Bean Point – Anna Maria Island’s Secret Serenity


Bean Point is a must stop spot on Anna Maria Island. it’s a local secret that provides the most breathtaking views of the sunset on a pristine beach.  Named for George Emerson Bean, the first permanent resident of Anna Maria Island, Bean Point is located on a secluded stretch of beach at the northern end of what was Bean’s original homesteaded property.

You won’t find a parking lot, or any large signs, to direct you to this treasure of nature.  To get there you’ll need to head North of the City Pier in Anna Maria on North Bay Blvd.  The “main entrance” to Bean Point is located at a small crossroads.  You will notice the tree lined path that divides the two properties at the the intersection of North Bay Blvd & North Shore Dr.  If you ride your bicycle, you can ride right up the path, and park just to the side of the classic, wooden footbridge that sets the tone for your Anna Maria beach experience.  If you drive your car, you have a few options.  There are actually entrances at the corners of Fern St & N. Shore Dr, and Gladiolus St. & North Shore as well.  Each of these entrances is marked by a small white posted sign that merely states “Public Beach Access”.  Using the intersection of North Bay blvd and North Shore will provide immediate access to the famed “Bean Point” but half the fun is getting there?  Using the public beach access point to the South will allow you to walk along the beach and take in the sites where the Bay and Gulf meet.  When parking you can choose a spot near any of these entrances, and take the path out to the beach.

Local Tip: parking regulations are strictly enforced on Anna Maria Island.  If it says No Parking, don’t do it. Unless you want a ticket. If you do park on the roadside be sure your tires are off the asphalt street. If just 1″ is on the street you most likely will return with a bad surprise after your leisurely stroll along Bean Point. There are spots along the side streets, including Gladiolus and Fern.  To park near the footbridge entrance, I would recommend heading down to Jacaranda to find an empty (and legal) parking place.

Once your car is settled, head up the nearest path to the gorgeous turquoise waters where the Gulf of Mexico meets the Tampa Bay.   After your leisurely stroll down the path, turn right when you get to the sand, and head north to the point, for spectacular views that include the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.    If the tide is low, you can see the sand bar just off the coast.  Just a little wading into the warm water will take you there, and you can shell ‘til your heart’s content!  The views are amazing, the water is inviting, and the atmosphere is relaxed and serene.  There are quiet spots to sit and enjoy the view, and watch the waters and the wildlife.  I love where the water collides as the tide shifts from the East side of Anna Maria Island to the West side.

There are signs of life relaxing all over the Point. There is always something to delight the bird watcher too, with several different types of birds to entertain you as they guard their beach turf from one another.

So head over to Bean Point and capture a quiet beach moment or a breathtaking sunset, and enjoy one of the most relaxing spots on an island famous for its relaxation.  Check out Vacasa’s Vacation Rentals to find your perfect spot to capture all that Anna Maria Island has to offer.    Call them toll free, at 800 778 6066, and one of our Vacation Rental Specialist can help you find your perfect spot.

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Anna Maria Island Sunset pictures and information

Sunset on Beaches of Anna Maria
Anna Maria Island Sunsets – Wow

If you have visited Anna Maria Island and you have not observed a SUNSET then you have been robbed of one of your God given rights. Viewing our magnificent Gulf Coast sunsets every evening offers a different work of art and after all, the reason you go on vacation is to relax! If you are lucky enough to visit in the summer you may have a chance to witness a phenomenal Anna Maria Island Sunset AND turtle hatchlings. If you have not visited Anna Maria Island… it’s ok, use our web site to find out lots of information on Anna Maria Island or  purchase your waterfront “peace” of paradise through our real estate office.


