Anna Maria Island tropical storm Isaac- Island Real Estate updates

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UPDATE: Wednesday Morning – 8:20 AM – Well by now everyone knows Isaac was no event on Anna Maria Island. I am going to close out Isaac forever, yay!!! I figured I might as well throw in a video that Jason just finished on Sea Turtles. Thanks to turtle watch volunteers who supplied it and gave us the dialogue to both educate and entertain. Take a look below. Have a great rest of your Summer and hope I don’t have more reason to blog about a windy event again!

UPDATE: Monday evening – 9:30 PM…double hmmm. Still not much to report. It rained on and off today but it really did not accumulate. We are pretty much out of the woods and Anna Maria Island frankly sees more intense weather during a thunderstorm. So, Isaac was a wash out, thank goodness. I will plan to make one more post on Tuesday. Great news, dont worry all is well on Anna Maria. Larry

UPDATE:  Monday morning – 9:25 AM…hmmm, there is really not much to report.  Last night we had some rain and a little wind but I would characterize it as a normal rain storm.  Driving in this morning the trouble spots for flooding were very very small puddles.  I saw runners out, construction crews, walkers, really not much to do about anything.  The sun right now is popping in and out and seems like an overcast day in paradise.  We just went through high tide and no problems that I am aware of.  Since there is nothing to report I thought you might enjoy an Anna Maria Island tour Jason just completed to get your fill of why you bought property on Anna Maria Island. Larry

UPDATE:  Sunday evening – 11:00 PM EST.  Really not much weather to report on Anna Maria Island.  Earlier we had some light rain.  Right now we have some normal rain and normal winds.  Nothing severe at all.  Looking at the local radar the more severe weather is struggling to make it across Florida to the West Shore.  Time will tell and I will plan to make an update first thing Monday morning.  Sleep well, not much to report yet which is great news!

UPDATE :  Sunday afternoon – 2:37 PM.  It is cloudy on Anna Maria Island.  We have a breeze.  So far really no rain.  The Manatee County school system has closed school for Monday.  So far really nothing to report except Isaac continues to look like it is going to travel significantly West of us.  More later.  Larry

UPDATE: – Sunday Morning – 5:15 AM EST.  The latest advisory just came out and the news is getting better for Anna Maria Island.  Isaac appears to be pushed Westward so Anna Maria Island is no longer in the three day cone.  Of course we will see gusty winds and we have to remain diligent about removing projectile hazards however we should not have a disasterous event as long as the prediction is accurate.  In addition there is little chance for an evacuation with this forecast so all for now seems well.  If you take a close look at the picture below provied by the National Hurricane center you will see Monday the winds will pushing towards the West.  However as Isaac passes us on Monday afternoon and late evening the winds will switch to the East which will push water into our island.  The high tides which could create flooding would be Monday night at 11:51 PM and Tuesday morning at 9:50 AM EST.  It looks like Tuesday morning if their timing prediction is correct could be our highest potential for the sea to come over several sea walls.  For now I dont expect anything to get interesting yet until Sunday evening.  As always Island Real Estate is open Sunday , Noon – 4 PM so if you are a guest or an owner feel free to call operations with your questions.  I dont suspect we will have power issues however time will tell.  At this stage I am suggesting to owners they enlist our help to bring light outdoor equipment inside or tucked up close to a building.  For now that should be plenty and I will let everyone know if for some reason our forecast of Isaac’s path changes.  Have a great Sunday!  Larry

Tropical Storm Isaac
Isaac moving Westward

UPDATE:  Saturday morning – 7 AM EST.  The storm is big and will have a wide impact all across Florida.  Our area currently has a 5-10% chance of hurricane winds and a 50% chance of seeing tropical storm winds.  As soon as Sunday we will begin to see Rainy conditions with some light gusts.  On Monday much of the same and we will start to see wind gusts.  Once the eye of the storm passes by us that is when the trouble for us could start.  The counterclock wise motion means the winds will push the water toward the island and during high tide we have the highest chance of the sea coming up over the canal sea walls.  When this happens we have some pretty major flooding in Holmes Beach and Anna Maria City.  I suspect it will be very similar to the conditions we saw with Debby if Isaac continues to take a westwardly path.  The winds should not be a huge deal as Isaac approaches but once it passes that is when we will see localized flooding.  If your property flooded during Debby I suggest you call Island Real Estate to make arrangements to get everything we can up off the floors.  At this point the projected path appears as though widespread damage will be near impossible however there are localized situations we need to be concious of.  For example chairs and items on second floor balconies need to removed and stored close to buildings or inside.  In a high gust situation they could become a projectile and the last thing we all want is a broken window during heavy rains.  Today Island Real Estate will be employing a pseudo hurricane preperation package in regards to light outdoor lawn furniture.  We will be strapping it down and moving it off balconies inside if at all possible.  Worst case tucking the furniture into spots where wind will be broken up by a structure or two.  I suspect we will not have widespread power loss so I should be able to let everyone know on the ground what is occurring real time a few times a day.

This will serve as the Island Real Estate update for Tropical Storm Isaac.  Right now Anna Maria Island is in the cone of uncertainty and since the last update Isaac has moved a bit more West missing our area just a bit more.  If the current path stays the same the worst day will be the afternoon and night of Tuesday when the eye passes Anna Maria Island and the winds begin to push the water into the island.  Lets hope that Isaac continues to take a path more Westward.  Right now the team remains cautiously optimistic that it will be a windy and wet storm.  We will plan to update this accordingly with one update a day until we see the three day cone of uncertainty.  Stay tuned and feel free to call our office if you require more information.  Thanks and make it a wonderful day.  Larry

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  1. Thanks for all the updates Larry. You have put us at ease receiving your up-to-dates and also knowing that Island Real Estate is doing everything possible to prepare our home for the possibilty of a nasty storm. Whew – another miss for the island! I know there will be flooding – especially our location – but about the same I expect as the impact of TS Debbie. You and staff must be exhausted from the adrenalin rush!! Thanks so much for all the effort to look after our property while we are not there.

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