Anna Maria City Rental information

If you are searching for real estate on Anna Maria Island in Anna Maria City and you are interested in earning rental income then look no further.  The following Anna Maria City rental information is intended to help buyers with zoning and deed restriction information.  Frankly Anna Maria City as well as Bradenton Beach are significantly different than Holmes Beach when it comes to zoning and rentability.  Let’s first make sure we define “Anna Maria City” property areas.  Anna Maria City property starts at Beach Avenue and angles it’s way to the South East along White avenue then follows a trajectory backwards towards Oak.  Best bet, consult the zoning map posted at Anna Maria City Hall.  For convenience I have provided the most recent Anna Maria Zoning map.   When reviewing the map, take note of Residential, Retail over Residential and Commercial zones in Anna Maria City.

Zoning:   With the exception of Residential over Retail (ROR) and Commercial zones which are primarily along Pine avenue and Gulf Drive, rental options for your potential Anna Maria City property are relatively easy.  Anna Maria City allows for nightly rentals.  Please be aware, while the city allows for nightly occupancy I strongly suggest that frequency is not followed.  Nightly rentals can cause a significant disturbance in the community.  I strongly suggest when purchasing any real property on Anna Maria Island that all income considerations are done using weekly rental estimates.  If you wish to rent in longer periods of time such as monthly or annually all section of Anna Maria City are open to such rentals with little to no restrictions.

Deed Restrictions; location and new construction:  It is important to note there are several areas within Anna Maria City which have deed restrictions which do limit both the number of times the real property can be rented as well as the length of time.  Most location Deed restrictions are located along the beach.  Unfortunately there is another set of restrictions which are more random throughout the City of Anna Maria.  Several years back, Anna Maria City provided permits to build for mostly homes larger than 4 bedrooms if the owner signed a deed restriction which limited the frequency the property could be rented.  The seller and real estate professional must disclose this information however it is best to ask during your review of the property are in place.  If Deed restrictions are provided to you at time of contract it is imperative you seek legal advice to review all restrictions to assure you may use your new found property as intended.

Occupancy Restrictions:  So we have established most of the City of Anna Maria can be rented weekly, monthly and annually.  There are some exceptions but 95% of Anna Maria City property has significant availability to rent.  There is one last set of circumstances to be concerned with, Occupancy restrictions.  Anna Maria City currently allows for two occupants per legal bedroom up to a 4 bedroom property.  For less than 4 bedrooms there is latitude to allow an additional 2 occupants.  Beyond 8 occupants there are limited options for weekly rentals in Anna Maria City.  The bottom line, if you are serious about seasonal renting and you are considering an Anna Maria City property then it is critical you research the occupancy allowed for the specific property.  Allowed occupancy is not zone related in Anna Maria City but litigation related.  If the property owner filed Bert Harris litigation in 2016 or beyond and won, that specific property will be grandfathered to allow for more occupancy than standard.  Of course occupancy and seasonal rental income have a direct relationship.  More occupancy typically provides for more income.  Less occupancy allowed means less income.

Anna Maria City Real Estate professional:  Hopefully our Anna Maria City Rental information provides an idea that a little knowledge can be very dangerous when purchasing a property in Anna Maria city as well as Anna Maria Island.  Please be sure you utilize an experienced Anna Maria Island real estate sales professional.  No weekend warriors allowed!  Do not utilize a friend located in another area of Florida to save a little commission or “throw them a bone.”  I have numerous horror stories that a new owner’s intention for a property was not allowed because experienced professionals were not used during the buying process.  This can happen to you!  It all starts with a real estate sales professional that provides accurate information as well as referrals to local experienced general contractors, bankers, inspectors, accountants and lawyers.  Sure, your best bet is just to utilize an Island Real Estate sales professional however if you want to perform your own research then the following questions and research we would strongly suggest.

A)  Is their office located on Anna Maria Island?  If the answer is “no” then move on and there are no further questions to be asked.  There are way too many changes occuring and the office HAS to be local to keep up with all three cities.
B)  How many Anna Maria Island listings does the individual have currently or in the past?  If in the last two-three years you cannot find at least 10 listings then MOVE ON.
C)  Use some of the zoning information above and ask the real estate sales professional what zones are located in Anna Maria City?  All FULL TIME local sales professionals should be aware of at least two of the three.
D)  Ask if there are any occupancy restrictions in Anna Maria City?  If you wanted to rent out to 16 people is that allowed?  If the sales person answers no problem without caveats then RUN.

I hope my Anna Maria city rental information page is helpful in assuring you find your “peace of paradise.”  Here is a link to the Anna Maria City Vacation Rental information however I would caution if this is your primary plan to assure you purchase the right piece of Anna Maria City property, stop NOW.  Your strategy is flawed.  Don’t go it alone,  you need a LOCAL real estate professional to help in your search.

