MEN IN BLACK™ Alien Attack™

MEN IN BLACK™ Alien Attack™

Men in Black™ Alien Attack™ is an interactive motion ride inside the Universal Studios Orlando park in Orlando, Florida.

The queue winds through a MIB training facility featuring many characters from the movies. The cars seat 3 per row with two rows in each car for a total of 6 riders per car. Each rider controls their own ray gun to shoot the aliens throughout the ride with. So how about some tips to help you get the best score and impress everyone with your alien eliminating abilities?

  1. Well first and foremost, always be shooting! You can hold down the trigger the whole duration of the ride to rack up points with every tenth shot. You also won’t tire your finger out nearly as much!
  2. The targets that are either farther away or up higher are worth more points than those that are closer!
  3. You can hit the same target multiple times so pick one and aim for the eyes! They will light up red when hit!
  4. Press the red button before entering the final tunnel! Listen for the voice command telling you to do and be one of the first two to do so to score a 100,000 point bonus. At this point there is a large alien right above you serving as a distraction although shooting it does not award additional points!
  5. Not every gun has the same accuracy so some adjustment will be required with each ride, and some seating spots are better than others! Try to get a side seat, and in the back row if possible to get the best chance at maxing out your score!

You will start out in the training area and at this point focus on one of the upper aliens until you cannot shoot them anymore! Then move to a target directly in front of you. As you exit the training area your score will briefly flash, but be ready for the aliens in the next room. Instead of shooting the aliens directly in the bush in front of you go for the ones in the windows to get more points! You can also find Frank the Pug in this area near the newsstand. He may be harder to see if you are in the car on the right-hand track though.

As you enter the next area you will be ambushed and aliens will pop out of boxes and trash cans around you and your car will be sent into a spin. Just aim for their guns for the most points in this area, but you don’t have much time here so be quick!

After the ambush you will enter a forested area before your vehicle is scanned for alien lifeforms. Look to the left and aim for the eyes in the trees! Keep hitting the same target as many times as possible and show your friends that you aren’t just the average galactic defender. After you can no longer shoot the eyes in the trees get ready to look upwards and shoot the aliens above you instead of the car of “aliens” across from you. Yes, you could hit their exhaust (located on the top of of the antenna) and send them spinning, but we’re here to get 999,999 alien slaying points! If you can’t find any more aliens to shoot towards this ending area just shoot at the exhaust on the other car, and prepare for the final push.

Now at this point there will be a large alien overhead which may seem like he’s worth a lot of points, but he is just a distraction! Push the red button that is located where you picked up your gun at the beginning of the ride and hope that you’re one of the two in your car that presses it first for a 100,000 point bonus!

With this guide and practice you will be maxing out your score in no time!

This is a great ride to use the single rider’s line on as you can normally get the bonus each time you go, and you’ll be able to get on quicker than waiting with your friends! You can also brag to your friends about how many aliens you slayed without them knowing how awful you actually did!

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