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Anna Maria Island Design and Renovations Design Options

updating projects

We will help customers to freshen their vacation rental by incorporating new decor, wall art, throw pillows, bedding, furniture pieces, kitchen inventory with your current decor and furnishings. Rearrangement of furniture for better placement and functionality is included. We offer shabby chic services to update furniture instead of replacing as well as other updating options such as cabinet painting, hardware replacement, lighting, ceiling fan replacement, interior/exterior painting, landscaping and other updating improvement services.  We always utilize our preferred list of contracted vendors. We will work with homeowners as well as our vacation rental management division to complete our planned updates within the time allotted.  In most cases with zero disruption to rental guest stays. 

renovation projects

Every aspect of your existing vacation rental will be renovated from furniture to paint to floors to kitchen to bathrooms; all depending on the scope of the project. This is a full turn-key service where all aspects will be taken care of for the client. This typically includes complete re-design of all rooms requested by owner which can include (but not limited to) bedrooms, living spaces, dining spaces, outdoor spaces, playrooms, kitchens, common areas, bunk rooms, bathrooms, entryways, and hallways. This package also includes coordinating the delivery of all new furniture, coordinating and meeting all third party vendors or contractors included in our quote, designing, shopping for and ordering all furniture, artwork, hardware, rugs, etc., handling and managing any issues that may arise with the furniture or otherwise. For complete renovation projects, the property will be blocked with no occupants or renters for the designated time required to complete the renovation. Scheduled dates will be discussed and approved with the homeowner. 

new construction

We will work closely with the builder during every step of the building process. We help take the guess work out of the design-build process and ensure that selections are made when the builder requests them to help the project run efficiently and on time. Custom selections for every aspect of the home will be taken into consideration and chosen carefully by the designer with the approval of the owner. These selections include, but are not limited to, cabinetry, back splash, tile, lighting, hardware, appliance packages, interior and exterior paint colors, flooring, counter tops, showers and baths, lighting, roof material, exterior door designs, exterior tile design, exterior  pool design, and exterior brick/stone/stucco design. Once the build is close to completion, then our team will design the interior of all rooms, shop for and order all furniture, artwork, hardware, rugs, etc., handle and manage any issues that may arise with the furniture or otherwise, and coordinate the delivery of all new furniture. 

+ Add on Services

hourly counsultation

Consultation appointments are $100 for 60 mins. This consultation is to give as much advice and information as possible about your space and geared towards clients who can handle most everything, but need advice on choosing paint colors, selection of furniture pieces, how to arrange the furniture, budget planning advice etc. If you decide to sign up with one of the projects listed above on same day, the consulting fee will apply towards your project. 

design services walk through

This option is $500 flat fee and is provided to start clients off in the right direction before beginning a do-it-yourself design project. It includes everything listed in Add-on Services (A.) as well as providing the client with a detailed design concept of suggestions emailed to them that includes paint colors and design ideas, vendor recommendations, online resources to select and purchase furniture, soft furnishings, artwork, accessories, floor covering, window treatments and decorative lighting.  

staging services

We offer staging for Real Estate showings or for website photos based on a minimum hourly rate of $80 per hour and will stage the property prior to a showing or for website photos. We are happy to work with your Island Real Estate realtor to ensure your property looks its very best!