Anna Maria Island FALL weather

Grab your beach chairs, pack up a cooler and spend the day at the beach. It is eighty six degrees outside, it’s Anna Maria Island Fall weather and the average water temperature this time of year is eighty five, and the sugar sand beaches on Anna Maria Island have never been more beautiful. Pristine beaches as far as my eyes can see, and everyone is enjoying their favorite outdoor activities.

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Top Four Reasons to Stay on Anna Maria Island

Top Four Reasons to Stay on Anna Maria Island

If you’ve seen or stayed on Anna Maria Island before you know just how beautiful it is along the white sand beaches. Anna Maria Island is an island paradise with many of the comforts of civilization without taking away from that laid back island feeling. Aside from that what makes Anna Maria Island so great though? Well, let’s count them out for you.

Anna Maria Island Beaches

1. The beautiful coastal weather.

The average temperature on Anna Maria Island is 74.8 degrees Fahrenheit (23.75 celsius). This makes for a lot of wonderful beach days even in the fall! When the leaves are falling in other parts of the country we’re still tanning on the beach or sporting shorts and flip flops.

2. An average of 361 sunny days a year.

 Anna Maria Island fits in well with the rest of Florida featuring 361 days of sunshine a year. While there may be afternoon showers (we see them most often around 5-6 pm in the summer) usually lasting for less than an hour, that still leaves beautiful mornings and nights to catch a sunrise over Tampa Bay and sunset over the Gulf of Mexico. Nearly every day is a beach day!

Relaxing on Anna Maria Island

3. The laid back island atmosphere.

Anna Maria Island still has that old Florida feel while maintaining modern living. Days are determined by sunrise and sunset rather than clocks. Golf carts are allowed on all Anna Maria Island roads so you can take a cruise to the store, patronize your favorite restaurant, or swing by the beach all on one charge.

4. The strong sense of community.

Anna Maria Island is a small enough community that you’ll see familiar faces everywhere you go. There are plenty of fun social events in the winter months to get involved with, and a lot of volunteering groups that are constantly improving our personal piece of paradise. The Chamber of Commerce routinely hosts bigger events and has friendly games of horseshoes every Wednesday and Saturday morning.

So what are you waiting for? We’ll be patiently awaiting your arrival!

Tropical Storm Debby for Anna Maria Island – Hurricane Season 2012

This is an information page that is used when there is a tropical storm headed for Anna Maria Island.  The storm for this blog is specifically Tropical Storm Debby for Anna Maria Island.  Island Real Estate does this for all tropical storms that show to be headed for Anna Maria Island.

UPDATE:  2:00 PM – Wednesday – June 27th – by Larry

Good bye Debby.  Debby is officially over the Atlantic and no longer going to bother our little piece of paradise.  It is a nice change of pace.  Was not happy to see her arrive but happy to see her go.  That is it for now, Anna Maria Island should be in tip top shape in the next few days.  This will be my last post.  Thanks so much to all for your kind words via email.  I am happy to be your eyes and ears on Anna Maria Island!  Thanks to the National Hurricane center for the picture below.

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Anna Maria Island Beaches, Weather and Temperatures

Anna Maria Island – Included in this article you will find a series of links about Anna Maria Island. The facts you will find are general in nature but could provide “Jeopardy” like questions regarding Anna Maria Island. For example, “Zero,” the question? How many Hurricanes have hit Anna Maria Island from 1950 to 2015? Another example, 74.8 Degrees F. What is the average temperature on Anna Maria Island? I think you now have the hang of it…

Anna Maria Island has three cities. This may not sound unusual however locals consider it interesting that we require three cities on a small 9 mile long by 10+ block wide island. Islanders are passionate about retaining our old Florida charm so there are plenty of volunteers to aide in decision making on the island. A Tale of three cities…

The Gulf waters become bath-like by the middle of the summer. It still offers fabulous refreshment, but each summer it still amazes me how warm the water becomes. Obviously as the ambient temperature increases so does the water temperature.

Anna Maria Island Weather

Anna Maria Island weather is beautiful year round!

Climate: If you are looking for up to the minute weather information about Anna Maria Island you can visit any weather web site and enter our zip code of 34216 for Anna Maria City or 34217 for Bradenton Beach and Holmes Beach.  For a link to Anna Maria weather – WEATHER

Anna Maria Island Weather

The average year around temperature of Anna Maria Island weather is a perfect 75 degrees F.  The Summer is perfect for dipping into the Gulf of Mexico where many consider it to be bath water since the Gulf waters average 84-86 degrees F.  The Summer average temperature on the island is 80 degrees while the Winter temperatures are a bit cooler but perfect for a strong rigorous walk along the beach.  Average Anna Marie Island winter temperature is 69 degrees F.  If the perfect temperatures have not convinced you then visiting will.

Average Temperatures: (High) – [Low] degrees F
JAN : 72-50 // FEB : 73 – 51 // MARCH : 77 – 56 // APRIL : 82 – 60
MAY : 87 – 65 // JUNE : 90 – 70 // JULY : 91 – 72 // AUG : 91 – 72
SEPT : 89 – 72 // OCT : 84 – 65 // NOV : 78 – 57 // DEC : 73 – 51

You can see below that rainfall can be dramatically different from month to month however for most natives of the island we do not recognize much of difference between months.  The summer late afternoons are cooled down by a quick 30 – 60 minute afternoon shower.  If you are considering visiting Anna Maria Island during the summer and the rainfall bothers you don’t let it.  The majority of the rain occurs in the late afternoon and frankly most of the time its a nice change of pace to the strong sunny mornings found on Anna Maria.

Average Rainfall : inches
JAN 2.8 : FEB 3.0 : MAR 3.0 : APRIL : 2.0 : MAY 3.2 : JUNE 7.4
JULY 8.8 : AUG 9.6 : SEPT 8.5 : OCT 3.1 : NOV 2.0 : DEC 2.4