Anna Maria Island Sunrise | Beautiful Sunrises

Anna Maria Island Sunrise

Anna Maria Island Sunrise

There are a million reasons to love Anna Maria Island. The Anna Maria Island sunrise seen above, the laid back island atmosphere, the old Florida feel, the sugar soft white sand beaches, the cool gulf waters, an average temperature of 74.8 degrees Fahrenheit, and an average of 361 days of sunshine a year are just a few.

This Anna Maria Island sunrise as seen over the Anna Maria City Pier is something we islanders look forward to every day. What better way to start the day than with a short stroll along the beach with the gulf breeze flowing through your hair and the sugar soft sand between your toes? After that just grab a coffee or your favorite breakfast treat and you’ll be ready for anything the day can throw at you.

So come join us and get on “island time” where the day is determined by sunrise and sunset rather than the clock. Until then we’ll be lounging on the beach staring at blue skies while listening to the waves calmly lap along the shoreline. We’re waiting for you to join us with drink in hand here on beautiful Anna Maria Island!

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Silhouettes at Sunset ~ The Clocks Are Rolled Back ~ 11~5~2012


Anna Maria Island ~ Spectacular Sunset


The clocks have been turned back and we are headed towards the holidays and season here on Anna Maria Island. This week we are going to experience a drop in temperatures with a high only in the low 70’s! Although this cold wave will not last long and we will see the 80’s back soon it is always a thrill after the steamy summer passes to feel a bit of fall in the air. We do not experience color change in the leaves like our northern neighbors and many of our exotic plants are in full bloom! It is truly the tropical feel of the Island that is such a lure to our beloved Snowbirds, not to mention the much warmer temperatures even as fall fades away and winter casts it’s shorter days and creates the need to layer our clothing. Most winters one can easily secure a tan even though you may have to hide from a chillier wind! For those of you that are blessed to live here year round I believe I can speak for you and say we love the adventure of the change in seasons and relief from the heat of summer. We are thankful for our tropical breezes that cool us in the midst of summer and the bath-like waters that refresh us in the heat of the day. No matter what season you choose to visit the Island you will never be disappointed…you will always experience that rush of calm and peace as you cross the bridge to the Island and enter our “step-back-in-time” atmosphere. You will be entering a zone where nature abounds, sunsets amaze you and you will not be able to wipe that smile from you face…yes, it feels that good on Anna Maria Island! Come and enjoy a spectacular sunset…you will want to stay forever!   IMG_0700

Written by Melinda Bordes, If you are thinking of buying or selling real estate on Anna Maria Island or surrounding areas please feel free to contact me and I will gladly assist you with all of your real estate needs. The pace of this market is fast as buyers have waited for the market to become solid and just make more sense. The prices have hit bottom and some say we are now headed in an upward direction. Inventory has dropped drastically and we are seeing multiple bids which is your best indicator that we are in a very healthy market. If you have been waiting to purchase or list your home now is the time as we head into season. Now is the when you have been waiting for to fulfill you dreams of ownership on Anna Maria Island. Our sunsets just increase the value of you home and they cost you nothing!

Can you say awwww!

Silhouettes at Sunset ~ Mar. 16, 2012 ~ Anna Maria Bucket List


It is about time you started your Anna Maria Bucket List and I have some great ideas for you…

1. Swim with the manatees

A resting Manatee…

Continue reading Silhouettes at Sunset ~ Mar. 16, 2012 ~ Anna Maria Bucket List

Silhouettes at Sunset 11~11~11 | Just Another Day at the Beach!

Another day at the Beach

If you are a numbers person today has been one of those days! Today’s date has brought comments from everyone on Anna Maria Island from Publix to Island Real Estate and even at the beach at sunset. We will have to wait for another century to see these numbers again. As I stepped on the beach tonight at sunset there were four weddings taking place within a few feet of each other. I understand today was a day of more “I do’s” than on any given day. It is also said that babies born on this day will have some special blessing. My granddaughter was born on 11/11 and is celebrating her birthday in Atlanta with a sleep over and at 11:11 tonight they will roast marshmellows around a campfire and wave sparklers in the air to celebrate 11/11/11 at 11:11!    I suppose we will have to wait until next year to see 12/12/12 at 12:12! Continue reading Silhouettes at Sunset 11~11~11 | Just Another Day at the Beach!

