Holmes Beach Skate Park

Holmes Beach Skate Park

Join our excitement to see the ALL NEW Holmes Beach Skate Park

Originally constructed in 2003, the Holmes Beach skatepark has been well loved and enjoyed by locals. However, after 15 years it was time to repair and improve. With help from one of the designers of the Bradenton Riverwalk skatepark, local businesses and the community, the new skate park (which opened back up February 2020) is 10x better than the original.

The skate park is located at 5801 Marina Drive in Holmes Beach. This park is ideal for everyone, including beginners. Skateboards and rollerblades are allowed, though bikes are not (it’s just too small, and besides, you have an entire island to bike around). There are ramps, rails, a quarter pipe with the main attraction skate bowl. Benches for watching and shade trees are perfect for hotter days. 

Stop by the skate park anytime Monday – Sunday, from 10am – sunset. If you are needing some gear, check out West Coast Surf Shop, where you can find a great selection of skateboards/penny boards. Equipment is not provided at the park. 

Holmes Beach Skate Park
5801 Marina Drive
Holmes Beach, FL, 34217

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  1. I would like to know what the fee is and what equiptment is required. I will be down there for 2 weeks and i want to be sure to bring everything I have to. Thanks

    Hello Matt,
    As of a few months ago there was no fee for signing the liability waiver regarding using the Holmes Beach Skate park. Unfortunately, no equipment is provided. If you plan to rollerblade or skateboard you should bring your own equipment as well as safety equipment. There are some requirements regarding safety equipment so take a look at the Holmes Beach Web site for more details. Thanks for your questions and safe skating…

    Island Real Estate Vacation Rental Staff

    1. Why can’t We BMX at this skate park it seems to me that we have just as much right as skaters…and no One roller skates..this is why I can’t stand the island I have loved here for 10 years and BMX-ing for 3 and I have no were to go I use street but the police don’t appreciate “my kind” and the streets stink because Of the traffic and police

  2. Hi,
    We visit Anna Maria every year and love it! I was wondering what the cost to build the skate park was. Living in Pennsylvania, there isn’t much for kids to do in our area and we are considering building a place for kids to skate. What materials were used in the ramps and main floor? I’m not sure if what was used would be suitable in our environment here, I’m just trying to get a ball park figure of cost.
    Anything/everything you could tell me about the construction, how long it took to build, who designed it, etc., would be greatly appreciated!!
    Thank you!!

    1. I agree, the skate park is great!… Carol Whitmore was instrumental in getting the skate park constructed in Holmes Beach. I am sorry I don’t know how much it cost. I would first start by calling the city of Holmes Beach to get the folks that constructed it and ask them. Here is the Holmes Beach website for more information http://www.holmesbeachfl.org/Cities/COHB. I hope that helps!

  3. I am going to be in Anna Maria this weekend and I wanted to Skate at the Skatepark. What do I need to do? Where can I sign the waiver, can I sign it somewhere on Saturday?

    1. Great question. On the weekend you go to the BACK of the Holmes Beach city hall. It is the door to the left that will be unlocked and you go into to see the police and they will give you a waiver. They are there 24-7. Of course the Holmes Beach skate park is open dawn-dusk. Just make sure on the weekend you don’t try to go in through the main Marina Drive Holmes Beach city entrance and go to the back of the building on Flotilla and enter into the back door police dept entrance. Have a great time Skating!

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    1. I am sorry for the delay. I believe they require helmets. The best thing to do is go to the Holmes Beach website labeled here or call Holmes Beach City Hall and they can let you know.

  6. i like to skate but i would raver scooter there, is this alowed
    and dose it cost ???????????????
    what and where do i sign the waver ????????
    do we have to where body amour all i whear is a helmat
    plz plz plzplz peplie

    1. Sorry scooters are not allowed in the skate park. I believe they require helmets. The best thing to do is go to the Holmes Beach website labeled here or call Holmes Beach City Hall and they can let you know.

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  8. Why are bikes not allowed? The ramps seem to be constructed properly and as such I don’t understand why bikes aren’t permitted. Will it ever be possible for bikes to use the park, perhaps without pegs?

    1. Matt-

      I’m not exactly sure why bikes are not allowed, you can out more about the rules and regulations at the Holmes Beach Skate Park by calling 941-708-5800.
      Try Sarasota BMX located on the southeast corner of Tuttle Ave & 17th Street in Sarasota.
      1590 North Tuttle Avenue
      Sarasota, Florida 34237

      For more information on BMX tracks in Florida try http://www.floridabmx.com/

  9. Sadly, while often confused as such, BMX racing and freestyle BMX are not one in the same. We use ramps and obstacles in the same manner that skaters would, but unfortunately many districts and skateparks do not support us.

  10. We are coming to Holmes Beach for vacation and both my boys scooter-Skateboarding is a thing of the past in New Jersey and all the kids scooter-I have never seen a skatepark that doesnt allow scootering or at least have different times or days that you can scooter, skateboard, or even BMX- I am very disappointed> Both my boys were so excited to learn there was a skate park nearby-Think you guys need to update your rules-NJ is one of the strictest states when it comes to laws and even there skatepark by us lets all three types of sports participate!

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      I’m sorry to hear that your boys will not be able to utilize the skate park. Unfortunately, I believe these rules are set for safety reasons. I wish we could do something to accommodate you, but the city of Holmes Beach is the organization in charge of the rules and maintenance.

      I apologize for the inconvenience, and hope you and your family enjoy your stay in Holmes Beach. Always feel free to contact us with any questions or comments!

      Thank you,

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