Island Real Estate Vacations Dog Policy

ISLAND REAL ESTATE VACATIONS (IREV) welcomes your loving pup at our registered Dog Friendly Vacation Rentals! Please see the rules listed below.

RULE #1 – Only well-behaved DOGS allowed! Sorry, cats or other pets are not approved!
RULE #2 – Only certain breeds of dogs are allowed and must be approved before checking-in.
RULE #3 – Our Pet Friendly Properties are restricted to either 1 or 2 dogs depending on listed restrictions for each dog friendly property.
RULE #4 – Approved dogs weigh less than 25 lbs or more than 25 lbs. Dogs over 75 lbs are NOT permitted.
RULE #5 – You must notify IREV you are traveling with a dog. A $250 non-refundable pet fee is required per dog. If unauthorized dog is found during stay, guest subject to immediate eviction with no refund of monies paid and will be responsible for damages as well as extra cleaning fees.
RULE #6 – Your dog must be housebroken and well-behaved. The registered guest will be responsible for any damages as well as additional cleaning or treatment needs due to fleas, “accidents” or excessive pet hair.

Dogs permitted in rental home only as arranged in advance. Addition of any other pet is prohibited without prior approval. You are solely responsible for any damaged or personal injury caused by your dog.

To bring your dog(s), guest(s) must agree to the following terms:

  • Guests agree to keep their dog under control at all times.
  • Guests agree to promptly report any damage caused by dog(s).
  • Guests agree to pay any costs for damage done by dog(s) which exceeds the pet fee per dog or is not covered under an additional damage insurance policy.
  • If damages are not reported but are found by Island Real Estate Vacations, it will be documented, and necessary replacement or repair costs will be charged to guest(s) credit card on file.
  • Guests agree that their dog is housebroken.
  • All dogs must be up to date on rabies vaccinations and all other vaccinations.
  • Guests agree that dog(s) will not be washed in the bathtubs or showers inside the unit. This must be done in the outside shower if provided or with hose.
  • Guests agree to adhere to local ordinances, leash laws and licensing requirements. Dogs are NOT allowed on the beaches of Anna Maria Island.
  • Guests agree to clean up after their dog(s) & dispose of their pet(s’) waste promptly. Any cleanup of dog refuse outside will result in additional cleaning fee of a minimum of $50.
  • Guests agree to review and repair any yard damage created by visiting dog(s) such as but not limited to digging.
  • Guests agree to keep dog(s) from being noisy or aggressive, and from causing any annoyance or discomfort to others. Guests will remedy any complaints immediately. Guest acknowledges local ordinance restrict noise and excessive noise by pet and may result in fines from local municipality. Guest responsible for said fines.
  • Island Real Estate Vacations, LLC, and/or the Property Owner are not responsible for guests’ dog(s). Guests agree to pay agents promptly for any damage, loss or expense caused by their dog(s).
  • No personal pet beds or other such items should be put in the washer or dryer!
  • Repairs to screening on the porch will be assessed at labor charges for rescreening if your dog(s) break through the screen for any reason.
  • Guest to clean all excess dog hair and remove from the inside of the unit prior to departure.
  • “Vicious or Dangerous Dogs” trained for dog fighting or with any tendency or disposition to attack any dog other domestic animals or humans without provocation, are not permitted at any time. Any dog with a recorded history of biting is strictly prohibited.

Island Real Estate Vacations Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy
Island Real Estate Vacations, LLC charges a $250.00 cancellation fee for all cancelled reservations. If a vacation reservation is cancelled outside of 90 days from arrival, all but $250 deposited will be refunded. If the vacation rental contract is cancelled within 90 days of arrival, all deposited funds will be retained by Island Real Estate Vacations, LLC. However, if Island Real Estate Vacations, LLC is able to re-rent the vacation property for the same dates AND for the rental rate originally contracted, a full refund will be provided, less the $250 cancellation fee. If the vacation rental is partially re-rented, the new rental amount for the original dates contracted will be refunded, less the $250 cancellation fee. In summary, eligible refunds will be determined based on the difference between the contracted amount for dates reserved and the re-rented price, less the $250 cancellation fee. There will be no refund if the vacation property is not able to be re-rented. Island Real Estate Vacations does not make any guarantees that any vacation property will be re-rented for what was contracted originally.

Trip Cancellation Insurance
We recommend you take out a comprehensive trip cancellation insurance to cover unforeseen eventualities. For details of the Island Real Estate Vacations trip cancellation insurance program please see the Trip Cancellation Insurance informational page for Red Sky.

Hold Harmless
Subject to Island Real Estate Vacations Cancellation Policy herein, it is expressly agreed that Island Real Estate Vacations will not be held responsible and will not issue a refund for any reservations that are canceled, prevented, restricted or interfered with by circumstances beyond its reasonable control, including without limitation, earthquake, fire, flood, Act of God, hurricane, red tide, storms, wars, civil or military disturbances, environmental hazards, or any other cause whatsoever beyond the reasonable control of Island Real Estate Vacations. In the event you attempt to cancel your reservation, arrive late, depart early, or otherwise alter your reservation as a result of any of the foregoing, you will be subject to Island Real Estate Vacations Cancellation Policy as detailed herein. Trip Cancellation insurance as noted above can be a solution to help mitigate the risk for some of the issues listed. All prices are subject to 12% sales and resort tax.

West Coast Surf Shop _ Serving Anna Maria Island Since 1964

For the ultimate Island/beach style, head on over to West Coast Surf Shop. Located in Holmes Beach, next to the Manatee Public Beach and across from Skinny’s, this shop is one of the best on the Island. At least it is in my opinion.

