Anna Maria Island – Turtle Season 2012!

Anna Maria Island has set a record with the most turtle hatchlings on the island in over a decade. Loggerhead turtles were reported to have laid 360 nests on the island with a successful 12,627 babies who made their way out to sea. A fantastic total and accomplishment considering Tropical Storm Debbie washed away 156 turtle nest during her appearance in June. Susan Fox, director of AMI Turtle and Shorebird Monitoring quoted to the Bradenton Herald that she believes an increase in community knowledge and consideration has definitely contributed to the nesting success this year. There were 329 recorded “false crawls” this season, where a turtle comes ashore to potentially nest and goes back out to sea without laying her eggs due to a number of possible factors such as overwhelming lights, human interference, etc. There was also 2 Green turtle nest which hatched 96 babies, who are VERY rare to the area having only 4 nests reported on AMI in the last 30 years. Green Sea Turtles generally nest in the Caribbean and are on the endangered species list-laying only an average of 150 nest a year (this year 362 were tallied). These scarce breed of offspring’s are believed to be the last hatchlings of the season, ending this years tally with a boom!

Written by Island Real Estate Reservationist Angela.


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