Respect Dolphins Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island – Atlantic Bottle Nose Dolphins may be one of our nicest finned friends, but they are still wild animals protected under law by the Marina Mammal Protection Act. Here are some do’s and don’ts for interacting with them.

atlantic bottle nose dolphin anna maria island
Anna Maria Island Atlantic Bottle Nose Dolphins


Stay at least 50 yards away from dolphins when viewing from a vessel or watercraft.

Limit time spent observing marine mammals to 30 minutes or less.

Avoid making loud or sudden noises near these aquatic mammals.

Move away slowly if a dolphin’s behavior indicates the animal is stressed or disturbed.

Look before you book! Book wild dolphin viewing tours with businesses that responsibly view dolphins in the wild and help cetacean conservation.

Put your vessel’s engine in neutral if in the close vicinity of dolphins.


Pursue, swim with, pet or touch wild dolphins, even if they approach you.

Encircle or entrap dolphins with vessels.

Operate or maneuver vessels in a manner that may cause dolphins to change their current behaviors. Specifically, do not direct a vessel or accelerate toward dolphins with the intent of creating a wake.

Separate mother and calf pairs.

Drive watercraft through or over groups of dolphins.

If you see a dolphin in distress call Mote Marine’s Stranding Investigations Program at 941-988-0212.



Sea World is just under 2 hours from Anna Maria, Florida

Sea World offers a great mix of entertainment for children.  Just 1.5 – 2 hours drive away from Anna Maria Island it offers a great full day get away.  Jump in the car as early as convenient for your family and just two hours away you can be in Sea World is just a 2 hour drive from Anna Maria IslandOrlando soaking up the Florida Sun getting entertained by some of the Worlds best shows.

Sea world is a great mixed amusement park for the entire family.  Teenagers love the roller coasters, water log ride, and who does not love a tunnel aquarium?  Younger children love the wild sea lion, Dolphin, and Shamu show.  Adults love it all and the best moments of all are watching the smiles on your family faces.

Directions from Anna Maria Island to Seaworld are very simple and can be found below.  It is best to go straight to Sea World and use parking at the park itself.  Parking runs about $15 and it is well wroth it to walk from your car to the park.  One trick if you are hungry as you arrive is to stop by Denny’s for a quick breakfast.  You can see the Sea World main entrance sign from the Denny’s parking lot on International Drive.
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The Dolphin show is great for younger children.   Dolphins, divers, parrots, and plenty of other entertainment during the show makes the 1/2 hr great fun for the entire family.


The Shamu show is great fun for all.  There is nothing like watching thousands of pounds of sea life jumping 15-20 feet into the air.  There are only two shows per day and strongly suggest making the first show.  The last show of the day ends when the park closes so you are caught up with alot of people leaving the show and the park all at the same time.



Sea World has a great area for children.  A huge net area to climb, pint size amusement rides, and water cannons, everything to make the smaller children of the family happy.

Silhouettes at Sunset 7~17~08

Double Rainbow at Sunset We had been experiencing thunderstorms all day and were sure there would not have been much of a sunset. As luck would have it, I was suffering from camera issues due to the fact that I had dropped my camera in the sand and it would no longer take photos. So on this particular night we not only had a spectacular sunset but we also experienced a double rainbow. Because Duff, a client and friend of mine, was kind enough to send me this photo taken on his iPhone (although not very clear) I am able to share it with you. Continue reading Silhouettes at Sunset 7~17~08