Tami’s Favorite Anna Maria Island Wildlife

Tami WildlifeHi everybody! I’m Tami Turtle, and I’m hanging out with the wildlife on Anna Maria Island today! AMI has an extremely diverse wildlife community. There are sea turtles (like me), pelicans, cranes, herons, egrets, dolphins, manatees and more! What animal is your favorite to see on Anna Maria Island?

Silhouettes at Sunset 11~22~08

My SilhouettesOn an evening that was no different from any other sunset gazing, picture taking night on Anna Maria Island, as soon as I hit the sand with my camera in hand, I noticed a fin very close to the shore. Everyone was watching with intent. Now there was some question as to what was being observed. This did not seem like the typical dolphin moving through the water and it was traveling solo. There seemed to be a great debate on shore as to the species we were watching. It is very rare to spot sharks off of our shores.
Some were saying they had been watching it all afternoon swim back and forth. It seemed to thrash around in the water and at one point turned a flip right next to a fisherman who was knee deep and practically had the frightened fisherman walking on water. I was able to capture the fin in one of my photos and share it with Jennifer who was one of my silhouettes that same night. So Jennifer was determined to put an end to our debate and took it straight to the pros. This is response she received:

The animal that you saw was indeed a bottle nose dolphin. The dolphin’s
name is Otter and he is a long-term member of the resident Sarasota Bay
dolphin community. He is 32 years old and our research group has
observed him in Sarasota Bay over 750 times since 1980. It is not
unusual to see Otter alone, though he is also seen with other dolphins
in the population. We identify and keep track of animals through the
natural nicks and notches that they get in their fins over time. I have
attached one of our pics of Otter so that you can match it up to your
photo, just like we do.

If you would like more information on our dolphin research in Sarasota
Bay and elsewhere, please visit http://www.sarasotadolphin.org/.
Boy, how I love happy endings. The sunset picture of Otter is my photo and the other picture was sent with the story of Otter. Be sure to click on the pictures to enlarge them!


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