Public Tennis Court Information on Anna Maria

Public Tennis Court Information on Anna Maria

There are tennis courts just at the end of 62nd street in Holmes Beach. Actually, the courts are just down the street from the Island Real Estate office on Marina Drive. There are three public tennis courts and generally use is based on first come first serve. The fence is ample height to retain most errand tennis balls. One fabulous feature is the night lights that are activated by hitting a small button as you walk into the tennis court. At least in the past there is a switch on one of the light poles outside the court that allows you to turn on the outdoor lights if playing in the evening.  If the lights are not on, look for the outdoor pole which allows you to depress a button that will turn on the lights for a preset amount of time.

The open tennis court overlooks one of several public boat docks on Anna Maria Island.

The City of Holmes Beach is in charge of the city amenities/services (941-708-5800).

7 Replies to “Public Tennis Court Information on Anna Maria”

  1. Larry, I am a tennis player and will be on Anna Maria Island all of Feb. 2015. How do I connect with fellow tennis players on public courts. Many thanks

    1. Rebecca, I too am looking for someone to hit with. Although AMI iCommunity Center anxious to help, I haven’t been able to connect with anyone to play. I’ll be back Feb 7-21 Maybe we can connect?? Thanks Nadine

      1. Hi Nadine,
        We will be on the island next week…Sunday (12/7) and Monday (12/8). My daughter is a high school varsity tennis player and would love to find someone to hit with. I can play but I’m not very good. Would you be interested?
        Thanks, Stacey

        1. Yes Stacey! Since I last wrote, there is a group that meets at AMI community Center every day around 8am. Nice group, variety of levels, and they round-robin people in to play. I can meet you there Monday if you like.

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