Anna Maria Island Butterfly Garden

Holmes Beach – Step inside Anna Maria Islands butterfly conservatory to experience the beauty and natural delicacy of the plants and winged wonders that flutter around this lush vivarium.

Located just outside of Holmes Beach City Hall the butterfly garden is a joint effort of the town Beautification Committee, North American Butterfly Association’s Manasota Chapter, the Mayor, volunteers and Island Veterans. It opened in 2000 and has been flourishing ever since. Stroll among the aesthetic landscaping, personalized pavers, and natural floral scents or take a seat in one of the benches and enjoy the water fountain and the butterflies. Butterflies are most active during the daytime and there is a variety of about 18,000 of them in the world. Their gorgeous wings are actually made up of individually colored scales which gives some of them their awesome iridescent coloring. Please remember even though the butterflies are beautiful one touch can ruin them forever-the same powdery scales that give them their pretty coloring will rub off with one touch and they will never be able to fly again (leaving them easy pray for hungry Island birds).

The Anna Maria Island butterfly garden is a great place to stop and smell the flowers, read a book, and you may even get inspired to start one back home. They are very easy to create and provide a family fun activity that you can enjoy year after year!

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