China 1 has Chinese Food on Anna Maria Island

China 1 has Chinese Food on Anna Maria Island

Looking for a quick bite to eat?  China 1 which calls its home on Anna Maria Island in Holmes Beach is a great alternative for either take out or eat in.  They have a small area where you can eat in with about 5 tables.  Of course take out encompasses the majority of their business.  There food is good and my son loves the orange chicken or the sesame chicken.  They offer a more reasonable meal alternative for Anna Maria Island.  Please note, in the high season I have run into problems as they often run out of chicken as well as other popular items.  This is especially the case on weekends and as the evening goes by.   Give it a try.  Your favorite Chinese dish may not taste exactly the same as your favorite Chinese restaurant at home but it will be darn close!

China 1
3236 East Bay Drive
Holmes Beach, FL, 34217
(941) 779-2933

If you are looking for a quick alternative to Chinese food try Tortilla Bay located in Central Holmes Beach.

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  1. We are having a small reception after our renewing of vows ceremony.( April 8) 20 people tops. Was checking into pricing on maybe 2 to 3 items to accomidate the reception. Some ideas General Zsos chicken, Sesame Chicken, things easy to eat. Crab Rangoons as well. There was a comment on how good your Orange chicken was. Please email info..thank you, Andrea

    1. I am sorry, I am unsure what arrangements China 1 can help make for you. Their Sesame Chicken as well as there Orange Chicken is good. I will mention however that on occasion China 1 does run out of chicken and other base ingredients for meals so I definitely would suggest ordering a few days prior to your event. There is another VERY good Chinese restaurant just off Anna Maria Island in the Publix Plaza by 75th avenue in Bradenton, FL. If you would like more information on that restaurant let me know and I can try to provide more info. Thanks for visiting Island Real Estate’s informational website.

    1. Hello, Katy. I am not 100% sure if China 1 offers delivery but they do offer take out and dine in. You can call China 1 at (941) 779-2933 and they’ll be able to answer any questions you might have. I know that AMI Bring It will deliver for you from any island restaurant, as well. The number for AMI Bring It is (941) 209-1353. You can place your order with them directly and they can definitely take care of it.

      Thanks for the comment!

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