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Island Real Estate Vacations Terms and Conditions


Guest agrees to charges and acknowledges having read and understands the management policy on the following pages of this document. A mid-stay clean and charge equal to the standard cleaning fee are required for all stays 21 nights or longer. Payment of reservation deposit is considered acceptance of all terms regardless of signature status of contract. Guest is responsible for adhering to the rental terms and dates. Any error on Guest’s part is not the responsibility of the agent. Sub-leasing of your vacation rental is strictly prohibited. By providing your phone number, you agree to receive text messages from our company.  Message and data rates may apply.  Message frequency varies.

Guest acknowledges receipt of at least two (2) sets of keys (if applicable), where required and any other entry items such as garage door openers, pool passes, etc. as indicated on the front of this confirmation.  ALL said items are to be returned to the same location of retrieval. Any missing or lost items shall be charged directly to the guest. ISLAND REAL ESTATE VACATIONS will make a courtesy call to discuss any charges beyond those agreed to on your reservation. Please ensure all doors and windows are closed as well as locked upon departure. Guest maintains liability for non-secure windows, doors, etc. for 24 hrs. after departure. If police are called due to noise disturbances during your stay, guest will be responsible for any fines levied for the disturbance. 

Please no open flames inside the property.

Reservation Deposits:

A total of 25% down payment is due to secure a reservation. Until this full deposit is received, your reservation is not confirmed.  If making a reservation within 60 days of your arrival date, the entire balance is due at the time of reservation.  Insufficient funds will require a $35 fee as well as any additional banking fees charged on behalf of the guest’s bank.

Final Rental Payments and agreement of terms:

For your convenience, we have a web log-in for guests on our Website or you may go directly to your log in guest portal page at!/login/.

The final balance and electronic signature of your confirmation may be completed on your web guest log in page.  Please note at the time of your reservation you should receive an email requesting an electronic signature of our terms and conditions as well as an invitation to our guest portal.  There is a 3% credit card fee added to all reservations when a credit card is used to book, but this fee is waived if an echeck payment in made instead.  Your remaining balance is due 60 days PRIOR to your arrival date. You may log in to your guest payment portal to pay by electronic check or with another credit card.  Please note unless alternative arrangements are made, the bank account or credit card on file will be charged your remaining balance automatically at 60 days.  If you do not wish to pay with the bank account or credit card on file, please log in and pay several days in advance of 60 days prior to your arrival. If you initially paid with an eCheck and received the booking incentive, please remember future payments must also be made with an eCheck. Thank you for choosing eCheck to help reduce the cost of business.  Please note the eCheck payment option cannot be used within 7 days of arrival. Any refunds on checks or eChecks will be delayed at least 7 days after deposit or until funds are verified.

ISLAND REAL ESTATE VACATIONS reserves the right to cancel your reservation and retain your deposit if your final payment is late beyond 60 days or you have not electronically signed your confirmation in full. Please note, we make a modest effort to contact our guests prior to cancelling but please recognize it is not our responsibility to track down confirmations- payments.  In addition, ISLAND REAL ESTATE VACATIONS reserves the right to use your credit card or electronic funds information to fund any unpaid fees, fines or damages to the property.  Any checks submitted regardless of date will be processed the day of receipt and any bank fees incurred will be the responsibility of the guest. 

PLEASE NOTE: fines to guests due to strict Anna Maria Island noise ordinance laws can be significant and will be billed to unlawful guests confirmed by local police. Fines can exceed $500 per confirmed violation. Please be sure to abide by our strict no noise ordinance after 10:00 PM EST as well as rules and guidelines posted in the vacation rental property.


Florida law provides that Florida Sales Tax and Manatee County Resort Tax must be collected on all rentals of six months or less. Agent must collect correct tax amount due as of day of ARRIVAL.