Thanks for visiting – Larry Chatt

AMI Rental Equipment

AMI rental equipment is a great way to enjoy this place like no other! White sandy beaches and a small town atmosphere with unique opportunities at every corner too!

AMI Rental Equipment

So now that you’ve arrived your noticing all these great ways to spend your time jet skiing, paddle boarding, biking and more. But where does one go to acquire these items? Here are some of the best rental companies on the Island.

Rentals on land

Bikes, golf carts, beach supplies and baby equipment can all be rented from both Fun and More Rentals  and from Beach Bum Rentals. Both of these companies offer free delivery/pickup and excellent service.

Rent scooters and bikes hourly or daily from The Island Scooter Store

Also rent electric bikes and scooters hourly or daily from Segs by the Sea

Binoculars can be rented by the hour from AMI Bird Nerd to take in our varied avian wildlife.

Rentals on Water

Boats can be rented from Anna Maria Island Boat Rentals and the Bradenton Beach Marina

Jet skis can be rented from H2O water sports  and Wavesplash Watersports

Kayak tours and rentals are available from Fun and More Rentals , Beach Bum Rentals , and Happy Paddler Kayak Tours

Exotic rentals

Flyboards can be rented from Top Gun Flyboards for a truly unique experience.

Parasailing can be done through Yolo Parasail  as well as Bradenton Beach Parasailing


AMI Rental Equipment
Kayak Rentals take visitor around the Intracoastal waterways.

Arrived early to Anna Maria Island – need to wait for check in – now what to do?

Early Birds to Anna Maria Island
Early Birds to Anna Maria Island

Welcome Early Birds!

We know you’re eager for your vacation and waiting for the property to be ready can be frustrating. Please believe us – we want you to start enjoying our beautiful island just as soon as possible!!

After you have left your cell number with one of our team members, please relax and maybe try some of these fun suggestions to help best pass the time.

Thank you for your patience – we never want our cleaners or inspectors to sacrifice quality for speed.

• Traveling with a pet? Take them over to the Holmes Beach Dog Park behind our office on Flotilla Drive and let them run around! There is a separate area for small dogs, benches, water and shady spots. If you need more ideas then check out our top things to do on Anna Maria Island with a pet!

• Take a souvenir photo in the Anna Maria City Jail – no doors, no windows, no roof!

• Hop on the free trolley and take a tour of the island – you may see places you’ll want to visit during the rest of your stay!

• Ready for some retail therapy? Park on Pine Ave in Anna Maria or Bridge Street in Bradenton Beach and while you walk up and down the streets you’ll find gift shops, candy stores, gourmet specialty shops, jewelry and more!

• Hungry? Give these places a try depending on what you’re in the mood for: or check out our restaurant information page.

Duffy’s Tavern: best burgers and coldest beer since the ‘70’s!  Anna-Maria-Island-Restaurants
Tortilla Bay: locally owned Tex-Mex with queso to die for!
Hurricane Hanks: pub grub, full bar and lots of TV’s to catch a game
Waterfront Restaurant: great seafood and outside seating available
AMI Beach Café at Manatee and the sand: traditional beach food plus kid menu

• Just want a snack? How about ICE CREAM!!  Click the link and get our top 10 ice cream places on Anna Maria.

Holy Cow on East Bay Drive: ice cream plus fun gift shop Ice Cream Sundae
Two Scoops in Bayview Plaza: ice cream and fancy coffees
Dips on Gulf Drive: ice cream and lots of old fashioned candies

You will be checking in to your Anna Maria Island Vacation Rental before you know it!

Anna Maria Island Pavilion Rentals

The most Northern and generally quietest Pavilion area is located in Anna Maria City and named Anna Maria Bay Front Park. The Anna Maria Island Pavilion rentals include 13 tables which seat 104, 1 double grill, 2 small grills, restroom facilities are nearby. This is a perfect gathering place for a large reunion, inexpensive wedding reception, or a mom’s group gathering spot.

Want a vacation rental close to Anna Maria Bay Front park.  Island Real Estate has many vacation rentals to choose from.  Shoreline Terrace is just a few homes from the Anna Maria Island Pavilion Rentals.  It’s a 3 bedroom home directly on Tampa Bay.  A Sassy Seahorse is also very close to Bay Front Park.  It’s a two bedroom bedroom private pool Anna Maria City Vacation Rental.

Sarasota bay

Anna Maria Island Vacation Rental Info

Anna Maria Island Vacation Rentals – (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

Anna Maria Island Beach Vacation Rental
Anna Maria Island Beach Vacation Rental

What Accommodations are offered on Anna Maria Island?

