am, go for it! Pancakes for lunch? No problem.
Speaking about the menu, here’s what you can expect. They have all the classic breakfast items, like omelets, benedicts, pancakes, waffles, etc. Then they have dishes like Biscuits & Gravy, a Breakfast Burrito, and Chicken Fried Steak n Eggs. There are quite a few things to choose from.


Peach’s Restaurant
3240 E Bay Dr, Holmes Beach, FL 34217
(941) 779-0738

Your Guide to Shelling on Anna Maria Island Beaches!

Your Guide to Shelling on Anna Maria Island Beaches!

It is storming on the island today. The kind of storm where the rain seems to be falling horizontally and the palms sway with such exuberance that you think they may snap. That is great news for anyone who is interested in shelling on any of Anna Maria Island beaches.

During a storm the wind and wave action can wash up all sorts of treasures. From fossils and bits of coral to some of the more rare specimens. The longer the period of time between storms, the more will wash up. When the waters are calm the shells accumulate on the edges of the sandbars. A good ole tropical storm will break up even the most dense aggregate and send them toward shore. If you walk the beaches hours, even a day, after a good storm you are in for a treat. More than likely you will wander across little hills of shells scattered on the sand. Spend some time gently sifting through the collection. Some of the best finds are at the very bottom!

The tide plays a significant roll in the amount of shells to be found on any given beach as well. You will often find more shells 2-3 hours prior to low tide or an hour or so after. You can access a simple tide chart for Anna Maria Island here. If you want to get really technical, the shelling may be even better if you can go the days closest to the full moon. With the full moon comes the increased gravitational pull that can cause tidal extremes. With those extremes comes the shells that are normally still under water.

Don’t be afraid to do the shell shuffle! I have made some of my greatest finds that way. Stand in the water at about waist high and slowly, gently dig around with your toes in the sand. Proceed with caution, some may be sharp!

While enjoying the bounty the ocean has provided, make sure you do your part to protect it. Any garbage is detrimental to the delicate ecosystem of our oceans. Bring two bags, one for shells and one for litter. Sometimes the litter can be its own treasure. You can make a game of it, like a trash treasure hunt. If you want to get really creative make a scavenger hunt list for each member of the shelling group and the winner gets a triple scoop of ice cream from any of Anna Maria Islands fabulous ice cream shops!

You will find shells on any of Anna Maria Islands fabulous beaches. Most people you ask will have their favorite spot. My personal favorite is the path less traveled, Bean Point on the northern part of the island. If you opt to stay in one of the Anna Maria Island waterfront rentals your favorite spot just may be your ‘front yard’. Happy Shelling!

Island Real Estate Vacations Dog Policy

Island Real Estate Vacations Dog Policy

ISLAND REAL ESTATE VACATIONS (IREV) welcomes your loving pup at our registered Dog Friendly Vacation Rentals! Please see the rules listed below.

RULE #1 – Only well-behaved DOGS allowed! Sorry, cats or other pets are not approved!
RULE #2 – Only certain breeds of dogs are allowed and must be approved before checking-in.
RULE #3 – Our Pet Friendly Properties are restricted to either 1 or 2 dogs depending on listed restrictions for each dog friendly property.
RULE #4 – Approved dogs weigh less than 25 lbs or more than 25 lbs. Dogs over 75 lbs are NOT permitted.
RULE #5 – You must notify IREV you are traveling with a dog. A $250 non-refundable pet fee is required per dog. If unauthorized dog is found during stay, guest subject to immediate eviction with no refund of monies paid and will be responsible for damages as well as extra cleaning fees.
RULE #6 – Your dog must be housebroken and well-behaved. The registered guest will be responsible for any damages as well as additional cleaning or treatment needs due to fleas, “accidents” or excessive pet hair.

Dogs permitted in rental home only as arranged in advance. Addition of any other pet is prohibited without prior approval. You are solely responsible for any damaged or personal injury caused by your dog.

