Silhouttes at Sunset ~ 8~18~11 ~ Fading Summer Sunset Anna Maria Island

An Anna Maria Sunset

Once again it is time to retire the surf board and prepare the book bag for another school year. But wait…if you are on Anna Maria Island you really don’t have to retire that surfboard…it is 90 something degrees and we will continue to see weather fit for the outdoors activities well into winter. Just make sure you get that homework done then head on down to the beach to catch a wave and enjoy the balmy and alluring waters of the gulf coast. It has been an unusually hot summer but we have those gentle gulf breezes that caress you as you soak up the beauty of our Island! I have spotted dolphins almost daily frolicking in the gulf and the sunsets continue to amaze me. We have seen our share of storms moving through the area which presents a perfect scenario for very dramatic sunsets. Continue reading Silhouttes at Sunset ~ 8~18~11 ~ Fading Summer Sunset Anna Maria Island

The Discovery Channel Uncovers Paradise On Anna Maria Island!


Beaches Of Anna Maria Island

Tune in or set your DVRs to the Discovery Channel this Saturday Feb. 12th at 7:30 a.m. Anna Maria Island, Longboat Key, and Lakewood Ranch will be featured on an episode of Florida Travel & Affordable Luxury Magazine, showcasing our unique vacation destination.

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CURRENTLY CLOSED: FREE BEER!!!…Tomorrow ~ As Always At Rotten Ralph’s On Historic Bradenton Beach Pier


Our beloved Rotten Ralph’s is currently closed, but Anna Maria Oyster Bar will be taking it’s place.   

Not to worry!  Visit our restaurant summary page with lots of other choices.  Currently Anna Maria Island Oyster Bar is slotted to go in the Bradenton Beach pier spot.

It doesn’t matter if you live in Florida or if you came to Anna Maria Island for vacation, Rotten Ralph’s Restaurant on Historic Bradenton Beach Pier is a great place for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can come by land or sea to eat, drink, go fishing, and enjoy beautiful views of Sarasota Bay. Rotten Ralph’s is a full service restaurant and offers inside and outside dinning, a floating boat dock, a bait shop, and fishing is free on the pier.

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Anna Maria Island Beaches Are Simply Gorgeous!

Anna Maria Island beach
Beachgoers of all ages enjoy Anna Maria Island’s clean shores

Our beaches are still clean and oil free.  The sugar white sand is soft as ever, and the wild life is extraordinary!  My children and I were running up the North End beach the other night, and got to enjoy another one of our beautiful sunsets.  There are lots of turtles’ nests getting ready to hatch at this time of the year.  We saw at least five up on the beach near the Sandbar Restaurant.  Last weekend, during an earlier morning trek to the beach, we got to enjoy the crabs crawling all over the beach.   And there is never a shortage of shore birds flitting in and out of the turquoise water.   The breezes are blowing, the water is crystal clear, and the sand is ripe for building a castle fit for a king!

Turtle's nest on Anna Maria beach
Turtle’s nest on Anna Maria beach

If you are looking for a place to stay (a little larger than a sandcastle!), Island Real Estate is happy to help!  Plan your trip today, and come enjoy all the wonders of Anna Maria Island.  Give us a call at 877-778-6066, and find your perfect  vacation accommodation with our Vacation Rentals team.  You can also get help planning your vacation activities, by checking out all the suggestions on our Top Ten Lists and Attractions section of our site.  Come enjoy the fantastic weather, and glorious clean white beaches of AMI!

Silhouettes at Sunset ~ 1~10~2010 ~ Sandman and Sunsets

Sandman on Anna Maria Island
Sandman on Anna Maria Island

If you are a snow bird who has ventured to Anna Maria Island in search of sunshine and to thaw your extremities, these last two weeks have offered more of the same weather as what those north of us are experiencing.  As the picture of the sandman suggests, there was some confusion about building a snow man instead of a sand castle.
Though he looks somewhat out of place, it is more conducive to the weather we have felt coming in from the north. But the beautiful thing about Anna Maria is that if you stick around the weather will show its warming trend and offer plenty of sunshine and warmth. We are expecting to be back in the mid-70’s by the weekend. The locals have to dig deeply to find those gloves and scarves packed in boxes that are rarely opened. The tune we hear at Island Real Estate by the visitors is “you should feel the weather we just left!” They seem happy to be here surrounded by all of the beauty offered on the Gulf Coast on Anna Maria Island. The sunsets are to die for and with colder weather and the changes in the atmosphere we witness some magnificent sunsets. While walking this last week I was fortunate to have my camera and capture such an amazing sunset. I have never seen one quite so dramatic with the sun’s rays streaming through holes in the clouds as though there were many different sunsets. This unbelievable sunset rates as one of my all time favorites, so please enjoy the sunset! Click on the gallery pictures to enlarge them!