……this page will fill the void you have felt since your last visit to Anna Maria or the void created from friends or family raving about their last visit to the island. Below you will find the best of the best photo’s of our sunsets, a blog that our fabulous Real Estate professional keeps up weekly, Melinda Bordes, she reviews the week’s sunsets and offers the best of the week for those of you looking to leverage you relaxation time, (Can you leverage your relaxation time?) or view other sunset related content and information we have below.
The “anatomy” of a Sunset
Best of the Best Anna Maria Sunsets
Various pictures of Beach and Sunsets

Sunset of the Week Blog – Melinda Bordes


Silhouettes At Sunset ~ New Years Eve ~ 2010

Sunset Love on Anna Maria Island

Promises of a beautiful sunset on Anna Maria Island on New Years Eve were in the late afternoon sky as I watched clouds clear and the water calm. This gave me reason to grab my camera and  head gulf side to the beach. Just as I arrived I noticed a couple standing at the surf wrapped in the glow of the sunset and each other so my silhouettes were in place. The sunset that would unfold was nothing short of amazing. It was as though the sky had been brushed with scarlet and golden tones and the colors ran across the water to the shore. Gian Carlo and Ivelisse had positioned themselves to become a part of the magic. Gian Carlo is originally from Venezuela and Ivelisse is from Cuba. The two met in college in Lakeland, FL seven years ago and both became music majors. Gian Carlo is now an orchestra director and Ivelisse is a lawyer.  Four months ago their friendship turned into much more.
When you watch such a couple become one with the sunset it becomes obvious how romantic a sunset can be when shared with just the right person. New Years Eve may have been the mark for many couples who are beginning a new relationship and testing the waters of love. Whether it be long distance or best friends I am sure new love was sparked across the globe as friends gathered to ring in 2011. Or perhaps you decided to take the next step in your relationship as you charted out your New Year’s resolutions. Thank you to my silhouettes tonight as I witnessed the connection they shared with the sunset as their backdrop. Who knows…maybe we will see them taking the next step and planning a beach wedding on Anna Maria Island.  Please enjoy the sunset and click on the photos to enlarge them. Island Real Estate wishes you all a Happy New Year for 2011!

Written by Melinda Bordes ~ 941-705-0146 ~ ~ Whether buying or selling real estate on Anna Maria Island or surrounding areas please feel free to contact me for all of your real estate needs. Start 2011 off right and come to Anna Maria Island and fall in love…she has been waiting for you!

Silhouettes at Sunset ~ Rainbows and Manatees ~ June 20, 2010

Swimming with Manatees on Anna Maria Island
Swimming with Manatees on Anna Maria Island

Today was just like any other typical tropical evening on Anna Maria Island as I set out with my camera to shoot a sunset…or so I thought! The beaches were packed with visitors lazily relaxing in beach chairs partly in the gulf water or floating in the water in an effort to cool themselves.   Even though it was late in the day on Father’s Day everyone had chosen to remain at the beach to witness another incredible sunset on Anna Maria. Continue reading Silhouettes at Sunset ~ Rainbows and Manatees ~ June 20, 2010

Silhouettes at Sunset ~ June 2, 2010 ~Anna Maria Island

A family sunset on Anna Maria Island
A family sunset on Anna Maria Island

Once again it is time to soak up another amazing sunset on Anna Maria Island. This particular night was no exception as the clouds hovered around the sun to create spectacular hues as the sun’s colors bled into the sky. Continue reading Silhouettes at Sunset ~ June 2, 2010 ~Anna Maria Island

Silhouettes at Sunset ~ April 29, 2010 ~ Fred and a Heavenly Sunset

Injured Fred the Seagull on Anna Maria Island
Injured Fred the Seagull on Anna Maria Island

This sunset walk became one of the most exceptional sunsets I have captured on Anna Maria Island.  Richard, my friend, recently reminded me we are one of the few that get to view the sunset across the water.  Tonight’s superior display of pinks, reds and yellows made everyone rise and take notice. The water was totally crystal clear and calm, almost see-through! Continue reading Silhouettes at Sunset ~ April 29, 2010 ~ Fred and a Heavenly Sunset

Silhouettes at Sunset ~ 12~14~09 Clients and New Friends

Amazing clouds on Anna Maria!
Amazing clouds on Anna Maria!

