Hurricane Information

Hurricane Information

We have hurricane information for those planning their Anna Maria Island vacation during season. Hurricane Season is from June 1st until November 1st with the statistics showing us that the months of September and October offer the most intense activity.

Hurricane Information from the past

Since 1950 Anna Maria Island has not seen a hurricane make landfall within 50 miles.  There are many theories regarding the many years without a strong windy season.  Many say that the Tampa Bay currents “kick” hurricanes to the North.  The obvious path of hurricanes generally track to the North or South of the city of Tampa and Anna Maria Island.  We strongly suggest purchasing travel insurance which will cover your rental fees in the case of an evacuation.  If the vacation rental that you are scheduled to stay in is uninhabitable we will find a similar accommodation on Anna Maria Island.  Why worry?  Take a look at the historical map below…

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  1. Have visited several areas in Florida but Ana Maria Island seem to have the strongest potential for my wife and
    myself to relocate from Colorado. Any information about weather amanities location to larger citys type of medicaal care or any other information would be helpfull..
    We are considering relocating in late 2017 or early 2018 which will but us both in our early 70s

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