Anna Maria Island Bird Photography and Information.

Anna Maria Island – Anna Maria Island is home to a diverse array of Bird Species year round. Locals and visitors alike absolutely love these beautiful island residents. Along with the year round species of birds found, many seasonal species can be seen visiting during the colder months; just like the human population of Anna Maria Island. Island residents are so crazy about preserving and respecting our feathered friends they even have non-profit organizations to help them. The Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch and shore bird monitoring watches birds during the spring and summer nesting season including the Black Skimmers, Least Terns, and Plovers to name a few. This unique organization also keeps a very close eye on the nesting turtles making sure to mark off every nest, so they aren’t disturbed.

When visiting Anna Maria Island please avoid feeding or harassing birds. Never feed seagulls. Feeding Seagulls makes them very aggressive toward people and results in them stealing food directly out of your hand. Human food is not along the dietary needs of seagulls and may even kill them. Chasing Seagulls on the beach seems like a fun part of your beach trip, but is actually very stressful for the birds. Often Seagulls co-mingle with other species of birds and babies that may be hard to see on the sand as their natural camouflage intends. Chasing birds can result in stepping on babies that can’t get out of the way quick enough.

When fishing never feed birds fish bones and scraps as they can tear and cut Pelican pouches and birds insides. If you hook a bird while fishing gently reel it in, secure the bird, and remove the hook. Never cut the line. Cutting monofilament line attached to a bird can cause them to become entangled and lead to death. for guidelines on how to properly remove a hook from a bird follow the link to Sarasota based organization Save our Seabirds.

If you find an injured bird or any injured wildlife contact Wildlife Inc. and they will gladly come to the rescue. This organization is based on Anna Maria Island, and has been helping and housing injured wildlife since 1988, all funding comes from donations.

Below we have several fabulous images of birds on and Around Anna Maria Island. Scroll through to enjoy these beautiful creatures, and learn a few fun facts!

Brown Pelican Diving

Brown Pelicans can be found on Anna Maria Island year round, but in the winter larger White Pelicans can be seen

Black Skimmer
Black Skimmers nest on the gulf beaches of Anna Maria Island every Spring.
Mocking Bird
Northern Mockingbirds can be found on Anna Maria Island, and is the Florida state bird.
The Willet is a large piper shaped shore bird found on the coastline eating coquinas and tiny sea creatures.
Brown Pelican
Adult Brown Pelicans have white and yellow heads, and during mating season their neck turns a dark brown.
Osprey can be seen all over Anna Maria Island. This birds diet consists of Fish.
Double Crested Cormorants can be seen drying their wings in the sun.
Black Hooded Parakeet
Black Hooded Parakeets, also called Nanday Parakeets, are a raucous parrot seen on Anna Maria Island.

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