This week was challenging as we experienced drizzly rain and a bit cooler weather during the week. With potential clients headed to Anna Maria to search for that perfect investment property there were still no complaints as the weather they had just escaped north of Chicago was nothing less than frigid. Continue reading Silhouettes at Sunset ~ 12~14~09 Clients and New Friends

Silhouettes at Sunset 10~23~08

George Carlin once said, “Life isCruise Ship at Sunset not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away.”He must have been standing in the sugar white sand and observing a magnificent sunset on Anna Maria Island. Like clockwork, you can expect to have your breath taken away while experiencing the sun setting in the west over the Gulf of Mexico.
Tonight was certainly no exception to the norm. I met two new families that have just moved to the Island. They were very savy about how to behave like a local. They were already into the sports for their kids at the Anna Maria Community Center and had sensed that the place to be at dusk was catching a sunset. Welcome to the Island Jennifer and Floyd, Bryan and Tina and your children. I hope to catch you soon observing the local ritual. Please, enjoy the sunset!

Written by Melinda Bordes ~ 941-705-0146 ~ Whether buying or selling please call me to assist you with all of your real estate needs. Now is a great time to be buying and I will make sure you find your slice of paradise on Anna Maria Island or the surrounding area. Make sure to click on the picture to enlarge them!

Silhouettes at Sunset 8~8~08

Did you ever have one of those friends that you may only see every five years or so and you could pick up just where you left off in time. Carolyn Haber is just that friend and we  My dear friend Carolyn Haber

have known each other for close to 30 years. She was down from Hudson, Ohio to catch up and realign our souls once again. We were both in need of open ears, honesty and the knowledge we each had found in our two different worlds while time and life had separated us.  Although we look much like sisters, we are sisters of the heart. So it was with much pleasure that I was able to share some truly beautiful sunsets on Anna Maria Island with Carolyn.
Not only did she take home a sense of growth from what we shared but she can visualize how incredible our sunsets are first hand. When she was leaving she described her stay as cleansing, peaceful and very healing as she begins another year teaching underprivileged children.  The nature and beauty of Anna Maria Island will stay in her heart for a long time and I am sure she will not wait five years for the next visit. There were other guests we met at sunset that were visiting friends and family or just enjoying a family vacation before heading back to school.

Maybe it is time for you to visit,  relax and enjoy the sunset!

Written by Melinda Bordes ~ 941~705~0146 who is here to assist you with all of your Anna Maria real estate needs whether buying or selling! Please feel free to roam around out website and maybe you will find a perfect beach bungalow for your next stay on Anna Maria Island. I hope you will enjoy one of our amazing sunsets on your next visit!

April Sunsets Anna Maria Island

April Sunsets are beautiful on Anna Maria Island. This time of year is wonderful with fair temperatures.

Anne Morrow Lindberg wrote this message in “Gift From the Sea”.  “Island precepts. Simplicity of living. Balance of physical, intellectual, and spiritual life. Work without pressure. Space for significance and beauty. Time for solitude and sharing. Closeness to nature to strengthen understanding and faith in the intermittency of life: life of the spirit, creative life, and the life of human relationships.”

Sunset of the week - 4/25/08

April Sunsets Anna Maria Island

Whether you share a sunset with someone you love or in your own solitude all of the senses are aroused as you become one with nature. Watching the sunset on Anna Maria Island can bring such peace to your soul.  It is my pleasure to share this weeks best sunset with you!

Watch Sunset Anna Maria Island

A special shout out to Pat and Paul from Maine who shared a sunset while visiting the Island on their 25th wedding anniversary. How happy they are!! Nice to meet you Billi who snapped away on her camera capturing an incredible sunset. You meet the nicest people here on Anna Maria! Enjoy the sunset~!

Blue Heron at Sunset

Music at Sunset


Written by Melinda Bordes ~ 941-705-0146 ~ I am here to assist you with any real estate needs on Anna Maria Island!