The Island Players are at it again! 2014 Season.

Anna Maria  – For the 66th season in a row the Anna Maria Island Players have a fantastic line up of shows put on by some of the islands finest thespians. So next time you find yourself on Anna Maria and you feel the urge to laugh, cry or just experience something new check out some of the following productions that are sure to please.

October 9-19-2014

Tribute by Bernard Slade – Scottie Templeton, a popular actor, has spent his life shirking responsibility. When life deals Scottie a difficult blow, he attempts to reconnect with his son. Jack Lemmon played this lovable but flawed character in the film of the same name.

December 4-14

Regrets only by Paul Rudnick – this comedy of Manhattan manners explores the latest topics in marriage, friendships and squandered riches. The setting: a Park Avenue penthouse. The players: a powerhouse attorney, his deliriously social wife and their closest friend, one of the most staggeringly successful fashion designers. Add a daughters engagement, some major gowns, the president of the United States and stir.

January 22 – February 8

Dearly Departed by David Bottrell and Jessie Jones – in the Baptist backwoods of the Bible belt, the beleaguered Turpin family proves that living and dying in the south are seldom tidy and always hilarious. Despite their earnest efforts to pull themselves together for their father’s funeral, the Turpins other problems keep overshadowing the solemn occasion.

March 26 – April 12

Becky’s New Car by Steven Dietz – Caught in middle age, in middle management and in a middle marriage, Becky Foster feels there has to be more out there for her, but doesn’t see any prospects for change on the horizon… until her daily routine of working at a car dealership is flipped upside down.

May 21-31

The Murder Room by Jack Sharkey – Just back from their honeymoon Edgar catches Mavis, a villainess if there ever was one, telling obvious lies about where she has spent the evening. From then on, complication follows complication until chaos reigns supreme. This zany spoof of British mysteries will leave you rolling in the aisles.


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