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Anna Maria Island House Rentals

Families and large groups coming to Anna Maria Island tend to prefer renting entire houses to condominiums or resort rentals for the added space and privacy. All of our vacation home rentals feature full kitchens with updated appliances, air conditioning, internet access, and in-unit washers and dryers to keep your clothes fresh all vacation long. Some rental homes feature heated pools, oceanfront views, and outdoor entertainment spaces, so be sure to explore them all before booking.

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Are there any splash parks or places to cool off other than the beach on Anna Maria Island?

Yes, GT Bray in Northwest Bradenton has a wonderful splash park only a few minutes from Anna Maria Island. Perfect for those in the family looking for some water fun on their Anna Maria Island Vacation.

What are the closest major water parks to Anna Maria Island?

The largest major waterpark close to Anna Maria Island can be found in Tampa at Busch Gardens, about 1 hour and 20 minutes from Anna Maria Island. Lego Land is in Winter Haven and has a wave pool and lazy river. Lego Land is in close proximity to Orlando and about 2 hours and 30 minutes from Anna Maria Island. Of course Disney World as well as Universal are all in Orlando as well and plenty of waterparks to choose from!

How far are vacation rental properties from the beach?

At the widest section of Anna Maria Island the distance to the beach is just two miles which is in Key Royale. There are sections of Anna Maria Island that are too far to walk every day to the beach. Be sure to google your location and attempt to count the number of homes to the beach as a good indication of how far the walk is. Some vacation rentals offer golf carts to get to the beach easier. Many vendors provide golf cart rentals on Anna Maria Island.

Can I visit Anna Maria Island without a car?

Yes. The island provides a free trolley along with a service that provides transportation for tips only. In addition it is easy to rent bicycles and bring bikes on the free trolley if you wish to visit a portion of the island farther than you would like to. Anna Maria Island is only 7 miles long so relatively easy to bike the entire length of the island!

Where is the nearest major medical facility?

Our closest hospital is a short 15 minute drive along Manatee Avenue to Blake Hospital. We also have a second hospital about 25 minutes from Anna Maria Island which is Manatee Memorial. Note, both hospitals do have estimated waiting times that are updated on their websites.

Are their doctor’s offices on Anna Maria Island?

Yes, we have several medical doctors on Anna Maria Island. Fifteen minutes off Anna Maria Island is a fairly large urgent care facility, Pinnacle. If the “Doctor is not in the house” then perhaps a visit to a local beverage establishment is in order? Maybe just a cocktail is what the doctor ordered? If YES! Then a visit to “The Doctor’s Office” might be just what is needed?