Anna Maria Island Shelling – DIY Souvenirs

Anna Maria Island Shelling – DIY Souvenirs

Shelling for free souvenir’s and free sunsets…

Some of the most relaxing moments in an Anna Maria Island beach rental vacation can be searching for the shells. Family in toe, it sometimes seems all too easy to get the entire group focused on a fun task that everyone can participate in. Thankfully shells don’t get you stopped in the airport security lines as you are sure to bring back the best of the best shells to help you remember a more relaxing time while vacationing on Anna Maria Island.  Below are some tips regarding shelling however don’t make the scavenger hunt too serious.  Remember the shells themselves are not the reward but the journey with your family to find the shells is the true once in a lifetime treasure! Also, here’s more on shelling.

Shelling for the best

You typically find the best Anna Maria Island shelling after a good storm. Even better, if you visit Anna Maria Island during a re-nourishment project you are sure to find fabulous shells. Florida and Manatee county laws strictly forbid taking of live shells, shells with a living organism, starfish, Queen conchs or sand dollars. A Florida Fishing License is required to take living shells, and has a bag limit of two of any species per person per day. Collect shells in a bucket or “green” container, and be sure not to take too many. Shells, dead or alive, play a vital role in the Florida ecosystem. Perhaps limiting yourself to less than a pint sized bucket is a good ethical measure. Be sure to visit our blog post on the best way to clean Anna Maria Island shells.  It is fantastic information and not to be missed.  If you are Anna Maria Island shelling in water be sure to shuffle your feet to disturb resting sting rays.

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  1. Yes, be certain NOT to take any live shells, including sand-dollars, starfish, seahorses or other shells you may find on or near the beach. Up at the north end of the island, you may find augurs, olives and scallops in abundance at some times of the year. In the grass-flats off Key Royale, you can also find large whelks or horse conchs. Neat to look at but usually the latter are live and merely looking for their next meal.

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