To bring your dog(s), guest(s) must agree to the following terms:

  • Guests agree to keep their dog under control at all times.
  • Guests agree to promptly report any damage caused by dog(s).
  • Guests agree to pay any costs for damage done by dog(s) which exceeds the pet fee per dog or is not covered under an additional damage insurance policy.
  • If damages are not reported but are found by Island Real Estate Vacations, it will be documented, and necessary replacement or repair costs will be charged to guest(s) credit card on file.
  • Guests agree that their dog is housebroken.
  • All dogs must be up to date on rabies vaccinations and all other vaccinations.
  • Guests agree that dog(s) will not be washed in the bathtubs or showers inside the unit. This must be done in the outside shower if provided or with hose.
  • Guests agree to adhere to local ordinances, leash laws and licensing requirements. Dogs are NOT allowed on the beaches of Anna Maria Island.
  • Guests agree to clean up after their dog(s) & dispose of their pet(s’) waste promptly. Any cleanup of dog refuse outside will result in additional cleaning fee of a minimum of $50.
  • Guests agree to review and repair any yard damage created by visiting dog(s) such as but not limited to digging.
  • Guests agree to keep dog(s) from being noisy or aggressive, and from causing any annoyance or discomfort to others. Guests will remedy any complaints immediately. Guest acknowledges local ordinance restrict noise and excessive noise by pet and may result in fines from local municipality. Guest responsible for said fines.
  • Island Real Estate Vacations, LLC, and/or the Property Owner are not responsible for guests’ dog(s). Guests agree to pay agents promptly for any damage, loss or expense caused by their dog(s).
  • No personal pet beds or other such items should be put in the washer or dryer!
  • Repairs to screening on the porch will be assessed at labor charges for rescreening if your dog(s) break through the screen for any reason.
  • Guest to clean all excess dog hair and remove from the inside of the unit prior to departure.
  • “Vicious or Dangerous Dogs” trained for dog fighting or with any tendency or disposition to attack any dog other domestic animals or humans without provocation, are not permitted at any time. Any dog with a recorded history of biting is strictly prohibited.

A note on Florida dog bite laws from a Tampa Bay personal injury lawyer:

In Florida, a dog owner is responsible for damages resulting from their dog biting or attacking someone. There is no need to prove negligence by the owner of the dog, explains Erik Abrahamson, Florida dog bite lawyer. The only thing that has to be proven is that the dog owner owns the dog and that their dog bit the victim. This is why Florida’s dog bite law is referred to as strict liability law, meaning that there is no requirement that the owner is shown to be negligent or have knowledge the dog was previously dangerous.

There are certain defenses that may eliminate or reduce responsibility for the dog owner, and they include the victim trespassing, the victim provoking the dog, and potentially the placement of a sign warning of a “Bad Dog”. However, in the case of young victims 6 years old or younger the sign defense doesn’t apply.

Rule of Thumb: If your dog is the type that might bite or attack, put up warning signs, keep your dog restrained, and don’t let strangers onto your property unless your dog is away. Also, if you own your house or rent your house or vacation home, make sure that you have homeowners or renters insurance which covers your dog.

Island Real Estate Vacations Cancellation Policy

Island Real Estate Vacations Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy
Island Real Estate Vacations, LLC charges a $250.00 cancellation fee for all cancelled reservations. If a vacation reservation is cancelled outside of 90 days from arrival, all but $250 deposited will be refunded. If the vacation rental contract is cancelled within 90 days of arrival, all deposited funds will be retained by Island Real Estate Vacations, LLC. However, if Island Real Estate Vacations, LLC is able to re-rent the vacation property for the same dates AND for the rental rate originally contracted, a full refund will be provided, less the $250 cancellation fee. If the vacation rental is partially re-rented, the new rental amount for the original dates contracted will be refunded, less the $250 cancellation fee. In summary, eligible refunds will be determined based on the difference between the contracted amount for dates reserved and the re-rented price, less the $250 cancellation fee. There will be no refund if the vacation property is not able to be re-rented. Island Real Estate Vacations does not make any guarantees that any vacation property will be re-rented for what was contracted originally.

Trip Cancellation Insurance
We recommend you take out a comprehensive trip cancellation insurance to cover unforeseen eventualities. For details of the Island Real Estate Vacations trip cancellation insurance program please see the Trip Cancellation Insurance informational page for Red Sky.