Silhouttes at Sunset ~ 8~18~11 ~ Fading Summer Sunset Anna Maria Island

An Anna Maria Sunset

Once again it is time to retire the surf board and prepare the book bag for another school year. But wait…if you are on Anna Maria Island you really don’t have to retire that surfboard…it is 90 something degrees and we will continue to see weather fit for the outdoors activities well into winter. Just make sure you get that homework done then head on down to the beach to catch a wave and enjoy the balmy and alluring waters of the gulf coast. It has been an unusually hot summer but we have those gentle gulf breezes that caress you as you soak up the beauty of our Island! I have spotted dolphins almost daily frolicking in the gulf and the sunsets continue to amaze me. We have seen our share of storms moving through the area which presents a perfect scenario for very dramatic sunsets. Continue reading Silhouttes at Sunset ~ 8~18~11 ~ Fading Summer Sunset Anna Maria Island

Silhouettes at Sunset ~ May 15, 2011 ~ Restoration on Anna Maria Island

Beach Restoration on Anna Maria Island

A few weeks ago at the end of Magnolia Avenue on Anna Maria Island the beach served as a parking lot for very large equipment used to move sand around and restore our beaches. This was done just ahead of turtle nesting season. There have already been four turtle nests found and marked just as we dip into season. But I have witnessed other kinds of restoration taking place where the shore meets the waves. On Sunday there was a baptism for 37 people at the south end of the Island and for many this was a time for restoration of their souls. Continue reading Silhouettes at Sunset ~ May 15, 2011 ~ Restoration on Anna Maria Island

Silhouttes at Sunset~3~25~11~ Kip from AMI Fitness on Anna Maria Island

Kip pressing the sunset on Anna Maria Island

Meet Kip…owner and my trainer at AMI Fitness on Anna Maria Island. Don’t confuse Kip with others on the Island…he is the true master of trainers and wanting the best for his clientele. I have belonged to three different gyms on the Island and his is by far the best in terms of equipment and reaching out to those that need assistance with classes, training or just getting acquainted with the equipment. Kip provides a wide variety of equipment to meet all of your needs. The staff is so friendly and always happy to lend advise or answer your questions. Continue reading Silhouttes at Sunset~3~25~11~ Kip from AMI Fitness on Anna Maria Island

Silhouetts at Sunset ~ 2~18~11 ~ Strolling Through Sunbeams

Anna Maria Island Sunset Ride

Have you ever watched someone walk through the sunbeam just before sunset as the light dances across the gulf on Anna Maria Island? Many of my subjects are caught passing through the sun’s rays and become almost motionless for just a brief moment. Right now we are seeing weather in the upper 70’s to low 80’s and our sunsets have been nothing less than spectacular this week. When you have gazed at as many sunsets as I have you are taught many life lessons as you become one with nature. Have you ever noticed that you cannot rush a sunset? We come to the sunset and must let it’s timing be ours. It is so aligned with the heavens that it is possible to know the exact cycle of the sunset and the moon. Continue reading Silhouetts at Sunset ~ 2~18~11 ~ Strolling Through Sunbeams

Silhouettes At Sunset ~ New Years Eve ~ 2010

Sunset Love on Anna Maria Island

Promises of a beautiful sunset on Anna Maria Island on New Years Eve were in the late afternoon sky as I watched clouds clear and the water calm. This gave me reason to grab my camera and  head gulf side to the beach. Just as I arrived I noticed a couple standing at the surf wrapped in the glow of the sunset and each other so my silhouettes were in place. The sunset that would unfold was nothing short of amazing. It was as though the sky had been brushed with scarlet and golden tones and the colors ran across the water to the shore. Gian Carlo and Ivelisse had positioned themselves to become a part of the magic. Gian Carlo is originally from Venezuela and Ivelisse is from Cuba. The two met in college in Lakeland, FL seven years ago and both became music majors. Gian Carlo is now an orchestra director and Ivelisse is a lawyer.  Four months ago their friendship turned into much more.
When you watch such a couple become one with the sunset it becomes obvious how romantic a sunset can be when shared with just the right person. New Years Eve may have been the mark for many couples who are beginning a new relationship and testing the waters of love. Whether it be long distance or best friends I am sure new love was sparked across the globe as friends gathered to ring in 2011. Or perhaps you decided to take the next step in your relationship as you charted out your New Year’s resolutions. Thank you to my silhouettes tonight as I witnessed the connection they shared with the sunset as their backdrop. Who knows…maybe we will see them taking the next step and planning a beach wedding on Anna Maria Island.  Please enjoy the sunset and click on the photos to enlarge them. Island Real Estate wishes you all a Happy New Year for 2011!

Written by Melinda Bordes ~ 941-705-0146 ~ ~ Whether buying or selling real estate on Anna Maria Island or surrounding areas please feel free to contact me for all of your real estate needs. Start 2011 off right and come to Anna Maria Island and fall in love…she has been waiting for you!

Silhouettes at Sunset ~ 11~26~2010 ~ A Time To Be Thankful On Anna Maria Island

Sunset through the Pines on Anna Maria Island
Sylvia from the UK sharing a sunset!

Thanksgiving is a time for each of us to count our blessings and living on Anna Maria Island is where it all starts for me. We have just enjoyed a Thanksgiving week with weather in the 80’s. We have topped off every day with stunning sunsets experienced with family and friends. My gratitude begins with my family and dear friends and extends to my job and the place I call home…Anna Maria Island. Anyone fortunate enough to live here will tell you how we exist in one of the most beautiful settings anywhere…living in a peaceful and healing environment. There seems to be such an ability to feel balanced when surrounded  by nature at her finest. Continue reading Silhouettes at Sunset ~ 11~26~2010 ~ A Time To Be Thankful On Anna Maria Island