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New Anna Maria Island Vacation Rentals

Visit our New Anna Maria Island Vacation Rental page to find the latest Rental properties added to the Island Real Estate Vacations program.  We are currently averaging 1-2 new Anna Maria Island Vacation Rentals per week so check back often for your perfect Anna Maria Island get-a-way.  If you don’t see what you are looking for, send a question via our interactive website or give us a call and we would be excited to help.

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Speaking of new, is Island Real Estate new to vacation rentals?

No, Island Real Estate has been managing vacation rentals for more than 20 years on Anna Maria Island. However since 2018 Island Real Estate took a two year hiatus from managing vacation rentals. January 2020 our owner joined with a past Island Real Estate general manager and started managing vacation rentals again. Island Real Estate has hosted more than 50,000 guests. Ask any Anna Maria Island local and Island Real Estate’s long standing involvement in the community will quickly become the topic of discussion.

Is there a difference between Bradenton and Bradenton Beach?

Yes. Bradenton is on the mainland and is NOT on Anna Maria Island. Bradenton Beach is one of the three cities that make up Anna Maria Island. Bradenton is about 20 minutes from Anna Maria Island and if you rent a vacation rental in Bradenton then for sure you will need to hop in a vehicle to get to the beaches of Anna Maria Island.

Does Island Real Estate vacation properties have beach chairs and umbrellas for the beach?

Most of our vacation rentals have beach equipment available however it is not guaranteed. Beach chairs don’t last very long due to our salt environment. If you want to guarantee beach chairs there are many rental equipment companies where a wagon, chairs and umbrella can be rented for the duration of your Anna Maria Island stay.

Can I eat and drink on Anna Maria Island beaches?

Yes and no. You can eat and drink non-alcoholic beverages on the beaches of Anna Maria Island. Be sure to prepare to take away what you bring to the beach due to sea life and sea turtles. Alcoholic beverages are forbidden on Anna Maria Island beaches as well as any glass bottles. If you pre-plan, many restaurants will deliver to the beach entrance of Anna Maria Island Beaches.

Are there any public beaches on Anna Maria Island?

Yes, technically the entire Gulf Side of Anna Maria Island is a public beach. In Bradenton Beach and Holmes Beach there are beach access points for almost every East and West bound Street. Anna Maria City beach access is a bit more complicated and typically located every 3-4 blocks on the Gulf Side. There is plenty of parking at Manatee Public Beach as well as Coquina Beach in Bradenton Beach.

Are there churches on Anna Maria Island?

Yes, there are many denominations of churches on Anna Maria Island. Most Churches are located in Holmes Beach however there are churches in both Anna Maria City and Bradenton Beach. We do have Easter events on Anna Maria Island if planning a get-a-way during the Easter Holiday season.