Hold Harmless
Subject to Island Real Estate Vacations Cancellation Policy herein, it is expressly agreed that Island Real Estate Vacations will not be held responsible and will not issue a refund for any reservations that are canceled, prevented, restricted or interfered with by circumstances beyond its reasonable control, including without limitation, earthquake, fire, flood, Act of God, hurricane, red tide, storms, wars, civil or military disturbances, environmental hazards, or any other cause whatsoever beyond the reasonable control of Island Real Estate Vacations. In the event you attempt to cancel your reservation, arrive late, depart early, or otherwise alter your reservation as a result of any of the foregoing, you will be subject to Island Real Estate Vacations Cancellation Policy as detailed herein. Trip Cancellation insurance as noted above can be a solution to help mitigate the risk for some of the issues listed. All prices are subject to 12% sales and resort tax.

Island Real Estate Vacation Rental UPDATES

Island Real Estate Vacation Rental UPDATES

Thanks for visiting Island Real Estate. This is our attempt to keep potential Vacation Rental Owners and Guests updated with our progress to add properties to our program. We are reserving properties!

UPDATE to ALL! We are excited to announce Kacey Varga is BACK! If you want to catch up you can email her at Kacey@IslandReal.com or give her a call at 941 345-1287 on her direct line. So very lucky to have her come back to Island Real Estate!

GUESTS: – Your response has been overwhelming! Thank you so much for the kind words of encouragement as well as your willingness to use Island Real Estate again. We believe we are 1 short week away from having vacation rental properties on our website. We are targeting March 13th.

OWNERS: – Thank you for your inquiries as well as your patience. We have the details of our program completed and are ready to share! Just call or email us and we would be happy to go over our program. (941) 778-6066. Our website is progressing and hope to have vacation rental properties on our vacation rental page in a few weeks. Thank you!

Pharmacies on Anna Maria Island

Pharmacies on Anna Maria Island

Both Anna Maria Island pharmacies are in the central portion of Holmes Beach. You’ll find Walgreens at the corner of Gulf Drive and East Bay Boulevard. CVS is at the corner of Manatee Avenue and East Bay Boulevard. CVS also offers a one-hour photo center. Both CVS and Walgreen’s offer the normal variety of miscellaneous beauty supplies, minor groceries, and beach toys.

611 Manatee Avenue
Holmes Beach, Fl, 34217
(941) 778-1411
Store #: 3953

3248 East Bay Drive
Holmes Beach, FL, 34217
(941) 778-0451
Store# : 1801

Mandatory Electronic System Travel Authorization for Foreign Travelers

Mandatory Electronic System Travel Authorization for Foreign Travelers

In 2008 Congress enacted legislation to expand the U.S. Visa Waiver Program (VWP). The new law required that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) develop an Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) to gather biographic information from nationals of the soon-to-be 34 VWP countries traveling to the U.S. in advance of their visit.

ESTA is mandatory for all VWP travelers beginning January 12, 2009. Information required through ESTA mirrors the data travelers already submit through the I-94W paper form currently filled out upon arrival at a U.S. port of entry; however, it simplifies the process by allowing visitors to complete the form online prior to arrival.

Question and Answers about the program

Sign of the Mermaid Anna Maria – CLOSED as of 2019

Sign of the Mermaid Anna Maria – CLOSED as of 2019

Open for Breakfast, lunch and dinner the Sign of the Mermaid Anna Maria offers a unique dining experience.

Sign of the Mermaid Anna Maria – Closed as of 2019

Sign of the Mermaid is located in the city Anna Maria on Gulf drive. The restaurant is in a quaint house renovated to accommodate dining guests.  Built in 1912 this restaurant is an old home. Creaking floors, artwork, and fabulous antiques are just a few of the items that define the decor of this unusual home.

The food

Meal at the Sign of the Mermaid Anna Maria tend to be larger. They offer seafood, pasta, chicken, lamb, steaks, wonderful appetizers, and out of this world desserts. For breakfast try out the Eggs Andrea. A delicious spin on a traditional Benedict. The dinner menu also has tons of classic favorites with a unique twist. Additionally, in season we recommend reservations, and the atmosphere accommodates children. Sign of the Mermaid has mixed reviews mostly due to the age of the restaurant and the decor. If you prefer the journey to a dining experience we would suggest Sign of the Mermaid.

Sign of the Mermaid – CLOSED
9707 Gulf Drive
Anna Maria, FL, 34216
(941) 778-9399

Need more choices of Anna Maria City restaurants and fine dining.  No fear, Island Real Estate is here.  Take a look at our Top Ten Anna Maria Island restaurant information page.