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Anna Maria Island Pet Friendly Rentals

It wouldn’t be a vacation without your furry best friend! Bring your dog with you on your next trip to Anna Maria Island and stay in one of our pet friendly vacation rentals. You’ll save money by not having to board your pet, and you won’t have to worry about your dog being properly cared for while you’re away. Plus, who wouldn’t want to explore Anna Maria Island with their pup? Browse our pet friendly vacation rentals today on Anna Maria Island to find the perfect vacation rental.

Check out our blog post about the top 10 things to do with pets on Anna Maria Island!

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Anna Maria Island at this time does not have any dog-friendly beaches but there are plenty of other places to let your dog play & get their energy out. Take your dog over to the HOLMES BEACH DOG PARK where they have two different areas for the dogs to play. One is for small dogs and the other is for larger dogs and this is an off-leash dog park. Another dog park you can go for some off-leash fun is HAPPY TAILS DOG PARK, which has 3 different sections of where your dogs can run and play in Check out our guide about the top 10 things to do with pets on Anna Maria Island!


If you're looking for a beach where you can take your furry friends to, then you can head over to the PALMA SOLA CAUSEWAY on Manatee Avenue where they can frolic and play in the sand and water. Another great beach you can take your dog to play in the sand & surf is the FORT DESOTO STATE PARK. Be sure to bring their leashes for these and plenty of water for your dog to get some water.

Are there alligators on Anna Maria Island?

No, although Florida “gators” is a prevalent expression in Florida there are no alligators on Anna Maria Island. You can safely visit Anna Maria Island parks, beaches and coastal regions without concern for encountering an alligator.

Can I find Shark teeth on Anna Maria Island beaches?

Yes, folks have been known to find shark teeth occasionally however we would characterize a shark tooth find as rare. We would estimate if you searched for shark teeth for 20 hours on Anna Maria Island beaches you would still be lucky to find a shark tooth. Looking for shells on the beach is a much more productive experience on Anna Maria Island. Give “shelling” a try and watch your every day cares melt away!

Do I need to worry about sharks going into the waters on Anna Maria Island?

No, shark bites are extremely rare on Anna Maria Island. Think about getting hit by lighting twice on a sunny day. We do however suggest you shuffle your feet in the summer to warn resting sting rays that you are in close proximity.