Island Real Estate Vacations Cancellation Policy

Island Real Estate Vacations Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy
Island Real Estate Vacations, LLC charges a $250.00 cancellation fee for all cancelled reservations. If a vacation reservation is cancelled outside of 90 days from arrival, all but $250 deposited will be refunded. If the vacation rental contract is cancelled within 90 days of arrival, all deposited funds will be retained by Island Real Estate Vacations, LLC. However, if Island Real Estate Vacations, LLC is able to re-rent the vacation property for the same dates AND for the rental rate originally contracted, a full refund will be provided, less the $250 cancellation fee. If the vacation rental is partially re-rented, the new rental amount for the original dates contracted will be refunded, less the $250 cancellation fee. In summary, eligible refunds will be determined based on the difference between the contracted amount for dates reserved and the re-rented price, less the $250 cancellation fee. There will be no refund if the vacation property is not able to be re-rented. Island Real Estate Vacations does not make any guarantees that any vacation property will be re-rented for what was contracted originally.

Trip Cancellation Insurance
We recommend you take out a comprehensive trip cancellation insurance to cover unforeseen eventualities. For details of the Island Real Estate Vacations trip cancellation insurance program please see the Trip Cancellation Insurance informational page for Red Sky.

Hold Harmless
Subject to Island Real Estate Vacations Cancellation Policy herein, it is expressly agreed that Island Real Estate Vacations will not be held responsible and will not issue a refund for any reservations that are canceled, prevented, restricted or interfered with by circumstances beyond its reasonable control, including without limitation, earthquake, fire, flood, Act of God, hurricane, red tide, storms, wars, civil or military disturbances, environmental hazards, or any other cause whatsoever beyond the reasonable control of Island Real Estate Vacations. In the event you attempt to cancel your reservation, arrive late, depart early, or otherwise alter your reservation as a result of any of the foregoing, you will be subject to Island Real Estate Vacations Cancellation Policy as detailed herein. Trip Cancellation insurance as noted above can be a solution to help mitigate the risk for some of the issues listed. All prices are subject to 12% sales and resort tax.

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