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4th of July Fireworks – Only Sparklers Allowed – Anna Maria Island Fireworks

4th of July Fireworks – Only Sparklers Allowed – Anna Maria Island Fireworks

Anna Maria Island Fireworks – You may not use fireworks on the beaches of Anna Maria Island. Fireworks are not allowed on the beach for safety concerns to both people and wildlife. This rule includes all consumer fireworks, firecrackers, bottle rockets and anything that is explosive. It is illegal to light any type of firework with the one exception of sparklers.

When caught using any type of Illegal firework you can face a $1000 fine and a year in prison.

Sparklers may be used on the beach; however, caution must take priority. Burning at 1200 degrees, they can still cause third degree burns. Sparklers may only be used one at a time, and it is illegal to bundle them together.

Anna Maria Island Fireworks are not safe for public use

Each year emergency professionals respond to calls of injury and fire due to consumer use of fireworks. Fireworks are not safe for the general public to use. Only  experts at a public show, such as the Sandbar’s 4th of July display, should handle fireworks.

In addition to the safety of individuals, Anna Maria Island Wildlife and beaches are extremely vulnerable to fireworks. Fire caused by fire works can damage sand dunes. Nesting sea turtles and birds can be injured, or may even abandon nesting efforts due to fireworks.

Fireworks Facts

  • Each year fireworks are responsible for 20,000 fires.
  • In 2013 sparklers caused 41% of fireworks injuries

Fireworks Permit

Each year on Anna Maria Island the fire department will only issue two fireworks permits. One permit is currently issued to the Sandbar Restaurant. Additionally, the fire inspector will check that fireworks are properly set up.

Be Safe

If you are planning to visit Anna Maria Island beaches for 4th of July please do not light fireworks, and keep a close eye on children when attending the Sandbar Fireworks display. If you have any questions please contact West Manatee Fire Rescue at 941-761-1555. Police and Sheriffs Officers will be patrolling the beaches of Anna Maria Island during 4th of July.


Report Fireworks: 

  • In the event of injury or emergency call 911.
  • Anna Maria – Manatee Sheriff Department (941) 747-3011
  • Holmes Beach – (941) 708-5807
  • Bradenton Beach – (941) 708-5804

Have a safe and fun 4th of July on Anna Maria Island.

Anna Maria Island Sea Turtle and Shorebird Season by AMI Turtle Watch

Anna Maria Island – Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch monitors the nesting activities of sea turtles and shorebirds from May 1st – October 31st. It is the mission of the AMI Turtle watch to insure a suitable habitat for people, sea turtles and shorebirds. This will directly affect and is very important information if you are renting in one of our direct Gulf Front Properties:

  1. Dodt House
  2. Anna Maria Island Club 40
  3. Hidden Cove 3
  4. Gulf Place 23
  5. Vista Grande 1 – Sul Mare
  6. SeaSong
  7. Martinique 404N
  8. Water’s Edge 209S
  9. Buena Vista 3
  10. Bradenton Beach Club Unit C – Sea la Vie
  11. Ocean Park Terrace 203
  12. Buena Vista 4
  13. Mango Beach House
  14. Water’s Edge 204S
  15. Hidden Oasis
  16. Coconuts Unit 108

Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch Excavations

When their season is winding down, and almost all the nests have hatched AMI Turtle watch will still have some excavations.  The excavation is conducted three days after hatchlings emerge, and they count empty shells, whole un-hatched eggs, and occasionally rescue a trapped hatchling and return it to the Gulf.  The excavations are usually at 7:30 pm (depending on weather).  If you call they may be able to show you an excavation.

Anna Maria Island Turtles Need the Dark

Nesting sea turtles depend on dark quiet beaches to reproduce successfully. Today these turtles are endangered in part because they must compete with tourists, businesses, and coastal residents to use the beach.  Man-made coastal developments may result in artificial lighting on the beach that discourages female sea turtles from nesting and can disorient hatchlings. The light may cause them to  wander away from the beach where they often die of dehydration, predation, or being run over as they try to cross the road.

Here Are A Few Ways You Can Help Sea Turtles:

First, Minimize lighting visible from sea turtle nesting beaches, and use Turtle Safe lighting.

Second, Avoid using flashlights or flash cameras. Lights disrupt or disorient nesting turtles and emerging hatchlings.

Third, Stepping on hatchlings is easy in the dark, so avoid nesting areas.

Fourth, Do not drive any unauthorized vehicles on the beach at night.

Fifth, Turn off or shield lights visible from nesting beaches.

If disoriented hatchlings are found away from the sea, do not put them back in the sea.  Call AMITW 941 778 5638 or local law enforcement.

Pick up litter, fill in holes and never leave furniture or debris lying on the beach. As a result, this will make the beaches more enjoyable for everyone. Adopt-a-Hatchling or Adopt-a-Nest through IslandTurtles.com to help raise awareness.

Danny’s Pizzeria – Authentic, New York Style Pizza Just off the Island

Danny’s Pizzeria – Authentic, New York Style Pizza Just off the Island

I don’t know about you, but I for one LOVE pizza! So if you’re a pizza lover like me, then you have to try Danny’s Pizzeria in Bradenton.

If you didn’t rent a car and need to stay on the Island, then try The Feast for your pizza fix. But, if you are able to make the 15 minute commute off the Island to Danny’s, it is worth it!

