Siesta Beach Drum Circle | Sarasota, FL

Siesta Key Drum Circle
Every Sunday feel the rhythm through your body at the Siesta Beach Drum Circle! Only a 45 minute drive to the South from Anna Maria Island it is a great event to attend for the evening.  The circle-goers come out before sunset and get the dancing started with beats on their drums. Many people join in the perpetual dance, and you can even hula hoop or belly dance your way through the middle! The drum circle lasts for quite a few hours so bringing drinks along might be a good call if you plan on staying for a while.

As the drum circle starts dying out you can continue your party at Siesta Key Village, which is just down the road a little over a mile. If you choose to walk, or if you choose to drive, there are plenty of beautiful houses to take in along the way!  For more ideas on late night entertainment visit our Anna Maria Island top ten information page.


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