Top Ten Silhouettes at Sunset

Top Ten Silhouettes at Sunset

I found this very difficult because there are so many beautiful sunsets on Anna Maria Island and I was there with my camera snapping away.

These are like my children and it is not easy to kick any out. They all are such creations and for that I do not take the credit. I do love sharing them with you and especially to the visitors who are here maybe only a few weeks out of the year. This allows you to catch the sunset on Anna Maria on a weekly basis. It is my hope that you will get busy on your keyboard and click on each picture to enlarge them. That way you get details to help you make your selection. I want you to comment on your favorite and I will then try to narrow it down to the top ten. I would prefer for my viewers to select your favorite sunset. I can view sunsets every night but I post them for your enjoyment and pleasure. Please select and then enjoy the sunset!!

Written by Melinda Bordes ~ 941-705-0146 ~ Whether buying or selling real estate on Anna Maria Island or surrounding areas I can assist you with all of your real estate needs.  Please enjoy the photos below and let me know your favorites!  Want to read about the ABC’s of Anna Maria Island?  Look no further.

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15 Replies to “Top Ten Silhouettes at Sunset”

  1. Hi,
    I think cross of sunset and then chasing the birds. It is hard because they are all beautiful! You do an amazing job. Thank you for sharing. Love, Kelly

  2. Definitely the cross at sunset! Just amazing and very inspiring. All the photos are wonderful Melinda, it was very hard to pick. What a talent you have. Love, Carolyn

  3. Melinda,
    I really had to look through quite a few before picking
    “Golden Sunset”
    It is a peacefull way of ending the day.
    Great Photo Shots
    Big Hug,

  4. All of them are fantastic – tough decision! I love the colors of the sunset with the 2 people hugging, & the little girl holding the doll is precious. Amazing photos!

  5. The Cross at Sunset is amazing. It’s snowing up here in
    Franklin today and it’s beautiful. However, those warm,
    toasty Anna Maria sunsets helped warm my disposition.
    Thanks for sending them. I’ll send this to Kay Marine.

    Margaret Anderson

  6. Hi Melinda, what great photos!!! Our favorite is the Sunset of the week. Its so peaceful…. Wish we were there right now… Some of the nicest sunsets are to be seen on the Island.

  7. How beautiful! Nature is where God really shows-off!! I especially enjoy the ones with the sunset casting the cross, such a gorgeous reminder of all He sacraficed for us. Thank you for the refreshing reminder :)!

  8. Melinda, there are too many beautiful scenes to choose one, but two I love are the pink sun and the red sunset.

    Your pictures are especially alluring after our Thanksgiving – we spent a week in Sheybogan, Wisconsin about 170 miles north of Chicago. It was a great snowfall but too cold. We would much prefer Anna Maria!!!!

    Love, Sandy

  9. Wow they are all great photos! How to you pick just one!?! I would have to say “Flock of Seagulls”. I love all the different color!

  10. melinda, i cannot decide as they are all beautiful, i know i saw many of them with you . each one has its own special meaning and i will have to get back to you with my decision.

  11. Melinda, These are wonderful, I like the little girl at sunset very peaceful. End to a perfect day watching the waves roll up to your toes. LOVELY

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