Restaurants open for Christmas and New Year 2014

Anna Maria Island – While the holidays may bring everybody together, it doesn’t mean you want to cook for everybody, so Here is our list of Restaurants open Christmas on and around Anna Maria Island. The list shows openings for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day.

Restaurants open Christmas and New Years

Restaurants Open Christmas and New Year 2014christmas new years key

Choose causal or a more fine dining atmosphere while visiting Anna Maria Island during the holidays. Some of the restaurants open can be found on Anna Maria Island, and some are in Longboat Key, Bradenton and St. Armands Circle near Sarasota. From the graph above you’ll notice most places are closed on Christmas Day, so you’ll want to make reservations ahead of time.

Enjoy the holidays on Anna Maria Island!

Everybody Loves an Anna Maria Island Parade

Anna Maria Island – A small town Anna Maria Island parade is just what is needed to bring together the locals and vacationers.   When you forget your cares for a few hours, and become friends with anyone who sits next to you.   You strike up a conversation about the pristine Anna Maria Island beaches, or even about the vacation rental they are staying in for their beach holiday while you wait for the first sounds of fanfare to hit your ears.

There is a simple thrill you get when you see the colorful floats, hear the music, to grab as many beads/candy as possible and also seeing the joy of children’s faces when someone in the parade looks their way before tossing something just for them!  Even seeing someone on one of the floats you recognize will make you stand up and cheer.  If you are a local or frequent visitor to Anna Maria Island you will see many businesses you know or have used in these parades.  Maybe even one year you yourself will be on one of the floats handing out joy!

It seems Anna Maria Island has a parade for just about everything.  Here is a list of some of the bigger parades you will see for different times throughout the year:

  1. Christmas Parade – usually the 2nd week of December
  2. Lighted Boat Christmas Parade – also usually the 2nd week of December
  3. St. Patrick’s Day Parade – usually the Sunday right before or after March 17th
  4. July 4th Parade – always on July 4th no matter what day of the week that is

The parade route usually runs north from Coquina Beach on south Anna Maria Island, to the Anna Maria City Pier at the end of Pine Avenue using Marina Drive.  Depending on how many floats participate will make the difference of where the parade starts.   Island Real Estate always makes sure we have a presence, and everyone on the float is someone who works in the office and/or their families.  We love the chance to get out in the community, and bring our beach guests a little extra happiness during their Anna Maria vacation.

Next time you plan your beach vacation on Anna Maria Island with Island Real Estate make sure to ask your Reservationist if there may be a parade during your stay!  If there is make sure to set that day aside to come join in the festivities on Anna Maria Island.  Look forward to seeing you soon with your lawn chair next to mine, and I may even share the goodies I collect.

Anna Maria Island Holiday Information

Anna Maria Island Holidays are always a little more special when you are on vacation. It also helps if you are on a beautiful island like Anna Maria. We have lots of family friendly things to do over the holidays, and lots of fun activities for the children. We overcome the no snow with a lot of Christmas activities that make up for none of the white stuff around.  This is Island Real Estate’s Anna Maria Island Holiday information page.  See below for details on each holiday.

Anna Maria Island holiday information

St. Patrick’s Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day – 4th of July
Labor Day
ChristmasHolmes Beach Parade
New Years

Island Real Estate provides restaurants open for each major holiday eAnna Maria Island Holidaysvery year.  If you don’t find the year you plan to visit Anna Maria Island try our restaurant blog page for more information.  We assemble this information each year and please feel free to contact us if you cannot find up to date information on the holiday activities this year.  If you are using another vacation rental company consider Island Real Estate.  We update our list of events each week for inbound guests.  It’s the little things in life that make a big difference!

Anna Maria Area Restaurants that will be open for Christmas!

Happy Holidays to all of you, from all of us at Island Real Estate.  Yesterday we received a letter from Santa Claus.  The letter contained this picture, and list of his favorite restaurants in the area, that will be open for Christmas.  We also want you to know that Publix Super Market in Holmes Beach will be open from 7:30AM – 7:00PM on Christmas Eve and Closed on Christmas Day.

Click Here For Restaurants Open For Holidays 2012

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Christmas – Island Real Estate style

Each year Island Real Estate has several get together’s and Christmas is no exception.  This past year we held our Christmas Party at the fabulous Harrington House in their dining area.  Harrington House is a perfect spot for any holiday gathering as their decorations are first class and are always beautiful.  The Harrington House Christmas tree is always a must see on Anna Maria Island as it is set up in the corner of the large living area and boasts at least 20 feet high.  The Island Real Estate “family” always has a great time together and the great food of Harrington is always a help.  Take a look at the pictures below for Island Real Estate of Anna Maria Island, Inc Christmas festivities.  This is Christmas Island Real Estate style.

20 foot Christmas Tree at Harrington House on Anna Maria Island


John from Island Real Estate and Patti from Harrington HouseSheila, Melinda, and Roberta enjoying the Christmas snacks

Frank our fearless leader having a laugh with KateThomas and Marilyn enjoying Christmas at the Harrington House




Anna Maria Island Christmas Auto Parade

Every Year the privateers organize a Christmas auto parade that starts at the Anna Maria City pier and ends at Coquina Beach in Bradenton Beach City.

Anna Maria Island Christmas Parade

Anyone can join in the fun, and normally candy or beads are thrown to the spectators. Children also love this parade with Santa in attendance. Of course this is also another festivity that gets islanders in the mood for Christmas. In addition to the walking parade, there are several boat parades that take place around the island. Its always great fun!

Island Real Estate - Christmas Parade

Island Real Estate in the Christmas auto Parade. Picture taken in front of our office in Holmes Beach.

Christmas auto parade

Is this an entry in the parade or the Boat parade or both??

Boat Parade - Christmas

Participant in the Christmas Boat Parade.

Anna Maria Island Christmas

Holmes Beach Plaza schedules Anna Maria Island Christmas Festivities every year.  The businesses of the plaza serve drinks, appetizers, and lay out crafts for the children of Anna Maria.  Take a look below for some pictures of the festivities…We would love to host you during Christmas.  After all, the more the merrier!

Anna Maria Island - let it snow

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow…

Anna Maria Island Christmas

Santa Lives on Anna Maria Island in the off season, so its easy to get his help during Christmas…

Holmes Beach Christmas CraftsHolmes Beach Plaza Christmas Spirit

It’s easy to get in the “spirit” of things with free drinks and crafts at the Holmes Beach Plaza during Christmas…