Why isn’t my fridge cold? Refrigerator concerns are some of the most frequent calls into the Island Real Estate maintenance department.  We often find that even properly functioning refrigerators are not easily capable of meeting the demands of vacation rental.  Here are a few common issues:

FOOD STORAGE INCREASE: Your refrigerator’s internal temperature may noticeably increase if you add a large load of food to it all at once.  (This is especially common when adding warm, or room-temperature liquids such as beer or soda)  Remove any excess or unnecessary items and wait a few hours, and see if the refrigerator’s temperature has returned to normal. If it still isn’t cold enough, check to see if any of the food is blocking the refrigerator’s air vents where the cold air enters the compartment. Move it out of the way, so air can circulate freely through the refrigerator and check the temperature again in a few hours.

CONTROLS SET INCORRECTLY: Your refrigerator may not be cold enough if you do not have the controls set properly. Refrigerators feature either a dial or a digital key pad to adjust the refrigerator’s temperature. If you feel that your refrigerator is too warm, turn the controls to one setting higher. Turning it all the way to the highest setting will not cool your refrigerator any faster, and moving more than one level at a time may damage the refrigerator. Let it sit at the new level for approximately 24 hours so the temperature has time to stabilize before checking to see if it is cold enough. If it is still too warm, adjust it another level.

DOOR LEFT OPEN: When you refrigerator’s door is left open for a prolonged period or frequently, warm air may enter the compartment and raise the temperature. Try to open your refrigerator only when necessary to minimize the warm air that enters. In addition, make sure that you always shut the door firmly when closing it.

Why isn’t my fridge cold?  If your refrigerator is without power, making loud noises or not functioning properly for a period beyond 48 hours, please call our office at (941) 778-6066.  

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