There are very few hotels on Anna Maria Island.  They can be very difficult to find and when they are found availability can be difficult to find.  There is one Bed & Breakfast on Anna Maria Island we highly recommend, the Harrington House Bed & Breakfast receives rave reviews and we strongly recommend it for guests looking for a romantic getaway.  Vacation Rentals are the most prevalent Accommodation option for visitors to Anna Maria Island, Florida.

What is a vacation rental?

Vacation rentals on Anna Maria Island could be a home, condominium or Multi-Family all rentals.  Vacation rental homes are a growing accommodation option for travelers all across the world. Vacation Rentals offer a fantastic value for families, extended families, friends and groups.  Anna Maria Island Vacation rentals allow visitors to stay under one roof while providing considerably more space than a hotel room.  In many instances, amenities found in Island Real Estate’s inventory offer more choices than your normal home.  Playstations, Big screen TV’s, unlimited long distance, wireless internet, outdoor bars, tiki huts, pool tables, and much much more.
Continue reading Anna Maria Island Vacation Rental Info

Palma Sola Botanical Gardens is a great Anna Maria Island venue

Palma Sola Gardens is just a few minutes off Anna Maria Island.  The garden has two buildings that are offered for rent.  They do offer their buildings for weddings.  The garden is open to the public and there is a playground located in the gardens.  The Sola Gardens is 10 acres in a micro-climate that offers frost free winters.  This allows the volunteer staff to plant rare flowers and plants open to the public for viewing.  If you enjoy botanical gardens and you are visiting Anna Maria Island it is a must visit.  Just a few minutes of the island on Manatee Avenue, North on 75th street West, West on 17th street at 9800 North West 17th Street.  The garden is open most days from 8 AM to dusk.  Visit the Palma Sola Botanical Gardens website for more information.

Palma Sola Botanical Gardens is just off Anna Maria, Fl

Gorgeous flowers and trees can be found at the Palma Sola Botanical Gardens.

Playground at Palma Sola Botanical Garden

Playground is great for Children Visiting!

Palma Sola Gardens Clubhouse



Anna Maria Island Maps–Addresses Beginning in 6-9

Click on the link to allow Google Maps to assist you in finding directions to your Anna Maria Island vacation rental home.

602 Key Royale Drive, Holmes Beach, FL 34217

606 Key Royale Drive, Holmes Beach, FL 34217

611 Gulf Drive, Bradenton Beach, FL 34217

619 Rose St, Anna Maria, Fl 34216

620 Rose Street, Anna Maria, FL 34216

6301A Holmes Blvd., Holmes Beach, FL 34217

6301 B Holmes Blvd, Holmes Beach, Fl 34217

632 Emerald Lane, Holmes Beach, Fl 34217

6407 Gulf Dr., Unit A, Holmes Beach, FL 34217

6407 Gulf Dr., Unit B, Holmes Beach, FL 34217

700 Jacaranda, Anna Maria, FL 34216

7100 Holmes Blvd., Holmes Beach, FL 34217

717 Jacaranda, Anna Maria, FL 34216

721 North Shore Drive, Anna Maria, FL 34216

730 Holly Road, Anna Maria, FL 34216

7302 Palm Drive, Holmes Beach FL, 34217

738 North Shore Drive, Anna Maria, FL 34216

744 North Shore Dr., Anna Maria, FL 34216

748 North Shore Dr, Anna Maria, FL 34216

779 Jacaranda Rd., Anna Maria, FL 34216

801 North Shore Drive, Anna Maria, FL 34216

810 North Shore Drive, Anna Maria, FL 34216

838 South Bay Blvd, Anna Maria, FL 32416

871 North Shore Drive, Anna Maria, FL 34216

890 North Shore Drive, Anna Maria, FL 34216

901 North Shore Dr., Anna Maria, FL 34216

Rental Division Team…Island Real Estate of Anna Maria Island

Larry Chatt

As all leaders know, it takes a strong team to follow through with a vision.  The “organizational” vision was to supply a rental service that is superior to our competition.  The team continues to take constructive criticism from Owners, Guests, Vendors, Internal Sales Associates, and finally myself.  I demand never-ending-improvement from our team and they consistently accept the challenge.  When you create an environment of continuous improvement, it spreads like wild fire.  Just a few days ago I overheard a Reservationist inform an incoming guest that her porter service would arrive in minutes.  Porter service?  The team then informed me that a guest made a special request and they made it happen.  I am extremely proud of our rental team.  I want to thank each team member for the personal sacrifices they have made on behalf of Island Real Estate and thanks to their hard work and efforts we continue to re-define “service.”  After all, we take the business of creating life-time memories pretty serious.
Thank you Island Real Estate Team! ~ Larry Chatt, Broker Island Real Estate

Meet our Rental Division Team….

