The A, B, C’s of Anna Maria Island – The Best of Anna Maria Island

The A, B, C’s of Anna Maria Island – The Best of Anna Maria Island

The following is one person’s opinion of the best things when visiting Anna Maria Island –

Amusement Park:  The Best Amusement Park to visit in the Summer – Busch Gardens.  Sorry this is about 1.25 hours away but they have fabulous shade everywhere as well as misters.  It takes the Florida Summer heat down a notch!

Beach:  The Best beach to walk on – About 10th street North in Bradenton Beach to Sea Grape in Anna Maria City.  This is about a 5 mile stretch.

Bicycle:  The best place to bicycle on Anna Maria Island – The coquina beach bicycle path!

Breakfast:  The Best Breakfast with a view – Cafe on the Beach or Rod and Reel Pier both on Anna Maria Island

Breakfast ii:  The Best breakfast selection on Anna Maria Island – Peaches located in Holmes Beach

Child Entertainment:  Best place for some child entertainment on a rainy day – Chuck E Cheeses; just a short 15 minute trip off Anna Maria Island.

Computer: The best place to grab a computer to use for internet or email – Holmes Beach library or Ginny & Jane E’s in Anna Maria City.

Cocktail:  The Best place to grab a cocktail with a view on Anna Maria Island – Gulf Drive Cafe, Cafe on the Beach, Sandbar or Beachhouse restaurant.

Dog:  The Best place to walk your dog – On the causeway just off Anna Maria Island on Manatee avenue.  Just a short 5 minutes.

Dog ii:  The Best dog park to let your dog run – GT Bray park.  They have a large fenced in area where dogs are allowed to run wild.

Exercise:  There are plenty of fitness centers on Anna Maria Island as well as a state of the art facility at the Anna Maria Island Community Center.

Fish:  The Best place to grab fresh fish – Starfish company or Cortez Kitchen just off Anna Maria Island 5 minutes.

Fishing:  The Best fishing off Anna Maria Island – Shark Fishing in Tampa Bay.  The bay is known around the world for some of the best shark fishing.

Groceries:  The Best place to pick up some groceries – Publix

Groceries ii:  The Best place to pick up alot of groceries and save the most – Walmart (Just 15 minutes off Anna Maria Island)

Hamburger:  The Best hamburger on Anna Maria Island – Skinny’s or Duffy’s.  They are both great and you might as well try both to be able to pick for yourself.  Skinnys has french fries, while Duffy’s does not.

Hangouts:  The Best local hangouts to grab a beer – Skinny’s, Duffy’s, Dcoy Ducks, Bortells

Hike:  The Best Nature hike in the area – Robinson Preserve just off Anna Maria Island.  Be sure to walk up to the top of the tower where the views of the bay are fantastic.

Ice Cream:  The Best place for ice cream – Sweet Berries just a short 10 minute rid off Anna Maria Island down Manatee Avenue.  Sure there are lots of treats on Anna Maria Island but this is the Best of the Best list!

Information:  The best place for information – Island Real Estate Local Scene or Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce.

Kayak:  The Best place to kayak – Robinson Preserve just off Anna Maria Island just a few minutes

Library:  The Best library on Anna Maria Island – Holmes Beach Library

Lunch:  The Best place for a great Summer lunch – Two Scoops in Anna Maria City.  They have a great two hot dog meal for next to nothing!

Miniature Golf:  The Best local place for miniature golf – The Fish Hole located off Bridge Street in Bradenton Beach

Nightlife:  The Best place to go for a little nightlife on Anna Maria Island – Bortells in Anna Maria City or Dcoy Ducks in Holmes Beach

Nightlife ii:  The Best place for non-local nightlife – Sarasota and start at St Armand Circle

Oranges:  The Best place for picking or grabbing oranges – Mixon Fruit farm.  Only 25 minutes from Anna Maria Island

Picnic:  The Best place for a quiet picning on Anna Maria Island – Bayfront Park located in Anna Maria City

People Watching:  The Best place to people watch – either Coquina beach or Manatee Public Beach

Plane Tickets:  The Best place to print out your plane tickets – Island Real Estate of course.  We are open 6 days a week and have a guest computer that allows you to print your plane tickets all for free!

Quadrillion:  Want a lot of fantastic Anna Maria Island Vacation rentals to choose from.

Restaurant:  The Best barbecue ribs on Anna Maria Island – The Feast located in Holmes Beach

Restaurant ii:  The Best special occasion restaurant with views – Beach Bistro located in Holmes Beach

Shelling:  The Best beach for shelling – Coquina Beach on the Southern part of the island in Bradenton Beach

Soup:  The Best soup on the island with a view – Waterfront restaurant in Anna Maria City overlooking the Anna Maria City public pier.  Their Lobster Bisque melts in your mouth!

Surfing:  The Best beach to surf – White avenue which is located in Anna Maria city.  Park at the Baptist church parking lot off Gulf Drive and walk past a few houses to get to the beach.

Transportation:  The Best way to travel on Anna Maria Island – Rent a bicycle, scooter or street legal golf cart.

Umbrella: need an umbrella for a rainy day.  Plenty of places to find an umbrella but Walgreens in Holmes Beach is safe bet.  Be sure to visit our top things to do on a rainy day if you happen to visit paradise on a rare rainy day.

Vegetables:  The best place to grab inexpensive fresh vegetables – The Red Barn Flea market just 20 minutes off Anna Maria Island.  In season you can grab veggies at Bridge Street market as well.

Video Rental:  The Best place to rent a new release video – Publix in Holmes Beach has a red box.   Insider secret, CVS right next door also has a Red Box machine.  Just walk across the Publix parking lot if Publix does not have the game or video you are looking for.

Volleyball:  The Best place for sand volleyball – Manatee Public beach where they have several nets set up 24/7.

Xanthous:  Ok, for sure we looked this up.  It is a color between green and orange in the color spectrum.  Ever here of the green flash that occurs just before the sun sets?  Anna Maria Island has the best sunsets.

Wedding:  The Best place to have a wedding – Check out on of our Anna Maria Island Resorts.

Zoo:  Sarasota Jungle Gardens is a quick trip off Anna Maria Island or Visit the Tampa Lowry Zoo or Busch Gardens.

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