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Anna Maria Island Resort Rentals

Our Resort rentals are a great way for extended families to stay on Anna Maria Island together. Our Resort accommodations are a perfect way for family and friends to vacation together but not share the same living space. Common areas are perfect for family reconnecting time like taking a dip in the pool or having a barbecue as a family. Extended family and friends can rent multiple units in the resort which surround a common area normally equipped with a fantastic pool and plenty of space to relax in. A resort rental is perfect because it’s easy to retreat back to your individually reserved Resort Vacation Rental when you have had enough of Uncle Ed’s reminiscing about walking to school in snow drifts 10’ tall.

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Are there hotels on Anna Maria Island?

There are only a few hotels on Anna Maria Island. The main reason vacation rentals are the primary accommodation on Anna Maria Island is due to our 36 foot building height moratorium. Anna Maria Island restricts the height of all buildings to 36 feet or less. Anna Maria Island is a perfect storm of low rise buildings and our beautiful white sand beaches. A big reason Anna Maria Island has become a hot spot of vacation destinations for domestic and international travelers!

Can I send vacation rental suggestions to friends or families?

Yes! We make it easy to share properties with others. On each detail vacation rental page on the right side we provide a place to share the property. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or using the envelope, email to share a property with friends or family. We want to make it easy!

Where are the nearest large indoor shopping malls?

There are two large indoor malls close to Anna Maria Island. The first is Desoto mall which over the years has seen many stores leave the mall. That is 20 minutes to the East on the Mainland in Bradenton and honestly most locals skip visiting. A newer mall with fantastic amenities is the Mall at University Town Center. Town Center is off University to the South in Sarasota. The drive is about 45 minutes but there is plenty of shopping choices. Of course there are several malls in Tampa which is about a one hour drive from Anna Maria Island.

How far away is Disney World Resort?

Disney world is 2 hours to the North East. It is an easy drive along interstate 75 to the North and to the East on Interstate 4.

How far away is Universal Studios?

Universal Studios is about 2 hours to the North East. Travel North on Interstate 75 to Interstate 4 to the East.

Can we rent pavilions or covered areas to provide safe and convenient spots for family and friends to gather?

Yes, there are pavilion rentals on and off Anna Maria Island. The best pavilion to rent on Anna Maria Island is in Bay Front Park in Anna Maria city which is located right on the Bay. A second option is at GT Bray Park which is just off Anna Maria Island 15 minutes.