Travel Protection:

Travel Protection is available through ISLAND REAL ESTATE VACATIONS. This is the only way to protect your vacation as refunds will not be made due to inclement weather, failure to show up or early departure for any reason.  For details on ISLAND REAL ESTATE VACATIONS Travel Insurance program visit Suntrip Preserver - Red Sky.

Tub, Barbeque, Deck, Pool, etc:

The guest hereby acknowledges and agrees that surrounding and common areas due to added amenities including but not limited to pools, decks, tubs, barbeques, facilities, etc. may provide additional dangers if guests and their guests are not careful, use precaution and adhere to safety measures. It is the responsibility of the guest to immediately inform Island Real Estate Vacations via telephone call at 941 778-6066 if any life safety items are not operational such as but not limited to pool alarms, safety pool gates, smoke alarms, or carbon monoxide protection. With full knowledge of the above facts, the undersigned accepts and assumes all risks, liability, damages, injuries, and deaths involved in or around all amenities provided for themselves and their guests. Electric pool heaters will be locked, and you can expect the pool heat to be maintained between 79 and 80 degrees F (26 C). NOTE: Pool heaters are only turned on October 1st through April 30th each year. When the ambient temperature falls below 60 degrees F for more than 5 hours, the pool or spa heater may not function and even switch off. Pool and spa heaters operate ONLY when the pool pump is running. Residential pools typically run 6-8 hours per day only. Pools will be cleaned one to two times per week and pool cleaning schedules vary. In addition, spa heaters can only incrementally increase the temperature of the water 20-25 degrees F. Therefore, if the ambient temperature is 65 F the spa heat will obtain a maximum temperature of plus 20-25 degrees F or 90 degrees F for the provided example. Non-scheduled pool cleaning costs will be the responsibility of the guest.

If You Must Cancel:

Payment of reservation deposit is considered to be acceptance of cancellation terms regardless of the signature status of the reservation confirmation. A written notice of cancellation is acceptable to refund paid monies (less a $250 cancellation fee) if received a minimum of 60 days prior to arrival date. Notices received less than 60 days of arrival will result in forfeiture of all paid monies. As mentioned above, ISLAND REAL ESTATE VACATIONS travel protection is the ONLY way to protect your vacation deposit if you must cancel for any reason 60 days prior to arrival.  No refunds will be given due to inclement weather or any other natural weather forces, failure to arrive or early departure for any reason. 

Radon Disclosure:

Pursuant to §404.056(5), Florida Statutes, Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that, when it has accumulated in a building in sufficient quantities, may present health risks to persons who are exposed to it over time.  Levels of radon that exceed Federal and State guidelines have been found in buildings in Florida.  Additional information regarding radon and radon testing may be obtained from your public health unit.


Keys are picked up at the designated location provided on this confirmation.  Some of our properties do allow our guests to bypass picking up keys and travel directly to the vacation property. Your access method can be found on the confirmation sent to you via email and please consult your confirmation. Check-in time is after 4:00 PM. Late arrivals that are not remote entry may pick up keys in our outside key box.  Some properties do require specific arrival and departure days, especially in high season. Web reservations are most susceptible to a change in dates however if the guest cannot accommodate the change, no funds will be lost due to the cancellation.                                                               

Security Deposit for bringing your dog(s):

If you have selected a dog friendly property AND you are bringing your dog, there is an additional $250 plus tax per dog non-refundable fee required. Island Real Estate Vacations (IREV) Welcomes Your Loving Pup at Our Registered Dog Friendly Vacation Rentals! Please see the Rules Listed Below:

RULE #1 – Only well-behaved DOGS allowed! Sorry, cats or other pets are not approved!

RULE #2 – Only certain breeds of dogs are allowed and must be approved before checking-in.

RULE #3 – Our Pet Friendly Properties are restricted to either 1 or 2 dogs depending on listed restrictions for each dog friendly property.

RULE #4 – Approved dogs weigh less than 25 lbs or more than 25 lbs. Dogs over 75 lbs are NOT permitted.

