Leave the Pets and Bikes at Home to Enjoy Perico Preserve

Leave the Pets and Bikes at Home to Enjoy Perico Preserve

Similar to Neal Preserve, Perico Preserve in Bradenton also does NOT ALLOW pets. But, it is for a good reason! Perico Preserve isn’t just a preserve, it’s a bird sanctuary. Without the added noise of pets and bikes, the birds and wildlife here have the best chances of being successful in the breeding and rearing of their young.

While pets are absolutely not permitted here, there are certain trails that allow bicycles. Though, there are points on the trails that asks visitors to continue on foot and leave the bikes behind.

Perico Preserve is open daily from sunrise to sunset. Please be respectful of the wildlife when visiting this preserve (and all the Manatee County preserves). There is usually plenty of parking and it is on the North side of Manatee Avenue along the causeway. Perico Preserve is now attached to a Robinson preserve trail and below are two great aerials that give you an idea of the trail head.

11700 Manatee Ave W
Bradenton FL 34209

Perico Preserve Manatee County website

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Perico Preserve Aerial

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