Written by Melinda Bordes ~ 941-705-0146 ~  ~ Whether buying or selling on or around Anna Maria Island please feel free to contact me with all of your real estate needs. We were voted one of fourteen of the most favorite Islands in the world and noted as “Best Quaint Island”! That will help to improve property value! If you are an investor or just looking for the perfect second home the time is now to purchase on one of the most beautiful “family” Islands in the world! Come and see for yourself!

Silhouettes at Sunset ~ Nov. 21, 2009 ~ Happy Thanksgiving

My Canadian Clients ~ David and Nataliya on Anna Maria Island
My Canadian Clients ~ David and Nataliya on Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island continues to see beautiful weather and amazing sunsets. Many families will rush to the Island to leave the cold and gather with other family members to partake in Turkey and the trimmings. If you live on Anna Maria you do not wait until Thanksgiving to give thanks. Everyday you wake up and see the splendor of our Island, you cannot help but stop and give thanks for the opportunity that we,  somehow in life,  have managed to live and be surrounded by nature in a place where most visitors simply describe as Paradise.
We will see many seeking out the Island to spend some family time and catch some incredible sunsets as they make their guilt walks on the beach from indulging in way too much delicious holiday food and fun!! A special thanks to the families that became my silhouettes this week and were enjoying the beauty on Anna Maria while staying connected to family and nature! Remember to click on the gallery pictures to enlarge them!

Written by Melinda Bordes~941-705-0146~ ~Whether buying or selling on Anna Maria Island or surrounding areas please feel free to contact me for all of your real estate needs! Season is fast approaching and inventory is dropping. The time is now!! Remember to be thankful this week and every week because some of the most beautiful and richest gifts are free. Just look around and please enjoy the sunset! Happy Thanksgiving!

Silhouettes at Sunset – Anna Maria Island Turtle Hatchling

Loggerhead Babies
Loggerhead Babies

Turtle season has moved into full swing on Anna Maria Island and we are seeing hatchlings taking place almost daily. As fate would have it, I walked up on a hatchling and was fortunate enough to help escort about 45 baby Loggerheads safely to the water. The crowd of about 60 other onlookers were well informed of the rules in order to participate. Most were visitors from all over. Absolutely no camera flashes are allowed, only infra-red lights although only when necessary.
After standing over a nest that had begun to cave in due to the rumblings of turtles cracking through their eggs, the ground began to “boil”. What is so amazing is how this happens for the most part simultaneously where all at the same time the sand moves and out over their nest these little guys scramble to embark towards the water. It is as though they are all wearing a compass as they march like an army to their new environment. There is usually one leader and a few stragglers that seem to be a bit weaker than their brothers and sisters. You could feel the emotion of this crowd as we urged them toward safety with words of encouragement. When the last little guy hit the water the crowd broke out in cheers. We had all just shared a beautiful act of nature.

After a hatchling occurs, the faithful Turtle Watch volunteers go back to the nest to record shells, eggs that did not hatch and perhaps rescue some that were unable to hatch or just left behind. On a different night I happened up on an excavation. Glenn was elbow deep digging through the remains as Cindy assisted in sifting through the sand. There were 10 babies found still alive that were rescued and taken to safety. Bless these folks that donate their time to endless walks on the beach checking nest and assuring that as many Loggerheads as possible are given their best shot at survival. The work is very rewarding and you all deserve our praise for a job well done!

Written by Melinda Bordes  ~941-705- Whether buying or selling real estate on Anna Maria Island or surrounding area please contact me for all of your real estate needs. Please enjoy the sunset!

