History on Pine Avenue

Anna Maria – Anna Maria Island is a tropical paradise with a little something for everyone, but how did this sunny get away come to be? The answer to this question and many more can be found by stopping by the Anna Maria Island Historical Society Museum for a quick look at our colorful history.

Anna Maria Historical Museum on Pine AvenueLocated at 402 Pine Avenue, the museum was originally built in 1920 for Mitch Davis, the first mayor of Anna Maria city. The building has been used for everything from a fire house to an ice house and is currently filled with a treasure trove of historical items like maps, records, period clothing and much more. Adjacent to the museum is the original jail for the city of Anna Maria, a one room mix of cement and shell that housed the miscreants of the island from 1926 until the 1940’s when a fire broke out and damaged the wooden supports and roof. Now bearing the slogans of those same miscreants the jail is a picture perfect scene of the laid back island atmosphere.

Year after year more people visit the island, businesses grow, and the community thrives, even so the youthfully simplistic spirit of the island remains. So if you find yourself lucky enough to be on Anna Maria, the Historical Society museum is a must see with stunning artifacts, riveting stories, and more than a few great photo opportunities.

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