For more information on Anna Maria Island Real Estate and surrounding areas visit our website.

For more information on Anna Maria Island Vacation Rentals visit our website.

Happy Anniversary Carol and Kacey!

Anna Maria Island Maps–Addresses Beginning with 2-3

Click on the link to view Google Map directions to your Anna Maria Island vacation rental. Everything is nearby on this seven mile long island!

200 38th St., Holmes Beach, FL 34217

200 66th Street, Holmes Beach, FL 34217

201 73rd Street, Holmes Beach, FL 34217

202 38th St.,Holmes Beach, FL 34217

202 66th Street, Holmes Beach, FL 34217

202 78th St., Holmes Beach, FL 34217

203 Periwinkle Plaza, Anna Maria, FL 34216

204 76th Street, Holmes Beach, FL 34217

204 Willow Avenue, Anna Maria, FL 34216

205 73rd St., Holmes Beach, FL 34217

207 Coconut Ave, Anna Maria, Fl 34216

207 73rd Street, Holmes Beach, FL 34216

207 75th Street West, Holmes Beach, FL 34217

207 75th Street East, Holmes Beach, FL 34217

208 A 72nd St, Holmes Beach, Fl 34217

208 Periwinkle Plaza, Anna Maria FL, 34216

209 North Harbor Drive, Holmes Beach, FL 34217

213 70th Street, Holmes Beach, FL 34217

213 Periwinkle Plaza, Anna Maria, FL 34216

217 Pine Avenue, Anna Maria, FL 34216

25 Seaside Court, Holmes Beach, FL 34217

268 Gladiolus, Anna Maria, FL 34217

2812 Avenue B, Holmes Beach, FL 34217

2916 Avenue E, Holmes Beach, FL 34217

3008 Ave E, Holmes Beach, Fl 34217

302 62nd St, Holmes Beach, Fl 34217

302 74th Street, Holmes Beach, FL 34217

3020 Ave F, Holmes Beach, FL 34217

303 A 61st Street, Holmes Beach, FL 34217

303 B 61st Street, Holmes Beach, FL 34217

304 74th Street, Holmes Beach, FL 34217

304 Clark Dr., Unit A, Holmes Beach, FL 34217

304 Clark Dr., Unit B, Holmes Beach, FL 34217

305 62nd Street, Holmes Beach, FL 34217

305 65th Street (A & B), Holmes Beach, FL 34217

306 55th Street, Holmes Beach, Fl 34217

306 B 56th Street, Holmes Beach, FL 34217

308 55th Street, Holmes Beach, FL 34217

308 West 58th Street, Holmes Beach, FL 

310 A Clark Drive, Holmes Beach, FL, 34217

311 66th Street, Holmes Beach, FL 34217

316 Hardin A & B, Anna Maria, FL 34216

3222 Gulf Drive (North & South), Holmes Beach, FL 34217

3603A 4th Ave., Holmes Beach, FL 34217

Red Box Rentals Anna Maria Island

Red Box Rentals Anna Maria Island are located at Publix market and also CVS Pharmacy. This is a great option if you end up encountering rain during your Anna Maria Island vacation. This is also a great solution if you need some late night entertainment.

Red Box Rentals Anna Maria Island

Updated Info – DVD rentals are in the Publix Red Box in Holmes Beach. Publix is in a central location in Holmes Beach on East Bay, and they have a good selection of newer movies for rent. CVS pharmacy has a Red Box. It is located just next door to Publix.
Bring your Blockbuster or NetFlix dvd with you to Anna Maria. When you are done viewing your video just place in the return sleeve and place in Island Real Estate’s outgoing postal mail. In fact, we have many guest that pre-send packages to Island Real Estate which we are more than happy to accept on your behalf. Island Real Estate also has a selection of about 25 VHS videos. There a bit old and just be sure your Vacation Rental has a VHS player.

AMI Video – CLOSED – Updated 1-20113212 East Bay DriveHolmes Beach, FL, 34217

(941) 779-0880

We are sorry – this has also been CLOSED– Updated Januaray – 2011. Of course no one can forget Blockbuster.  Just off Anna Maria Island on Manatee Avenue there is a Blockbuster. They have a huge selection of video games and videos. You of course can rent DVD players as well as video game consoles but please call ahead of time for availability.

BlockbusterCLOSED – Updated 1-20115900 Manatee Avenue WestBradenton, FL, 34209

(941) 795-1118