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Anna Maria Island Rentals with a Pool

There's no wrong way to vacation on Anna Maria Island, but choosing a vacation rental with a pool is hands-down one of the best ways to experience AMI. Wake up and take a morning swim, or spend the afternoon hanging out poolside with the whole family. However you choose to use your pool, it's nice to take a quick dip to cool off without going to the beach. While Anna Maria Island is known for having beautiful beaches with plenty of turquoise water to go around, you'll find that it's hard to beat the convenience of having your own private pool!

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How many vacation rentals are on Anna Maria Island?

We estimate about 5,000 vacation rentals are on Anna Maria Island. About half the vacation rentals are managed by professional management companies while the other half are managed by independent owners.

How big are Vacation rental swimming pools?

Most swimming pools on the island are 30’ in length and 15’ wide. Most deep ends of Anna Maria Island swimming pools are 5’ deep. If you have specific questions about the size of a pool or an amenity at one of our Anna Maria Island Vacation Rentals please call or use the “request information” form at the bottom of our vacation rental detail page.

Are your pools heated and do most pools have a spa or hot tub?

Many swimming pools are heated with electric heat and some pools have a spa. Hot tubs are rare on Anna Maria Island/. It is best to review each property for pool heat as well as a spa if that is an important amenity for your Anna Maria Island stay. All our vacation properties list amenities including but not limited to pool and spa as well as pool heat.

What is the difference between a hot tub and a spa?

A hot tub is normally a stand-alone water feature that heats more rapidly than a spa. In addition, hot tubs have significantly stronger water jets than spas however all strength of water jets can vary. Hot tubs do not normally have a filtering process for the water in the tub. A spa usually integrates into the swimming pool which is a much larger body of water and sends water through a filtering process. Most spas take 2+ hours to heat while a hot tub can be less than 20 minutes. Spas do not normally employ an insulation top due to their size being twice as large as a hot tub.

When are pools heated and to what temperature?

Typically as the temperature dips below 80F for longer than 5 days Island Real Estate Vacations starts pool heaters. This is normally in late Fall for Anna Maria Island. Pool heaters are set to 80 F and based on ambient temperatures may not maintain 80F all day long. In severe conditions which are below 50 F pool heaters automatically turn off for safety reasons and do not operate. Normally after a cold evening Anna Maria Island pools can dip into the low 70’s and take 4-6 hours to heat to the set point. If visiting during the late Fall or Winter and heated water is critical then we strongly suggest renting a home equipped with a spa.