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29 properties listed.

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Property Sleeps Bedrooms Bathrooms Price Range
Anna Maria Island Club 40 4 2 2 $205.00 - $600.00 Per Night
Appletini 6 2 2 $175.00 - $460.00 Per Night
Beach Pearl 6 3 2 $275.00 - $680.00 Per Night
Blue Bayou 6 3 3 $275.00 - $680.00 Per Night
Blue Lagoon 3 6 2 2 $175.00 - $460.00 Per Night
Blue Lagoon 4 6 3 3 $190.00 - $475.00 Per Night
Blue Lagoon 5 6 2 2 $175.00 - $460.00 Per Night
Dock Holiday 6 3 4 $255.00 - $600.00 Per Night
Dodt House 14 6 4 $320.00 - $960.00 Per Night
Dodt House 1 4 1 1 $130.00 - $440.00 Per Night
Dodt House 2 4 2 1 $145.00 - $455.00 Per Night
Dodt House 3 6 3 2 $160.00 - $465.00 Per Night
EverLasting SunSets 1 2 1 1 $145.00 - $429.00 Per Night
EverLasting SunSets 2 4 2 2 $160.00 - $450.00 Per Night
Harrington Bungalow 1 2 1 1 $130.00 - $414.00 Per Night
Harrington Bungalow 2 4 2 2 $145.00 - $430.00 Per Night
Harrington Bungalow 5 4 2 2 $145.00 - $429.00 Per Night
Harrington Bungalow 6 6 3 2 $160.00 - $445.00 Per Night
Hidden Cove 3 4 2 2 $205.00 - $600.00 Per Night
Island Jewel 8 3 2 $255.00 - $600.00 Per Night
LongBoard 6 3 2 $175.00 - $465.00 Per Night
Palm Isle Village 3206 6 2 1 $160.00 - $450.00 Per Night
Palm Isle Village 3211 4 1 1 $145.00 - $429.00 Per Night
Palm Isle Village 3215 4 1 1 $145.00 - $429.00 Per Night
Promise Kept 6 2 2 $255.00 - $600.00 Per Night
Rest a Shore 8 4 3 $315.00 - $720.00 Per Night
ShortBoard 6 2 2 $160.00 - $450.00 Per Night
Vista Grande #1 Sul Mare 6 3 3 $455.00 - $970.00 Per Night
Vista Grande #3 Penthouse 6 3 3 $455.00 - $970.00 Per Night

Is Anna Maria Island part of the keys?

No. The Keys are best known for Key West. Key West is an entirely different area of South Florida. Anna Maria Island is a barrier island off the West coast of Florida to the West of Bradenton. Many confuse Anna Maria Island with the keys due to the laid back nature and style of the area. In addition it does not help that Longboat Key, Siesta Key as well as Egmont Key are all within a few miles of Anna Maria Island.

Do I need a boat to get to Anna Maria Island or can I drive my vehicle there?

There are two draw bridges that connect Anna Maria Island to North West Bradenton or the mainland. There is one additional bridge at the South end of Anna Maria Island that connects to Longboat Key, just to the North of Sarasota. Of course the history of when and how vehicles first traveled to the island is fascinating and our Anna Maria Island Historical Society is a fantastic resource for visitors and residents.

Where is the nearest airport?

The nearest airport is in Sarasota just to the South of Anna Maria Island. The drive is about 35 minutes and there are airport shuttles offered, Uber, Lyft and of course rental cars available. Usually the more economical airport is Tampa International airport which is about 1 hour 35 minutes from Anna Maria Island to the North. Most major airlines either fly into Tampa International airport or St. Petersburg/Clearwater airport. St. Petersburg airport or PIE is about 15 minutes closer to Anna Maria Island but any of the three airports are a safe bet to visit Anna Maria Island. For international flights many arrive to the Orlando airport which is 2 hours 30 minutes away from Anna Maria Island and for sure a rental vehicle is suggested to be used if flying into Orlando.

Is there a strong mobile cell signal all across Anna Maria Island?

Verizon and AT&T provide the strongest signals on the island however there can be dead spots in Anna Maria City. If you subscribe to an alternative carrier then Anna Maria City will provide dead spots when you visit.

What time is Island Real Estate Vacations arrival and departure for vacation rentals?

On the day of arrival 4:00 PM is our arrival time and check out is 10 AM on day of departure.