Anna Maria Island Beaches, Weather and Temperatures

Anna Maria Island – Included in this article you will find a series of links about Anna Maria Island. The facts you will find are general in nature but could provide “Jeopardy” like questions regarding Anna Maria Island. For example, “Zero,” the question? How many Hurricanes have hit Anna Maria Island from 1950 to 2015? Another example, 74.8 Degrees F. What is the average temperature on Anna Maria Island? I think you now have the hang of it…

Anna Maria Island has three cities. This may not sound unusual however locals consider it interesting that we require three cities on a small 9 mile long by 10+ block wide island. Islanders are passionate about retaining our old Florida charm so there are plenty of volunteers to aide in decision making on the island. A Tale of three cities…

The Gulf waters become bath-like by the middle of the summer. It still offers fabulous refreshment, but each summer it still amazes me how warm the water becomes. Obviously as the ambient temperature increases so does the water temperature.

Anna Maria Island beach
Anna Maria Island beaches are gorgeous!

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