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Owner Testimonials

"Everyone I have worked with has exceeded my expectations!!!  Wonderful people! I am happy to be represented by such an outstanding company."


syracuse, NY

"Kacey... (is) always happy and always wanting to help"


Rochester, NY

"Larry and Kacey have both been quick to answer any questions and concerns we have had as returning owners. "


Toronto, CA

"Mitch should be renamed Johnny on the spot for his help over the weekend with our VR TV." 


Holmes Beach, FL

"Many but most recently the boss... and another resource moved my (island) car on a Saturday to a new location."


Minneapolis, MN

"Lewis is fantastic!  He knows his stuff.  Our paint, floor and furniture upgrade came out fabulous" 


Holmes Beach, FL

"It is nice to know that Island Real Estate will be taking over, again. I can't think of anyone I trust more than you and your team."


philadelphia, pa

"We really appreciate your attentiveness.   It’s so good to know that in our absence you are looking out for our place!" 


cincinnati, oh

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