Anna Maria Island Sunsets and the Green Flash 7-20-2008

Boat FloatChild with her bucketWalking at sunsetSunset FishingShell searching at sunset!Wading at sunset!Boy in a baseball cap!Lovers at sunset!Bob, Hildy and Christina watching a green flash!Sunset at it’s best!

What a night for watching a sunset!! It was a typical summer night, very humid, warm and the smell of the salt air was abundant! However, no one knew when we came out to walk the beach at sunset that we would see the “green flash” just as the sun disappeared into the Gulf of Mexico. If you are not familiar with this phenomenon you are not alone. Word has spread on Anna Maria Island by the local sunset worshipers how to watch for the green flash. This requires a very pure atmosphere with abnormal atmospheric refraction, including mirage effects, in order to produce the green flash. The flash appears just above the crest of the sun as it is about to disappear.  It only lasts for a few seconds so you must keep your eyes fixed on the setting sun. It is almost impossible to capture it on film but is a goal of mine. You could hear everyone saying “did you see it?” Maybe this is just one more reason to come and visit Anna Maria Island. Besides being in paradise, you may just be lucky enough to experience the green flash while enjoying an incredible sunset.

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