AMI Beach Cafe – Toes in the Sand Dining!

AMI Beach Cafe – Toes in the Sand Dining!

The AMI Beach Cafe is a great toes in the sand dining spot! Imagine this, the beach, the sun, the sand, people watching, AND FOOD! What? Amazing, I know. Where does this even exist? Ill tell you a little not so secret, secret. AMI Beach Cafe, by the way, short for Anna Maria Island Beach Cafe, yep, amazing! I personally enjoy breakfast, but I love ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT pancakes. In fact, Ill be right back. But seriously you have to go here, go alone, go with friends, take your family, just go. They have a great menu and the prices are wallet friendly.

Oh, you didn’t wake up for breakfast did you? That’s okay because they serve lunch and dinner too! Don’t worry they didn’t forget about you late risers. Just get out of bed, grab your keys, and drive to where Manatee Ave meets Gulf Drive and wallah, the AMI Beach Cafe at your service. If you think I skipped telling you about putting on regular clothes, your wrong, I didn’t. You can wear anything here, your swim suit, pajamas, work clothes, wedding dress, anything. Ordering is quick, simple, and fun. Just pick your favorite menu option, place your order at the window, pay for the meal, grab a number, then sit back and wait. An atmosphere like this is hard to find, laid back people, sunshine and waves, island music, perfection.

Just when you thought you knew everything there was to know about this glorious place, I shall break this news to you lightly. They also have ice cream and shopping! Yes, you can cool down with a scoop of cookies’ n cream ice cream for dessert and then stroll right on into the gift shop for some island memorabilia. That, fortunately for you, you will have money for, because everything was so affordable, yes, you’re welcome.

Vacation Rentals within a walk to the AMI Beach Cafe.

Our closest vacation rental is Mambo Italiano which is a 4 bedroom 4 bath just a short block to AMI Beach Cafe.  The next two closest are the Salt Shack and Palms Beach West.


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