Major PGA at Concessions Golf Club

Major PGA at Concessions Golf Club

In December, the Lakewood Ranch area will be graced by some of professional golf’s all-time stars, namely Ernie Els, Darren Clarke, and Jim Furyk, as they participate in the new World Champions Cup, the PGA at Concessions Golf Club.

The competition will revolve around three teams: Team USA, Team Europe, and Team International. This exciting event is set to take place over three days, specifically on December 7th, 9th, and 10th. Each day will feature eight matches, with all nine holes showcasing team formats and singles.

Points will be awarded for every hole won, not just for the overall matches. This means there will be no “close outs” where the match ends prematurely due to one player leading by more than the remaining holes. Every hole will be crucial, irrespective of a team or player’s position on the scoreboard.

The three legendary golfers, Els, Clarke, and Furyk, will serve as captains for Team International, Team Europe, and Team USA, respectively. Furthermore, all three captains will also participate as players. Each team will be complemented by five other skilled players.

For golf enthusiasts and viewers, the event will be televised on both ESPN and ABC, ensuring a broad audience can witness the thrilling matches and cheer on their favorite teams and players.

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