West Coast Surf Shop has been open since 1964. They sell clothing, sunglasses, bathing suits, surf boards, skateboard, wet suits, and much more! Featuring brands such as Roxy, Costa, O’neil, and BillaBong

3902 Gulf Dr.
Holmes Beach, Florida

Leave the Pets and Bikes at Home to Enjoy Perico Preserve

Similar to Neal Preserve, Perico Preserve in Bradenton also does NOT ALLOW pets. But, it is for a good reason! Perico Preserve isn’t just a preserve, it’s a bird sanctuary. Without the added noise of pets and bikes, the birds and wildlife here have the best chances of being successful in the breeding and rearing of their young.

While pets are absolutely not permitted here, there are certain trails that allow bicycles. Though, there are points on the tails that asks visitors to continue on foot and leave the bikes behind.

Perico Preserve is open daily from sunrise to sunset. Please be respectful of the wildlife when visiting this preserve (and all the Manatee County preserves).

11700 Manatee Ave W
Bradenton FL 34209

Neal Preserve – Located in Bradenton, just off Anna Maria Island

Unlike most of the preserves in Manatee County, Neal Preserve does NOT ALLOW pets, and does NOT ALLOW bicycles on the tails. This preserve is specifically designed to be enjoyed on foot. Which isn’t a bad thing. In fact it makes Neal Preserve quite peaceful.

Open daily from sunrise to sunset, Neal Preserve is 120 acres of beautiful coastal habitat like mangrove forests, salt terns, and oak hammock uplands. There are shell trails and boardwalks that run through the preserve, as well as a 20 Ft. tall observation tower.

Neal Preserve is also a historically significant site. This area was inhabited by Native Americans from 3000 BC to 1400 AD. You will pass reconstructed burial mounds (original mounds were excavated by the Smithsonian back in the 1930’s), though remember that collecting anything here is NOT PERMITTED. This area should be seen as a “open air museum”.

Neal Preserve is perfect for hiking and bird watching

12301 Manatee Ave W
Bradenton, FL 34209

Explore Duette Preserve – The Largest Preserve in Manatee County

Located in the Northeastern part of the county is where you’ll find Duette Preserve. It is the largest preserve in all of Manatee County, and takes up 21,000 acres.

Here you will find native vegetation and wildlife, including the burrowing owl, snowy egret, white ibis, and gopher tortoise. Plus rare species like the Florida scrub jay, Florida panther, and Eastern indigo snake.

Things to do here include; Hiking and nature trails, managed hunting, fishing, wagon tours, horseback riding trails, non-motorized bicycle trails, wildlife viewing, and primitive Camping.

Duette Preserve is open daily from sunrise to sunset. HOWEVER, the preserve is closed during certain weekends for the Hunt Program.

2649 Rawls Rd,
Parrish, FL 34219

Rye Preserve – Experience Old Florida in Parish

Want to experience Old Florida? Look no further than Rye Preserve in Parish. About an hour drive from Anna Maria Island, Rye Preserve is 145 acres of trails that run through sand pine scrub, xeric oak scrub, oak hammocks, and the river community.

Here, you can see all kinds of local wildlife, including rare species like the gopher tortoise and Florida scrub-jay.

Rye Preserve offers; hiking/nature trails (dogs are welcome), kayak/canoeing trails & launch, non-motorized bicycle trails, managed fishing, picnic areas and pavilions, wildlife viewing areas, horseback riding, and tent Camping!

Rye Preserve is open daily from sunrise to sunset, and the ranger station here is open Fridays and Saturday, from 3PM – 7PM.

905 Rye Wilderness Trail
Parrish, FL 34219

Emerson Point Preserve is a 365 Acre Preserve in Palmetto

Emerson Point Preserve in Palmetto is absolutely beautiful! It is a 365 acre preserve full of hiking and kayak trails that run through coastal Florida habitats.

Emerson Point Preserve offers great for dogs, and a good space for them to swim around in the water. You can fish and kayak/canoe here!
*Fishing is only permitted along the perimeter of the preserve and subject to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission regulations*

Emerson Point Preserve has ancient/historic remains of the individuals that inhabited the area before Manatee County was officially settled.

You can also rent out pavilions here for a party!

Jiggs Landing Preserve – Freshwater Fishing and Canoeing

Located in East Bradenton, Jiggs Landing Preserve offers freshwater fishing, canoeing, and more. This place is very popular because of the boat ramp here, where you can launch right into Braden River. Jiggs Landing is open daily from sunset to sunrise, however if you want to get out on the water before it’s open, you can buy a one-time Gate Access Card to use the boat ramp at any time.

Jiggs Landing Preserve features: Picnic areas and pavilions, boardwalks, wildlife viewing areas, a nature-themed playground, kayak concessions, and food, bait, & drink concessions.

There are cabins, pavilions, and kayaks that you can rent here. Plus a guided river tour!

6106 63rd St E
Bradenton, FL 34203

Riverview Pointe Preserve is 11 Acres of Wildlife and Nature Trails

Riverview Pointe Preserve is a small park adjacent to DeSoto National Memorial Park in Bradenton. It is 11 acres of uplands & coastal habitats. It’s a nice place to take your dog to for some exercise, fishing, and great for wildlife viewing.

Riverview Pointe Preserve is open daily, and hours vary with season.

8250 Desoto Memorial Hwy
Bradenton, FL 34209