Silhouetts at Sunset ~ July 4, 2009 ~ God Bless America

Today as we celebrated Independence Day in America, Anna Maria Island held her patriotic head up high and paid tribute to our country as only an Island should!  For some of us that participated in the full day’s activities it began very early decorating our floats and cars that would toss candy and beads to the awaiting visitors and locals that lined the streets. We started at Coquina Beach and ended at Bay Front Park at the north end.
With the mid-day heat hovering around mid-90’s we welcomed the hoses along the way that cooled us! The crowd was a mass of red, white and blue the entire length of the route. Music was blaring from many of the floats and the crowd and floaters took patriotism to a whole new level!  The afternoon was spent swimming at the beach and you could smell the aroma of barbecue as it filled the air. By night fall it was time to flood the beaches to catch the sunset and eagerly await the fireworks extravaganza displayed by the Sandbar Restaurant. The sunset was almost a fireworks show in itself. You could see sparklers waving in the air adding to the illumination at twilight. Then just after 9:00 the skies came alive  as we all sat in our beach chairs watching the colors dance across the sky over the Gulf of Mexico.  This was an ending to a perfect day and one that will be remembered by all as we turned our tired little toes up and slipped into slumber. Anna Maria Island rocks!!

Written by Melinda Bordes ~ 941-705-0146 ~ ~ Whether buying or selling on Anna Maria Island or surrounding areas feel free to call me with all of  your real estate needs. If you want to become one of the locals celebrating just such a day as this maybe it is time for you to seriously consider owning your own home in one of the loveliest communities on the Gulf Coast of Florida! It just doesn’t get any better than this!




Silhouettes at Sunset~June 1, 2009~Summer has arrived!

Commissioner Carol Whitmore and friend Ginny Possehl
Commissioner Carol Whitmore and friend Ginny Possehl

With June appearing as the face of our calendars, we have slowly slipped from spring into summer on Anna Maria Island. With rentals at their peak this year we never witnessed a slow period and do not expect to see that happening anytime soon. The sugar white sandy beaches are already brimming with families from a diversity of locations wanting to feel the warmth of the sun, swim in the salty,warm gulf waters or catch a magnificent sunset.

You can catch one or two weddings nightly surrounded by the beauty that this tropical oasis provides as such a romantic destination. The beaches are deep and the gulf water is crystal clear offering a playground for all ages. As everyone huddles close to the shore you can almost hear a pin drop as everyone watches in amazement as the sun disappears once again leaving the sky in an array of purple, pink, red and orange. Without giving it another thought it is just a fact that Mr. Sun will be peaking his sleepy head up over the bay in just a few hours. Then we all wait for the sun to set again watching in awe just as though we have never seen a sunset. We should never take this awesome experience for granted. Anna Maria Island is very blessed to be able to witness such a sunset and turn around shortly and see the sun rise across Tampa Bay. So if you sleep through the sunrise, please enjoy the sunset!

Written by Melinda Bordes~941-705-0146~Whether buying or selling on Anna Maria Island or the surrounding areas feel free to contact me for all of your real estate needs. The price is right to become an owner of a slice of paradise. Timing is everything when making such an investment. You will be investing in many years of beautiful memories and unforgettable times to add to the pages of your journal. Invest in the enhancement of life!!

Silhouettes at Sunset 9~21~08

Fire in the SkyGolden Rays                               Kalen and Jen from Toronto

Jen and Kalen from Toronto soak up the sunset on Anna Maria!

Welcome to a September sunset! Although it remains humid and hot on Anna Maria Island, we are beginning to experience the hint of fall just around the corner. With all of the hurricanes well on their paths to extinction, cooler and drier air is rolling our way. September and October can be two of the most beautiful months on the gulf coast. Each month holds it’s own magic, however, we welcome less humidity, brilliant blue skies and dynamic, bold fall sunsets. The skies seem crisp blue, the sun appears larger and deeper in color and the water remains aqua as ever!  Please, enjoy the sunset!

Written by Melinda Bordes ~941-705-0146~Please allow me to assist you with all of your real estate needs whether buying or selling! Not only am I a sunset expert, I also have years of successful experience bringing buyers and sellers together through a smooth and educated process. Isn’t it about time you owned your own slice of paradise? Please, come and enjoy the sunset!