June 20th Anna Maria Island Spill visitor update

Same old same old here on Anna Maria Island.  Just gorgeous white beaches with lots of visitors enjoying our Gulf

Manatee on Anna Maria Island
A Gentle Giant!

and Bay coasts.  I apologize and have not had a chance to visit the beach all week however Melinda Bordes has and thought I would post a few of the amazing pictures she shot in Anna Maria City on the Gulf Coast beach.  Melinda a professional Real Estate sales person that specializes in Anna Maria Island real estate and Sunsets got some water shots of a Manatee with visitors to Anna Maria Island.  My wife has had a close encounter with a Manatee but no camera.  Thanks to Melinda we can all dream of such a day!

Click here for the original Manatee and Sunset post by Melinda.  Here is the great Sunset blog that Melinda keeps up so visit her fabulous sunset pictures if you need your “fix” of sunsets.

Please note these pictures are not for reproduction and use of these pictures or anyother pictures on Island Real Estate’s website with out expressly written consent is strictly prohibited.  Enjoy the pictures and Melinda’s posts and keep in mind these were taken June 20th, 2010.  No OIL HERE!

Swimming with Manatees on Anna Maria Island
Swimming with Manatees on Anna Maria Island

June 2nd Oil Spill visitor and tourist update May 2010 Anna Maria

As most already know many failed attempts by BP continue to occur.  So oil continues to leak into the Gulf of Mexico.  We are all hopeful that the leak is stopped as quickly as possible.

Deep Water Horizon June 2nd, 2010 Situation Report.

A concentration of tarballs has been confirmed approximately 9-10 miles from the Escambia County shoreline which is Pensicola, Florida.   The NOAA oil plume model shows that it is 325 miles from St. Petersburg, Florida.  The larges of the cities mentioned by the Situation report which is about 40 miles to the North of Anna Maria Island.    With tar balls found 10 miles off the coast of Florida NOAA still projects no large oil impacts to the state of Florida.

For those concerned about how the oil spill may affect a potential hurricane the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has published a fact sheet titled “Hurricanes and the Oil Spill

Anna Maria Island continues to see no impact from oil and as stated above the closest oil is still more than 375 miles away.  We continue to have gorgeous white, sandy beaches.  Recently we just went fishing and were more than 15 miles off the coast of Anna Maria Island.  No oil, no smell of oil and still great fishing.  We caught Grouper, a shark, Snapper and several other fish.  See the video below for proof that our gorgeous Anna Maria Shoreline has been unaffected by BP.

Silhouettes at Sunset ~ 6/3/2008

Welcome to another sunset on Anna Maria Island where one is as awesome as the next! It is amazing how each night can prove to be so different with the colors that stroke the sky. You should never leave your camera at home and you need to schedule your dinner so you will have time to make it out for the sunset. Continue reading Silhouettes at Sunset ~ 6/3/2008