Danny’s is popular for their authentic New York style cheese pies. And though I have never experienced real New York pizza, I have heard from multiple people who have that Danny’s is spot on!

And it doesn’t stop at pizza, they serve Hero’s and delicious Italian cuisine. Baked Ziti, Chicken Parmesan, and even Calzones.

Danny’s is open for lunch and dinner everyday of the week.

Scott’s Deli – The Best Sandwiches on Anna Maria Island

Scott’s Deli – The Best Sandwiches on Anna Maria Island

Scott’s Deli in Holmes Beach is the place you want to order from for the best sandwich on all of Anna Maria Island. While Publix is known for their delicious subs, Scott’s takes the cake. They have breakfast and lunch sandwiches, and will also deliver to anywhere on the Island, including the beach!

Everything at Scott’s Deli is fresh and homemade, and ingredients are locally sourced when they can be.

The menu here of course consists of great sandwiches including breakfast sandwiches, hot & cold sandwiches, and even the option to create your own sandwich with whatever bread/ meat, cheese, toppings & sauces you could want! A few of the sandwiches on the menu here include their Maple Leaf (breakfast menu), Italian, The Desoto, NY Pastrami, and many more.
Scott’s Deli also serves hot dogs (NY Hot Dog, Chicago Dog) and salads (Pasta Salad, Southwest Salad). Both of which you can also choose to create your own.

Have an event coming up and are a fan of Scott’s Deli’s delicious food? Have them cater!
Unfortunately, Scott’s is not open for dinner time (bummer). But they are open at 8am everyday, and close at 4pm Monday – Saturday (2pm on Sundays). If you’re staying at the Blue Lagoon Resort, you just a few blocks away!

Scott’s Deli
6000 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach, FL 34217
(941) 778-3000

West Coast Surf Shop _ Serving Anna Maria Island Since 1964

West Coast Surf Shop _ Serving Anna Maria Island Since 1964

For the ultimate Island/beach style, head on over to West Coast Surf Shop. Located in Holmes Beach, next to the Manatee Public Beach and across from Skinny’s, this shop is one of the best on the Island. At least it is in my opinion.

West Coast Surf Shop has been open since 1964. They sell clothing, sunglasses, bathing suits, surf boards, skateboard, wet suits, and much more! Featuring brands such as Roxy, Costa, O’neil, and BillaBong

3902 Gulf Dr.
Holmes Beach, Florida

Annual Anna Maria Island Bayfest

Annual Anna Maria Island Bayfest

Anna Maria Island’s BayFest: A Celebration of Community and Culture

Launched over three decades ago, BayFest is an unmissable celebration on Anna Maria Island’s event calendar. Held on the last weekend of October in Downtown Anna Maria, this vibrant street festival offers a joyful blend of community spirit and island charm.

Food Trucks and Live Music

As you stroll down the heart of the festival on Pine Avenue, you’ll be greeted by the sounds of live music and the smells of delicious food. Food trucks and vendors line the streets, offering an impressive variety of treats, from savory local seafood to international dishes and decadent desserts. And with bands spanning genres from rock to reggae, there’s sure to be a beat to match everyone’s taste.

Artisan Crafts and Classic Cars

Beyond the music and food, the arts and crafts stalls showcase local Florida talent. Here, you can find handmade jewelry, unique art pieces, and creative crafts for sale. The Classic Car Show is also always a major draw, featuring a stunning collection of meticulously maintained vintage vehicles and muscle cars.

Family Fun

The family-friendly Kid’s Zone is a great place for the little ones to let loose and have some fun. Here, they can enjoy a bounce house, inflatables, and a pirate ship.

A Celebration of Community

BayFest is more than just an event; it’s a testament to Anna Maria Island’s sense of community. It’s a chance for locals and visitors alike to come together and celebrate the island’s unique beauty and culture. So mark your calendar and prepare for an incredible island experience!

Here are some additional details about BayFest:

  • When: Saturday, October 21, 2023 from 10am to 9pm
  • Where: Pine Avenue, Downtown Anna Maria Island
  • Admission: Free
  • Parking: Limited street parking available, free trolley service from Anna Maria City Hall

If you plan to be on or near Anna Maria Island in mid-October, than you’ll definitely want to check out the annual Anna Maria Island Bayfest on Pine Avenue in Anna Maria City! This is an extremely entertaining , family friendly festival that will definitely please everyone in your group, no matter their age. The event features; a classic car show, a great lineup of live music, tons of yummy food vendors from popular local restaurants, adult beverages, arts and crafts vendors, a kid zone, and of course plenty of fun.

Bayfest usually takes place the third Saturday of October from about 10am to 9pm, and there is no charge for admission. It’s the longest running  music, crafts and food festival, and continues to be one of the most popular Island events every year. If you don’t already have plans to be here, you should make some!

When: Usually the third Saturday of October
Where: Pine Ave, Anna Maria, FL, 34216
Time: 10am to 9pm
Ticket Price: FREE
Parking Info: There are a few options for parking/transportation:
. Take a ride on the free island trolley to Pine Ave.
You can park at Crosspointe Fellowship Church (8605 Gulf Dr, Holmes Beach, FL 34217) and hop on the free trolley that will be transporting people from the church, to the City Pier at the end of Pine Ave.
. There is some neighborhood street parking but BE CAUTIOUS. Pay attention to the signs that indicate where parking is permitted, make sure all four tires are off the road and sidewalks, and park with the direction of traffic.