RULE #5 – You must notify IREV you are traveling with a dog. A $250 non-refundable pet fee is required per dog. If unauthorized dog is found during stay, guest subject to immediate eviction with no refund of monies paid and will be responsible for damages as well as extra cleaning fees.

RULE #6 – Your dog must be housebroken and well-behaved. The registered guest will be responsible for any damages as well as additional cleaning or treatment needs due to fleas, “accidents” or excessive pet hair.

Dogs are permitted in a rental home only as arranged in advance. Addition of any other pet is prohibited without prior approval. You are solely responsible for any damage or personal injury caused by your dog.

To bring your dog(s), guest(s) must agree to the following terms:

1.       Guests agree to always keep their dog(s) under control.

2.       Guests agree to promptly report any damage caused by their dog(s).

3.       Guests agree to pay any costs for damage done by their dog(s) which exceeds the pet fee per dog(s) or is not covered under an additional damage insurance policy.

4.       If damages are not reported but are found by Island Real Estate Vacations, it will be charged to guest’s credit card on file.

5.       Guests agree that their dog(s) is housebroken.

6.       All dogs must be up to date on rabies and all other vaccinations.

7.       Guests agree that dog(s) will not be washed in the bathtubs or showers inside the unit. This must be done in the outside or with a hose if provided.

8.       Guests agree to adhere to local ordinances, leash laws and licensing requirements. Dogs are not allowed on the beaches of Anna Maria Island.

9.       Guests agree to clean up after their dog(s) and dispose of their dogs(s) waste promptly.  Any cleanup of dog refuse outside will result in additional cleaning fee at a min of $50.

10.   Guests agree to review and repair any yard damage created by their dog(s) such as but not limited to digging.

11.   Guests agree to keep dog(s) from being noisy or aggressive, and from causing any annoyance or discomfort to others. Guests will remedy any complaints immediately. Guest acknowledges local ordinance restrict noise, and excessive noise by a dog(s) may result in fines from the local municipality. Guest is responsible for said fines.

12.   Island Real Estate Vacations, LLC, and/or the property owner are not responsible for guest’s dog(s). Guests agree to pay agents promptly for any damage, loss or expense caused by their dog(s).

13.   No personal pet beds or other such items should be put in the washer or dryer!

14.   Repairs for rescreening if your dog(s) breaks through the porch screen for any reason will be assessed at labor charges.

15.   Guest to clean all excess dog hair and remove from the inside of the unit prior to departure.

16.  “Vicious or dangerous dogs” trained for dog fighting or with any tendency or disposition to attack other domestic animals or humans without provocation are not permitted at any time. Any dog with a recorded bite history is strictly prohibited

Security Deposit OR Damage Deposit Waiver:

DAMAGE DEPOSIT WAIVER:  In lieu of collecting a check or cash in the amount of $500-$1500 for a security/damage deposit, we do provide the option of a Damage Deposit Waiver (DDW).  100% of the DDW is retained by ISLAND REAL ESTATE VACATIONS and does not guard the guest from damage made to the rental property. The DDW only waives the guest from making a traditional security deposit 90 days prior to arrival. The guest maintains liability for but not limited, to lost keys, lost remote controls, excessive cleaning, smoking damage, pet damage, and any damage to the interior or exterior of the property. 

TRADITIONAL SECURITY DEPOSIT:  If your vacation rental property requires a traditional security deposit ISLAND REAL ESTATE VACATIONS will collect a predetermined security deposit amount ranging from $500 - $1500 via check or electronic check payment. Once inspection is complete and the property is in satisfactory condition, ISLAND REAL ESTATE VACATIONS will return your security deposit in full. You can expect the same method of payment approximately three weeks after your departure date. Foreign guests with a Non-North American Bank account may be subject to additional banking fees imposed by your personal bank. Please request more information.

