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Condominium Association Management

Island Real Estate has a long standing reputation for managing the details when it comes to Anna Maria Island Condominium Management.  We manage the vast majority of the most recent condominium projects on the island built in the last 20 years.  Most notice how well maintained our condominiums are on Anna Maria Island.  Below are just but a few examples.

Buena Vista - A luxury four unit, four bedroom direct gulf front building completed in 2021.  The most recent constructed condominium on Anna Maria Island.

Vista Grande - A luxury four unit, 3 bedroom direct gulf front building completed in 2006.  The condo has a fantastic pool beachside with an outdoor area for dining.

L'Plage - A luxury direct gulf front condominium in Holmes Beach on Anna Maria Island built in 2003 with 11 units with three and four bedroom properties.

La Casa Costiera - A luxury direct gulf front condo in Holmes Beach built in 2005 with 12 units ranging from two bedroom with den units and three bedroom properties.

A lot goes into managing a condominium association. Island Real Estate provides the necessary services for maintaining an association to meet the standards set by the owners within the association. Island Real Estate offers a competitive management fee to provide services such as bookkeeping, outside vendor management, rule enforcement, rental company coordination, and more! 

Contact information for Condo Association Management information:

(941) 345-1300 : Direct Line

Carol Bernard - Island Real Estate Condominium Association Manager

Island Real Estate’s Condominium Management department aims to create a safe, efficient, and enjoyable environment for condominium owners and renters alike. All while maintaining the financial health of the association. 

Carol Bernard

Further details of our condominium association management program.

Vendor Selection and Procurement

We provide an Audit of all existing vendors currently providing services to the Association’s common areas and review their existing scope of services and determine the responsiveness and suitability of such to meet the needs and objectives of the Association.  The PM shall make recommendations to the Association as to keep such vendors engaged under their current agreements, or under some alternative scope and fee structure.  The Association shall have the sole discretion to enter into agreements with each vendor under terms and conditions dictated by the Association.

We competitively bid all vendor services initially if requested by the board.  If the board requests the PM will request new bids for two services per year.  In each case, the PM (along with input from the Association) shall develop a written scope of services for each of these vendors to bid, and shall evaluate the bids received and make a recommendation to the Association for the most responsive vendor.  Beyond two new services per year, an administrative fee will be charged.

We establish formal contracts with all vendors selected to provide services to the Association and shall present these agreements in writing to the Association for execution.

Vendor Management and Administration

The PM shall visit the property at least twice each month to inspect the performance of the work executed by the vendors under contract to provide services to the Association.  The PM (along with the Association) shall develop a checklist inspection report that shall be completed at each visit and shall be submitted to the Association.

Bookkeeping and Accounting 

We receive all invoices from vendors to the Association and shall make payments from the Association’s checking account to such vendors pursuant to their contracts.

We receive all invoices from all utility companies providing public services to the Association and shall make payments from the Association’s checking account.  The PM shall also make payments to other agencies or entities requiring annual inspections, licenses, permits, etc.

We collect all monthly/quarterly Condominium Association Maintenance Fees and deposit them into the Association Checking account.

We prepare a quarterly Income Statement and Balance Sheet accounting report to the Association illustrating all the revenues and expenses upon request.  This report shall compare the actual income and expenses to the budgeted income and expenses for the Condominium Association’s Budget.  All Association historical accounting and bookkeeping has been performed on QuickBooks software and can be made available by the PM upon request.

We prepare an annual Income Statement accounting report to the Association illustrating all the revenues and expenses incurred throughout the year.

Property Insurance

We assist the Association officers in the review of each of the property’s insurance policies annually.  The insurance policies required by the Association include General Liability, Hazard, Windstorm, and Flood Insurance for the Condominium Common Areas only.  The PM shall assist the Association to identify the appropriate limits of coverage for these policies and participate in the coordination with the insurance agents, carriers, etc. for implementing such policies.  A re-quote of insurance is not included in our typical services and can be done for an additional agreed upon fee.

 Miscellaneous Additional Services

We oversee the ongoing periodic cleanup, sweeping, blowing, and litter removal from the sidewalks, pool deck, pool furniture, parking lot, balconies, and other common areas on at least a monthly basis.

We coordinate the inspection of all outdoor lighting, and coordinate replacement of burnt-out lamps and light bulbs throughout all the common areas of the property.

We coordinate the removal of all garbage/debris/Tenant property left behind to the street for pickup, and the return of garbage cans to the garbage can storage area as required pursuant to the local garbage pickup schedule.

We notify the Association of any additional maintenance and repair issue that should arise for the Association to determine the appropriate course of action.  PM has authority to approve repairs up to a set dollar amount without seeking associations approval.

We assist the Association in the coordination of major Capital Improvement projects such as pool and whirlpool repairs, roof repairs, repainting, pool furniture repairs, etc.   Projects outside the scope of normal maintenance will be billed at $60 per hour.  If administrative help is required that bill rate will be agreed upon at time of sign up

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