AMI Golf Cart Rentals – Explore AMI the Easiest/Best Way

If you have visited Anna Maria Island before, then you are well aware that golf carts are one of the most popular forms on transportation on AMI. Golf Carts are legal on all the roads here on the Island, where the highest speed limit is 35 MPH. So if you are beginning to plan your next vacation to our beautiful little Island in the sun, then make sure you contact AMI Golf Cart Rentals.

AMI Golf Cart Rentals make the golf cart renting experience easy. Just let them know when you need a cart and they’ll be wherever you need them to promptly pickup/drop-off a cart. They offer electric 4 & 6 seater luxury and economy carts for single day rental, 3 day rental, and week long rentals. 


AMI Golf Cart Rentals 

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