Traveling to Anna Maria Island with Pets

Traveling to Anna Maria Island with pets can be easy for some, and difficult for others. Bringing a pet on vacation can give rise to a bevy of different situations, but pet owners will do anything to keep their furry friends happy.

There are tons of great pet friendly Anna Maria Island vacation rentals that make the island an enticing destination. To make your journey a tad easier, we have gathered some great hacks for Traveling to Anna Maria Island with pets.

Traveling by Car or Plane

Be sure your accommodations are pet friendly prior to your visit. You wouldn’t want to show up with a pet just to find out pets are not welcome. It is important to be sure you know the destination you are visiting, so you can be confident your pet will be safe and have fun too.

Have a pet travel kit. Your pet travel kit should include all the daily necessities including medications, pets paper work and identification, plastic bags for clean up, and bowls for food and water.

Never Leave Pets unsupervised. If you are traveling by car or plane you should never leave your pet alone. Always make sure your pet is in a safe place, and seems comfortable with their surroundings.

Make a trip to the veterinarian. Before going anywhere you will want to be sure your pet is in tip top shape. Make a trip to your veterinarian to be sure your pet is up to date on vaccines, and is healthy for travel.

Traveling by Car

Many pet owners travel to Anna Maria Island by car, and are coming from places just a few hours away.  Anna Maria Island gets visitors from Tampa, Lakeland, Brandon and areas nearby. Traveling with a pet is typically less stressful for nearby guests, but can be difficult if under prepared.

Car Travel Hacks

Make a practice run. Pets not accustomed to a car ride need to become familiarized. Load your pet up, and take them for a short drive to see how they do. If a pet is extremely uncomfortable consider taking them on frequent short trips to build up their comfort level, or let your pet sit out on the family vacation.

Keep pets secure. Often pet owner will let animals freely move around the car. This is unsafe for everyone involved including you, your pet, and other vehicles on the road. It is the best practice to have animals in their carrier cage, or some sort of secure place. Even the most behaved animals can act differently under stress. Animals have the potential to distract a vehicle drive, and can cause an accident.

Bring two of everything. When dealing with a frantic pet things can become lost. Be sure to bring back up pet accessories, so you don’t end up in a bind. A spare leash and collar, extra toys and lots of treats are a good idea when traveling to Anna Maria Island with pets. Bring your pets favorite toy to keep them comfortable.

Make frequent stops. Especially when traveling with dogs, you will need to take frequent breaks. Give your pet plenty of opportunities for bathroom breaks. Pets can experience motion sickness, and feel cooped up. The day before a long car trip consider giving your pet extra exercise opportunities.

Bring food and water. Make sure your pet doesn’t get hungry or dehydrated. This can help your pet stay calm and comfortable during a car ride.

Traveling by Plane

Traveling to Anna Maria Island with a pet by plane can be extremely stressful for both you and your furry friends. It is important to choose the safest method of air travel for your pet. Many airlines will allow your pet to travel along side of you in the plane, but this may not be an option. Pets traveling in the cargo hold of a plane are susceptible to many issues including extreme temperatures, mishandling, and inclement weather while on the tarmac. Choose an airline, and travel method you and your pet will most comfortable with.

Plane Travel Hacks

Book direct flights. It is better to plan a direct flight with your pet to avoid pets being left behind, handled too much, or getting lost.

Choose the right airline. Airlines are required to report any animal deaths that occur during flights. You should research an airlines policies and practices prior to booking a flight.

Notify all airline staff. When flying with a pet, notify all airline staff you encounter about the animal. Staff can not make extra accommodations for your pet if they are not aware of the situation. Notifying staff will help ensure your pet is properly handled, and arrives safely at your destination.

Ship your pet in the proper container. A USDA approved shipping container is an appropriate option for traveling with pets in a cargo hold. When shipping your dog in the cargo hold be sure the size of the shipping container is big enough for the pet to stand up in and turn around. Never lock the cage, so that personnel may open the cage in an emergency. It is a good idea to tape food to the outside of the container, so airline staff can feed your dog. You never know if your pet might get stuck without you for an extended period of time. Consider placing a frozen bowl of water in your pets container. This way the water won’t splash around during initial transportation, and will melt by the time your pet is thirsty. Place something absorbent in the bottom of your pet cage to soak up accidents.

Traveling to Anna Maria Island with Pets is rewarding

Whether your travels are just a few hours, or from across international lines, bringing a pet on vacation is rewarding. Traveling to Anna Maria Island with pets allows the entire family to enjoy time relaxing and enjoying each others company. For more information about traveling with pets visit the ASPCA website.

Traveling to Anna Maria Island with Pets
Bring your pet on an Anna Maria Island vacation!

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