Anna Maria Island Area Restaurants Open For The Holidays 2012

Looking for restaurants that will be open for the holiday season 2012???  Well look no further because we have created a list of restaurants on Anna Maria Island and the surrounding area that will be open for the Holidays this year.  Have a safe and happy holiday season!


Phone Number


Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

New Years Eve

New Years Day

Beach Bistro 941-778-6444 Closed 5:30-10PM Closed 5-10PM Closed
Eat Here 941-778-0411 Closed 5-10PM Closed 5-10PM 5-10PM
Sign of the Mermaid 941-778-9399 Closed 5-9PM Closed 5-11PM 5-9PM
The Waterfront 941-778-1515 Closed 11:30-9PM Closed 11:30-10PM 11:30-10PM
The Sandbar 941-778-0444 11:30-9pm 12-9PM Closed 11AM-9PM 11AM-9PM
The Beachhouse 941-779-2222 12-9PM 12-10PM Closed 11AM-9PM 11AM-10PM
Bridge Street Bistro 941-782-1122 11:30AM-12AM 11:30AM-9PM 11:30AM-9PM 11:30AM-? Closed
The Feast 941-778-5092 Closed Closed Closed 12-9PM 12-9PM
Bridge Tender Inn 941-778-4849 12-9PM 12-9PM Closed 4-10PM 4-10PM
Relish Village Café 941-896-8890 TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD
Havana Cabana 941-254-4999 TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD
Hurricane Hanks 941-778-5788 Closed 11AM-2:30AM Closed 11AM-2:30AM 11AM-2:30AM
Ocean Star Sushi 941-778-1236 Closed 5-10PM Closed 5-10PM Closed
AMI City Pier 941-779-1667 Closed 11AM-7PM Closed 12-9PM 12-9PM
Rod and Reel Pier 941-778-1885 Closed 9AM-2PM Closed 8AM-9PM 8AM-9PM
Gulf Drive Café 941-778-1919 8AM-6PM 6AM-4PM Closed 7AM-9PM 7AM-9PM
Oma’s Pizza 941-778-0771 Closed 12-9PM Closed 11AM-12PM 11AM-12PM
Banana Cabana 941-779-1930 TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD
Old Hamburg 941-778-1320 Closed Closed 4-8:30PM Closed 4-8:30PM
Lobastah’s 941-779-1000 TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD
Moore’s Stone Crab 941-383-1748 Closed 11:30AM-8PM Closed 12-9PM 12-9PM
Café on the Beach 941-778-0784 7:30AM-5PM 7:30AM-5PM 7:30AM-5PM 7:30AM-6PM 7:30AM-TBD
Harry’s Continential Kitchen 941-383-0777 2-8PM 4-9PM Closed 9AM-9PM 9AM-9PM
Euphemia Hay 941-383-3633 2-9PM 4-9PM 3-9PM 5-10:30PM 6-10PM
The Chart House 941-383-5593 11AM-9PM 5-9PM 11AM-9PM 5-9PM 5-9PM
Mar Vista 941-383-2391 12-9PM 12-8PM Closed 11AM-9PM 11AM-9PM
The Columbia 941-388-3987 11AM-10PM 11AM-8PM 12-10PM 11AM-9PM 11AM-10PM
Crab and Fin 941-388-3964 Closed Closed Closed 11:30AM-10:30PM 11:30AM-?
Cha Cha Coconuts 941-388-3300 11AM-6PM 11AM-6PM 5PM-12AM 11AM-12AM 11AM-12AM
Tommy Bahamas 941-388-2888 Closed 11AM-10PM Closed 11AM-5PM 11AM-11PM
Bonefish Grill 941-795-8020 Closed 4-9PM Closed 4-11PM 4-10PM
Carabbas 941-755-7712 Closed 3-10PM Closed 3-11PM 12-9PM
Outback Steakhouse 941-792-1898 Closed Closed Closed 4-11PM 4-11PM

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