Respect our feathered friends while relaxing at the beach

Anna Maria Island – Anna Maria Island birds and wildlife are very important to locals, and the success of our environment. Bird nesting season is here and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, FWC for short, is asking beachgoers to watch out for and avoid disturbing nesting shore birds. With nests built out of sand, respecting local wildlife is especially important during high traffic times like Spring Break. A lot of these birds face conservation challenges and taking into consideration a few do’s and don’t can go a long way towards helping preserve our local ecosystem.

Anna Maria Island birds and wildlife

Rules for beachgoer’s

Keep your distance, whether on the beach or paddling watercraft along the shore. If birds become agitated or leave their nests, you are too close. A general rule is to stay at least 300 feet from a nest. Birds calling out loudly and dive-bombing are giving signals for you to back off.

Never intentionally force birds to fly or run. They use up energy they need for nesting, and eggs and chicks may be left vulnerable to the sun’s heat or predators. Teach children not to chase shorebirds and kindly ask fellow beach-goes to do the same.

Respect posted areas. Avoid posted nesting sites and use designated walkways when possible.

Do not take pets to the beach.

Keep the beach clean and do not fee wildlife. Food scraps attract predators such as raccoons and crows, which can prey on shorebird chicks. Litter on beaches can entangle birds and other wildlife.

Rules for wildlife photographers

Remain beyond the posted area, with no part of you or your camera equipment extending beyond the string or signs.

Restrict photography to no more than 10 minutes. Too much time photographing near the nest may stress birds.

Don’t “push” birds around the beach. Stay far enough away so the birds do not change their behavior in response to your presence. They need to feed and rest without disturbance.

If you see someone disturbing nesting birds report their behavior to the FWC Wildlife Alert Hotline at 888-404-FWCC(3922), #FWC or *FWC on a cell phone or by texting

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Orlando Florida

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Roar with the lions; monkey around with the prime-apes; growl with the tigers; laugh with the hyenas! You can do all this and more at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park. The goal is simple here. Get in touch with nature, and teach conservation so that it can be enjoyed by future generations as well! Being located only two hours from Anna Maria Island makes Animal Kingdom a great Orlando day trip.


There are many exhibits to see around the park, and many can be viewed while riding the Wildlife Express Train. In addition to this tour, there are more personal tours which will take you closer to becoming one with the wild. You can learn about how the Disney cast members take care of over 1500 inhabitants of the park in a Backstage Safari, test your physical limits in Expedition Everest, or embark on a Wild Africa Trek where you’ll cross rope bridges and get a great view of the wildlife.

There are also 12 dining options to choose from within the park, including Rainforest Cafe, each with their own unique style and atmosphere.

Park hours for summer 2013 are 9:00AM to 8:00PM Monday-Thursday and 9:00AM to 7:00PM Friday-Sunday with differing hours on holidays.

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Disney’s Animal Kingdom
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
(407) 934-7639