Cortez Kitchen Restaurant 1/2 Mile From Anna Maria Island

Cortez Kitchen Restaurant 1/2 Mile From Anna Maria Island

Cortez Kitchen is a unique “hangout” restaurant that may not be the perfect romantic setting however the seafood is very fresh.  Outdoor picnic bench seating both covered and uncovered are in close proximity to the boat docks.  So….while eating your inexpensive “rustic” lunch or dinner you can sometimes watch boats come in and out of the docks.  I have also personally witnessed lots of fork lift activity at the docks which my 4 year old friend’s son just loves.  If you are looking for an inexpensive fresh seafood lunch or dinner and you have children that will enjoy looking at water or boats then this could be the perfect fit. The grouper is fantastic and believe or not, try the Buffalo Grouper sandwich with Blue Cheese Dressing….its a knock out!  Be sure to take a look at the picture above.  The BLUE sign is a great reference point so you don’t miss the turn off of Cortez Road.  One side note is the restaurant turns more into a bar around dusk so if you are taking your family  be sure it’s at an appropriate time.  They do offer live music usually on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights.  Just a great all around “old Florida” bar setting.

One last thing.  They do sell fresh raw seafood in an adjacent building, so if you need tomorrow’s seafood, kill two birds with one stone, or fish that is….

Cortez Kitchen
4528 119th Street W, Cortez, FL, 34210
(941) 798-9404

Need another rustic restaurant?  Starfish Company is just to the West a few blocks and also offers fresh seafood choices that can be cooked up at your Anna Maria Island Vacation Rental.

15 Replies to “Cortez Kitchen Restaurant 1/2 Mile From Anna Maria Island”

  1. Never eat there again. terrible service staff, wait and wait and wait some more before they decide to serve you. Ask to speak to the manager and all you get is a blank look. Speak to the manager and all you get is “so what”. Food is not that good that you have to put up with that.

    As with all restaurants there can be challenging days and I don’t think anyone would claim to be perfect. As the author of this post I have no affiliation with Cortez Kitchen and have eaten there several times resulting in only positive reviews. I think it is important to post the good, bad, and the ugly. I appreciate all your posts and your continued help will ensure we provide the most accurate information we can to our guests. Thanks

    1. SNOB! Love this place! Laid back, relaxing, wonderful atmosphere! True island experience. Sounds like someone is wound pretty tight and not enjoying vacation. Best grouper sandwich I’ve ever had!

      1. Hi Deb-

        Couldnt agree with you more… The Cortez Kitchen is a great place to relax, grab some food, and catch live music on the wekends! Thanks for your comment!

  2. The restaurant is great except for the fact you refuse to do seperate tickets. That just really irritates me and all of my party involved. Especially when you are not busy. What is the big deal. Other restaurants in the area do it with no problem. Are your waitors just too lazy to figure it out. Isn’t the convenience of the customer the most important issue. I may never come there again because of this attitude. And we have alot of visitors throughout the season. We will be finding another place to have our dinner. Your loss.

  3. My wife and I have been coming here for the last 8/10 years(in winter) and we eat here at least twice a week it’s one my fav’s, food’s great ,people are great and prices are fair,Nancy and her son do a great job .I just wish it wasn’t discovered by all the tourists,now I have to wait to get my lobster bique and fish boil. FANTASTIC !!!!!!and fun!!!!

  4. I have been coming to Florida for 30+ years (from IL) and only discovered the CK 10 or 12 years ago. I always look forward to getting down there and this is one of my 1st stops. Always had good food, good service and the entertainment on weekends is always fun. It is really a treat to see the manatee swim into the inlet on the west side of the C.Kitchen. A must place to stop!

  5. I too love the “Kitchen” !!!!! Great Food,Drink and Music!! Especially that Ol’ Harmonica player Wyman! I miss going down to Florida! Maybe next year!

  6. We go to Cortez Kitchen at least three times every trip (10 days). Anyone who feels the service there is too slow really needs to stay out of the Caribbean where “island time” is the rule. Sarah is a sweetheart and a very attentive waitress. The seafood is always excellent. Two couples of us usually go and have never had a problem getting two separate checks. Definitely will go back.

  7. Joe the owner has been a friend of mine for over 30 years and every time my wife and I come to Florida we come and see Joe, Mom and the kids and the food and beer is great. The kids call me Uncle Jeff. Great place and everyone needs to go.

  8. A real must. I’m one of those tourists ( London) who cause distress to some locals like Jim by calling in whenever I’m near. Always I have enjoyed my time at the Kitchen and have had a drink or two with those on the next table.Cheers Jim! Hope to see you in October.

  9. I love the Kitchen! I have been there millions of times. Sometimes the wait is long but the food is always delicious. You can’t ask for a fresher fish sandwich! My favorite is the BBQ Bacon Grouper sandwich that I order blackened. It doesn’t sound that great but if you try it you may never order anything else ever again. lol.

  10. Just what I expected. My commet was deleted. The truth hurts. Do not waste your time or money at this business.

    1. Sorry about your bad experience with the Cortez Kitchen, but I can assure you that your comment was not deleted, I simply hadn’t gotten to approving it yet; and unfortunately can not do so, due to some of the language you used in the post. While your complaints were perfectly valid (and I may have been a little upset myself if I had been told two seperate things by the wait staff, then blown off by the manager), we have always had good experiences at the restaurant. Everyone has bad days and I can imagine this manager was having one.

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