Anna Maria Island Surfing

Anna Maria Island Surfing

Anna Maria Island surfing and wake boarding are popular pass time for locals and visitors alike.

Anna Maria Island Surfing Spots

Locals know the best surfing is off of the White Avenue beach access in the city of Anna Maria. The floor of the Gulf of Mexico offers very favorable surfing conditions.  The surf isn’t world class, but on rough days all levels of surfers can be found on the beach. White Avenue becomes a hub of activity for Anna Maria. White Avenue does have some public parking. Find spots about 4-6 minutes walking distance from the access.

Additionally you can find great surfing in Bradenton Beach. Head to the area known as three piers just north of Coquina beach. Here you’ll find a few surfing quality waves.

Additionally, If your timing is really good you may get lucky enough to take part in a children’s surfing class.  I have attached pictures of a surfing class that took part on White Avenue’s beach after about 2 straight days of above average surf in late July.  Of course wake boarding can be good fun for all ages regardless of how high the surf is.

If you are an experienced surfer this link should help a bit more….

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  1. Hey – I m heading to the Island in about a week, where should I head to for some surfing, which beaches that is. thank you!

    1. The best spot on Anna Maria is White Avenue, and has been a popular surfing spot for a long time. Another good place is the 3 jetties in Bradenton Beach. Unfortunately on Anna Maria Island we don’t always have large waves to ride, but when there is a storm in the Gulf of Mexico the surfers flock to these locations.

    1. Hi Eve-

      You’re welcome… Contact West Coast Surf Shop in Holmes Beach, I believe they have surfing lessons call 941-778-1001 or online at

  2. Hey all – I am also a beginner surfer, and am interested in buying a starter board. I know it has to be long from what I’ve read, but have a question about a particular sort of board, pop outs i believe they’re called. I’ve seen a cheap (about 120) Maui and Sons Soft top 8′ surfborad for sale, and wonder if this would be appropriate for beginning to surf. Are there any issues that I should consider? I will eventually buy one of those amazing and expensive boards, but I want to be sure I love it, and that i have the skill level for the more high end boards. Any feedback would be very appreciated.
    thank you!

  3. Hey! I’m coming to the island to surf. I live here in St Pete and my daughter loves surfing and is just starting. Can u give any advice if this weekend will be good to surf or is the surf only good when there is a storm in the gulf?

    1. There is not a lot of surfing in the waters around Anna Maria Island. The gentle tides we see are great for kids and families to play in the ocean water, but not great for surfing. Paddle boarding is the most popular solution for surfing enthusiasts who aren’t getting the waves they need to surf.

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