Please note: If damage is found an ISLAND REAL ESTATE VACATIONS representative will call with details.

Furnishings and Home Decor:

The furnishings and décor provided have been properly placed to create a comfortable island vacation for you and your family. All items are accounted for and documented prior to your arrival and should be returned to their original location if moved during your stay to avoid any additional service charges of up to $250.    

Failure of Equipment/Conditions:

In the rare event of failure of equipment to work, please notify us first so repairs can be made.  Guest however expressly waives and relinquishes any rights or claims against owner or ISLAND REAL ESTATE VACATIONS for any damage that may result to guest from lack of maintenance, cleanliness, repair, defect including owners or ISLAND REAL ESTATE VACATIONS for ordinary negligence.

Construction Policy: 

When the local authorities or local property owners engage in construction activities they are permitted to do so and are not required to inform us of their plans. They are however required to only work within certain hours. Typically that is between 7AM - 5PM. This does however fluctuate depending on the ordinance rules of your location. If you feel the work is going on longer than it should please call ISLAND REAL ESTATE VACATIONS and please ask us to check times construction is required to cease their activities. There are zero refunds due to construction work being carried out at your complex or near to your rental.

Eviction Issues: 

Please remember we must adhere to the No SmokingPet, City Noise, Parking ordinances and Over Occupancy Rules which you have agreed to.  Smoking in the unit, having an unauthorized pet, parking, noise violations, and more than four separate families residing in our rental property or more people in the property than what is noted on the electronic confirmation WILL result in immediate eviction with no refund.  Please note, the reserving party must be 25 years of age or older and must occupy the rental for the entire duration of the reservation period.


  1. ISLAND REAL ESTATE VACATIONS reserves the right to relocate a tenant to an alternate property of similar quality for whatever reason. If guest disagrees with the relocation ISLAND REAL ESTATE VACATIONS will cancel reservation and will reimburse all applicable funds paid for said rental. 2. ISLAND REAL ESTATE VACATIONS at times may record telephone calls for training and quality assurance purposes. 3. ISLAND REAL ESTATE VACATIONS takes zero responsibility for stolen personal items in the rare case of theft or vandalism.

If property is listed “For Sale”:  

Guest agrees to allow showings with 24 hour notice.  Guest understands a property may go up for sale at any time and will require making the property available for showings regardless of the status at the time of your reservation. 


Guest agrees that any action arising out of, or relating to, this agreement shall be governed by Florida law and jurisdiction for any judicial proceeding concerning, or arising from this agreement, shall exclusively lie in Manatee County, Florida. Further, should any dispute, judicial or otherwise, arise concerning this agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to its attorney’s fees and costs. Prevailing party shall be determined by the presiding judge. The parties waive their right to a jury trial.

Waiver of Liability and Damages: Guest, inclusive of invitees and minors who are family members of Guest, willingly accepts and assumes all risk of personal injury, death, and property damage which results from using and occupying the subject premises. Guests agree and acknowledge to use said amenities at their own risk and the risk to their invitees and family and agree to adhere and use all reasonable safety precautions, methods and rules related to the amenities for their intended purposes only. Guest specifically waives any and all possible claims for liability and damages against the Owner(s) of the subject premises and against ISLAND REAL ESTATE VACATIONS, arising from the Guest’s (their invitees and family including minors) use, damage, injury and/or death of the subject premises and amenities. As to invitees of Guest, Guest agrees to release indemnify and hold the Owner(s) and ISLAND REAL ESTATE VACATIONS harmless from any and all claims made by the Guest and Guests invitees, arising from their use of the subject premises. In addition, guest will take full fiscal responsibility if invitee does not release indemnify and hold ISLAND REAL ESTATE VACATIONS, LLC. and Owner(s) harmless and/or any damages, injuries or death occurs.  


Check in Time is after 4:00 PM on day of arrival.

Check out time is prior to 10:00 AM on day of departure.

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